Andy Staples on Feleipe Franks

“Doesn’t suck as much as he used to” may not be the take you need, but it’s certainly the one you want.



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25 responses to “Andy Staples on Feleipe Franks

  1. He sucked just as bad. Without the 1 yard throw that Toney turned into a 66-yard TD and the one throw he made down the field, Franks’ stat line would have been awful.

    Staples is attempting to put lipstick on a pig.

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  2. DawgByte

    Going into yesterday’s game I wanted to see how the new Gator OL would fair. They did ok pass blocking, but could not control the LOS and establish a running game. That does not bode well for their offense. They need balance, because Franks can’t win every game with his arm alone.

    Oh and Franks is a punk. That sideline BS with the fans was bush league. There’s not a chance in hell Kirby would let him get away with that kind of behavior.

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  3. Biggen

    I couldn’t tell if that was satire or not from Staples.

    Franks is pretty bad. Is he better than his 1st year? Probably, but the bar was pretty low. I’m going to enjoy the Gators riding with him into the sunset after a 7-8 win season.

    Any what is with him jawing at the camera all night on the sidelines? No class?

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  4. practicaldawg

    Franks: not the hero Florida needs, but the one they deserve

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  5. practicaldawg

    Franks is an easy scapegoat. He is distracting everyone from the horrific run blocking and lack of tackling fundamentals on defense. No viable rushing game = lambs led to the slaughter against UGA, LSU, and Auburn.

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  6. Russ

    Like I said last night, Franks just needs a few more years in the system and he’ll be great. Can he get a 7th year of eligibility?

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  7. dawgman3000

    If Frank is the best qb on that roster, then UF’ s problems are much bigger than we initially thought.

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  8. Russ2



  9. Dawg in Austin

    Missing from tweet: second pick was an abomination.

    Whatever works though, Andy.


  10. The Old Jeffster

    Why would anyone call this pillow-fight entertaining just for its pure crapitude? I guess as they say, “pimping ain’t easy”.

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    • Normaltown Mike

      calling that game a pillow fight is being generous.

      Watching that abomination, I was thinking of two 90 year olds on their scooters slapping at each other while waiting in the cafeteria line at Del Boca Vista


  11. Bay Area Dawg

    Did anyone else notice that was the same referee crew that called the Georgia National Title Game? They are just a terrible crew. They missed calls all night and called penalties that never happened.

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    • Tatum

      Yes, but his biceps are huge.


      • Mike Cooley

        Lol! I kept saying to my buddy, “Sun’s out, guns out.” Every time they showed that ref. Yes they are an absolutely wretched crew. But isn’t it just a matter of degrees at this point? Are there really any good officiating crews in college football anymore? Whatever happened to that bunch that officiated the ’13 LSU game? They were just kind of there and seemed to view themselves as a last resort. I remember the Senator commenting on what a “let em play” crew they were. Can we get them back?


    • dawgtired

      An aggressive DB doesn’t stand a chance against a good receiver with that crew of refs.


    • Russ

      Nope, Big 10 called NCG. This was a Big 12 crew.


  12. ugafidelis

    ESPNU was just railing on how genius Dan Mullen’s fake punt on the first drive was.


    • Normaltown Mike

      It was brilliant if you view it as Cousin Dan accepting the fact that his team stinks and need to take a risk in order to put points on the board


  13. Thatguy

    What fucking game was Staples watching?!? I watched Franks, under mild pressure, panic-scramble and throw OOB on multiple occasions. This is against an ok Miami defense that may likely back into a conference championship game against Clempson, given the state of the ACC. If Florida gets 8 wins, color me stunned.


    • Biggus Rickus

      I’m willing to accept his characterization of the first pick after going back and looking at it. It still doesn’t excuse his partial responsibility for two fumbles, the awful pick on their last real possession or his generally mediocre play otherwise. He made a handful of good plays, and that’s it. He’s the same guy he was last year, only more arrogant. I guess that’s what you’d call his behavior during the game?