So, what’s James Coley up to?

If you’ve watched the opener, it’s clear, as we expected, that nobody’s making wholesale changes to the offense Georgia ran last season.  That doesn’t mean, though, that there haven’t been tweaks made here and there.  Even in a game where Coley didn’t show much of his hand, there were a few interesting developments on display, as this terrific thread that popped up on Twitter yesterday demonstrated.

Here’s an example, along with a comparison:

And, another pair:

As you can see, it’s a lengthy thread.  Go through it, and you’ll get a better understanding of what Georgia’s players were saying about how Coley was changing the offense this offseason.  Good stuff.



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  1. I think Coley knows what he has:
    1) A QB who can get the team in the right plays
    2) A road grading offensive line
    3) Embarrassing riches at tailback even for RBU
    4) A potential difference maker in the slot who can take it to the house almost any time he touches the ball
    5) Talented but unproven guys on the outside
    6) Solid TEs who can block and move

    That’s the formula for pounding teams into submission and throwing when you want to as opposed to when you have to.


  2. truck

    Not to be the “get off my lawn” guy, but once in a while could we forget all the 4-dimensional chess and just run a QB sneak on third and one?

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    • Pirate

      Best comment on the board bro. How many times does Brady run sneak on 3rd or 4th and one and he gets it almost every time.


  3. Got Cowdog

    I’m going outside to smoke. I’ll be back in 5

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  4. The other Doug

    I’m hoping we start creating these type of mismatches because we have some scary talent on offense that we can use to make DCs nervous. Robertson coming across on that screen is tough to defend without committing a guy to sitting in that lane. Motion Swift out to the sideline and see who they decide to use to cover him. It’s either going to be a mismatch or they allowed their best player to be dragged out of the play.


    • doofusdawg

      My favorite play was the pass to Kearis where he fumbled. Fromm does a play action bootleg and stays in the pocket but provides misdirection then throws back across the field to the left hash. We ran the play several times last year to the tight end crossing but it was good to see it used in week one and hopefully becomes a recurring part of our offense.


  5. Sanford222view

    Love this stuff. Thanks for finding the thread and posting it. I really enjoy these type of posts.


  6. I really appreciate these types of posts, too. The vastly improve my football IQ and appreciation for the game in general as well as what UGA is doing in particular… Thanks!

    Quick question, and sorry to be that guy [see reference to football IQ above], but I’ve seen a couple of references to 12 personnel lately and can’t recall seeing that before. Would someone be willing to explain what that means? Do they send someone back to the sideline after they break huddle?


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    Oh yeah! The old inverted zone read/veer. Shoot, everybody knows that.


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  8. Yurdle

    That WR screen is so gnarly because, once a defense expects it, the play can turn into four verticals and the defense can’t tell until the WRs are 5-10 yards downfield.


    • dawgtired

      Exactly. The defender doesn’t know until the last second if he needs to defend a pass or shed a block. Which is another reason the play-action works. Sometimes that slit second hesitation is all the WR needs to get separation. Nice.


  9. Gurkha Dawg

    I love that kind of stuff. There is more than one way to impose your will. Getting the D back on their heels not knowing what the hell is coming next is a pretty good way to impose your will. Jake is the perfect QB to run that kind of stuff.


    • Russ

      Exactly. Hence my frustration with Kirby’s seemed obsession with WR blocking above all else. You can’t tell me that Robertson couldn’t have pulled a DB or two off the line some last year to give Swift the seam he needed. Use all the talents of all the players.


      • Will Adams

        We didn’t need to use D-rob last year when we had Hardman and Godwin. Especially Hardman with his 4.3 speed. I get that D-rob is insanely gifted and fast but I don’t think putting him in there would’ve made any difference last year. If anything, D-rob’s lack of skill in the blocking department would have hurt more than his speed would have helped.


  10. Jeff Sanchez

    Awesome. When is CKS gonna let them run it?

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  11. more spinners

    Page or 2 out of OU’s L Riley’s playbook.
    So how did some of those plays go in second half of the Rose Bowl.
    Much of OU’s damage came in 1st half, before Dawgs adjusted and shut it down while the O line and 2 RBs begin to break for long gainers and TDs.
    Many high schools run these sets.
    Even heard some HS coaches say they copy the Pats.


  12. Doug

    Perhaps the silver lining of Coley’s relative inexperience compared to Chaney is that he’s less set in his ways and more willing to try new things. Not trying to say Coley’s the superior strategist, but Chaney’s stubbornness definitely hurt us at a few important points last season. Looking forward to seeing what else the new guy has cooked up for 2019.


  13. Good stuff. A sign of innovation to come?


  14. Prosticutor

    Best thing about the zone read veer is that we can run it 49 times this season just like above, but time number 50 in the SEC championship game and Bama’s entire D focuses on Swift….Mmmmmm


  15. more spinners

    Thanks Senator for your site.
    You put a wealth of information out there for us.
    Every bit of it is important and adds much to our knowledge and understanding.
    Also thank Kroger for their ads on your site. They know how to build a cupboard full of food.
    All my north Georgia relatives are 100% Kroger shoppers.


  16. FlyingPeakDawg

    Give me a FB, 2 tailbacks and a QB with some wheels with our O-line and I’ll run through everybody. Maybe an Olympic sprinter at WR just to test the occasional deep ball. #bringbacktheveer


  17. dawgxian

    If anyone is interested, the end of this $$ post has a comparison of Fromm to Book from ND’s perspective


  18. Maybe the outside zone run is going to be our base play this year, a la the inside zone in 2017?

    I’m all for that. We can run outside on literally anyone, including alabama


  19. Gurkha Dawg

    If Kirby turns this offense loose we can score from anywhere on the field, anytime we want. And no, I haven’t been drinking. Our first competitive game will be in the SECCG.


  20. WTM

    Would have been interesting seeing #1 run these types of plays last year. Defenses don’t expect Jake to keep the ball in a read option, but with Fields they wouldn’t have had that luxury.


  21. Former Fan

    On that downfield screen, how did the UGA wideouts get away with blocking own field like that before the ball was thrown?