Boys, there’s a new genius in town.

The next time you hear a national pundit wax eloquently about Dan Mullen’s coaching greatness, keep this in mind.

The devil’s in the details, Gators.

Between stuff like this, roster management issues and having Grantham as DC, Dan Mullen sounds more and more like Florida’s version of latter day Mark Richt — 10-win good, but not good enough.


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19 responses to “Boys, there’s a new genius in town.

  1. GruvenDawg

    Not disparaging Richt, but I hope Mullen and Grantham are at UF for 15 years.


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    • SpellDawg

      They lose most their playmakers on both sides of the ball after this season, I’m seeing more of a McElwain/Muschamp arc to Mullen’s tenure.


  2. I LOVE reading stuff like this. For me this is the real “dawg porn”, not juicy details about how well our players are doing in practice. Lol.

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  3. HahiraDawg

    Those O players had wristbands that were supposed to be ‘left’ on the field for Ga after warm ups, ala CML.


  4. Uglydawg

    We owe it to Mark Richt to never mention his DGD name in the same sentence as …the one being discussed.
    Especially in similar comparison.


  5. 81Dog


    How many times did we hear the pundits bleating that wisdom the last 2 weeks? Kirby was at least smart enough not to rely on Todd Grantham to mastermind his defense. MuLLLen is like Spurrier Lite: great snark, less wins

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  6. Bright Idea

    I’m not sure I buy this story. I’m not gonna’ listen to the podcast but I wonder who would admit such a thing if it is indeed true.


    • Uglydawg

      Maybe just some facts that slipped out through the grapevine. If it causes finger pointing and disarray in the UF ranks, that’s a good thing.


  7. McTyre

    . . . perhaps but utterly lacking in Richt’s self-esteem, character and social skills obviously😬


  8. ApalachDawg

    Gator 2019 Football program. The gift that keeps on giving.


  9. siskey

    Go watch a high school game where the teams use the wristband and look to the sideline for the play. It is often a chaotic mess. I understand the thinking behind this kind of offense and defense but the prevalence of this will create an inefficiency for some team that has 2-3 plays called beforehand to run while the other team looks around in a confused manner. Also, I would have had my money on Florida’s defense being the ones with the wrong wristband, not the group coached by the modern equivalent of Bill Walsh.


  10. Russ

    This is just part of changing the narrative in Hog Town. Once Kirby waxes their ass again next season the natives will really start to get restless.


  11. Rob

    “10-win good, but not good enough”

    When did having 2 x 10 win seasons in 10 (completed seasons) qualify as “10 win good”? He doesn’t even have a 10+ win season on his record – “just” two 10s. And, it isn’t a lock that they get to 10 wins this year either; Missouri and whoever UF plays in a bowl game could keep them at 9.

    By comparison, CMR had 6 x 10 win seasons (3 10+) in his first 10 years as a head coach. Not to mention 2 x SEC Championships. Oh, you said “latter day” CMR…my bad…CMR had 5 x 10 win seasons (2 x 10+) in his last 10 seasons at UGA. Plus, 1 in 3 years at UM.

    And, any argument that the SECW (while CDM was at MS St) is the tougher division is null and void – when CMR took over at UGA the SECE was the dominant division.

    CDM is not on CMRs level and until proven otherwise – never will be. A more appropriate comparison is Gus Malzahn and I’m not even sure that CDM is on HIS level.

    No, CDM is not “10-win good, but not good enough”…he’s just “not good enough”


    • Macallanlover

      Well said. Those two are in different universes (and known to all but some bad, UGA “fans”.) Mullen is going to have to work the portal hard to come close to the talent he had this season.)


  12. truck

    Any coach that kept Kyle Trask on the bench and started Felipe Franks could be termed lots of things, but “genius” ain’t one of them.