I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!

Meet the next Georgia gold rush.

Four of Atlanta’s major professional sports franchises are putting their weight behind an effort to allow betting on games.

Presidents of the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta United have formed the Georgia Professional Sports Integrity Alliance and sent a letter to state lawmakers asking them to legalize online and mobile sports betting…

Billy Linville, a lobbyist who is representing the coalition of teams, said the franchises would not see any revenue from sports betting, but that allowing the practice would engage fans who tune in to watch and see how their bets play out — driving up viewership and interest in the games.

“The question isn’t if Georgians are going to bet on sports,” Linville said. “It’s whether they’ll wager in an illegal market or bet in a fully regulated environment that protects consumers and integrity of games.”

These guys are so thoughtful, amirite?

If you’re wondering why I post about this, don’t think Butts-Mehre isn’t watching this development with a careful eye, not because they’re concerned about stopping it (although that would be in line with the Georgia Way we all know and love, especially if they could figure out a way to allow only Magill Society folks to bet in Sanford Stadium… I keed, I keed.  I think.), but because of the potential revenue streams flowing from legalized online betting.

But West Virginia’s Joint Standing Committee on Finance spent most of its time Monday trying to figure out whether Governor Jim Justice – who owns the Greenbrier – and West Virginia Lottery officials were still pushing plans to offer the major sports leagues a cut of the state’s betting handle or require betting operators to use league-supplied data to judge wagering results[Emphasis added.]

Ah, the ol’ “integrity fee”, surely one of the great Orwellian phrases of our time, and/or making it a legal requirement to use official conference statistics in online wagering.  Expect the latter to be a standard proposal in the South once Greg Sankey is able to get up off his fainting couch.

These people may not be geniuses, but they’re certainly shrewd enough to know how not to miss many meals.  It’s coming.


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10 responses to “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!

  1. TN Dawg


    I love the “fully regulated market that protects consumers” bit.

    I wonder how many glasses of single malt they consumed trying to choose between that and “safe, legal and rare”.

    Maybe a couple of articles about how tax revenues from gambling could help provide shelter for the homeless could put this thing over the top.


  2. Gaskilldawg

    I know you were kidding with that Magill Society comment. We both know that McGarity isn’t interested in allowing the $25,000 level Magill Society members do it…….it would be reserved for the $100,000 level and above members.

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  3. Rampdawg

    What’s funny is inserting integrity in their moniker.


  4. Mayor

    We already have legalized the old numbers racket and the state runs that. Sure, let’s have legalized gambling on sports. And while they’re at it the General Assembly needs to legalize prostitution. The state could run a string of whorehouses from Blarsville to Folkston. Become the Nevada of the East. We could call Atlanta “The Biggest Little City In The World”…….wait……


  5. I have no problem with sports betting just like I have no problem with the lottery. I would just want the state’s proceeds to go to bolster the financial health of the Hope & Miller scholarship programs.

    If the states around us are going to have state-sanctioned sports gambling, there’s no reason to have our gamblers’ money flowing to other states.

    On the topic at hand, $ankey and his bosses would definitely want to see a cut of the revenues.

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  6. Whiskey Dawg

    “Integrity” Nice touch in the title.


  7. WHB209

    79Dawg.. Great post. Made me laugh. The only problem is your statement is 100% correct. Still funny.