“We’re not going to condone it. We’re not going to tolerate it.”

Not a good look, Vols.

When police arrested Tennessee cornerback Bryce Thompson on Saturday on a charge of misdemeanor domestic assault, it wasn’t the first time Thompson was accused of threatening a woman.

A different woman who had a relationship with Thompson filed for a restraining order against him in January 2018 in Richland County, South Carolina. The woman and Thompson agreed to a mutual one-year restraining order in April 2018.

Thompson joined Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt’s first signing class a month later and became a Freshman All-America cornerback last season.

The second half of that last sentence explains so much about the first half.  And before anyone wonders how Pruitt could have known anything about it…

Thompson played for two high schools in South Carolina, Dutch Fork and Ben Lippen.

He committed to South Carolina in December 2017 after decommitting from Virginia Tech the previous summer. He never signed with South Carolina and remained unsigned for months after national signing day, despite being one of the state’s top-ranked prospects. He became a late addition to UT’s signing class.

There’s ordinary due diligence and then there’s due diligence, Knoxville style.

And now it’s bitten Pruitt in the arse.



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20 responses to ““We’re not going to condone it. We’re not going to tolerate it.”

  1. Salty Dawg

    Hold on while I go get my tiny violin and play a sad song for the vowels. Oh wait – I don’t have one. Tough noogies, vowels. You got what you deserve.


  2. Faltering Memory

    Shocked, I’m shocked I tell you.


  3. Nashville West

    The 4-star starter gets “suspended indefinitely.” The back up gets dismissed. Situational ethics??? Double standard ???

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  4. Heywood Merkin

    Suspended indefinitely means he’s back for the Florida game. Nothing to see here.


  5. Malcolm X

    Senator you should have quoted the South Carolina complaint…
    [The woman who filed for a restraining order against Thompson wrote in her complaint that Thompson texted her stating that if she dated another man, he “would kill both me and that other guy.” She wrote that she believed Thompson’s threat because “he has a history of violence against me and others. He has physically slapped me, choked me, and thrown me around. I fear for my safety, and am constantly looking over my shoulder.”]
    So there’s that. If they gave a shit.


  6. practicaldawg

    When the University of Tennessee is in the news, it’s never good news


  7. Granthams replacement

    UT paid off the sexual assault victims a few years ago before the “Me Too” happened. Changed ADs and coaches but nothing has changed.


  8. jhorne2000

    Ehhh I’m going to hold on to my stone. Seems like we all live in glass houses when it comes to 18 year old behavior.

    That isn’t to say I don’t enjoy the bit of creamsicle drama.


  9. The Dawg abides

    He will not get dismissed for this incident, just suspended. There’s a good chance this guy kills somebody. If it ends up being a UTK student, they should burn the program to the ground.


    • Brandon

      If this guy gets a slap on the wrist and then kills this girl or shoots up the campus, they should get the death penalty and Neyland stadium should literally be burned to the ground. Because, unlike Penn State, where only a few knew and it wasn’t fair to punish the many by doing away with the program, in this case Big Urnge nation will have signed off in toto.


  10. Cash Money

    One of my good friends was a starter at Alabama and played with Pruitt when he was there. Not a lot of a moral compass with hiim. I would love to know about his last days at UGA with Richt. What really happened?


  11. Cash Money

    Give me at least a theory


  12. Mayor

    He’ll run the stadium and be playing before you can say “Knoxvegas.”


  13. Cojones

    Don’t understand why rehab is not a big thing before letting him on the field again and assigning a big-ass minder to him if he wants to be on the team. Someone needs to get him to understand that acting like a small kid and losing his temper has big consequences in life even before he continues the pattern and society deals with him on stronger terms.