Pundit logic

is the strangest, sometimes.

3. Dan Mullen, Florida

SEC rank: 2

SEC East rank: 1

2019 rank: 3

One or two members of Dawg Nation will remind me that Kirby Smart is 2-0 against Mullen-coached Florida teams and whipped Mississippi State, 31-3, in 2017. It’s close. But Mullen getting to eight straight bowl games from Starkville. And starting 21-5 at Florida. Where he inherited a program that went 4-7 in 2017. And finally getting Gator traction on the recruiting trail. Those reasons.

4. Kirby Smart, Georgia

SEC rank: 3

SEC East rank: 2

2019 rank: 4

Fourth-best program in the country right now after Clemson, Alabama and Ohio State. Just saying that if you flip-flopped coaches with Florida, the Bulldogs might not suffer.

As we like to say around here, “might” is doing a shit-ton of heavy lifting in that last sentence.  Just saying, indeed.


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32 responses to “Pundit logic

  1. Doug

    Is there a single Georgia fan currently living who would trade Kirby for Mullen? I don’t think so.

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  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    His explanation that you could trade MuLLLen for Kirby and Georgia wouldn’t suffer is far more objectionable than anything he says about Sideshow Dan the Clown.

    This guy is a known clickbait troll.

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    Makes perfect sense, if you have none.

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  4. What happens when Mullen is 0-4 versus an “inferior” coach? Should Florida consider moving on? After all, Mullen has yet to beat Kirby on the field or off. How can such a storied program accept 2nd place?


  5. practicaldawg

    Kirby has out-recruited Mullen and never lost to Mullen. Ergo Mullen is the better all around head coach. Perfect.


    • WIll (the other one)

      “He does more with less” even though the guy he replaced won the SEC East 2x more than Mullen did at either SEC stop.But when you can’t even maintain internal consistency in one article…


  6. JD

    Nothing screams “mid-major” success like starting your accolades with “getting to eight straight bowl games from Starkville.”
    Is “getting to a bowl” even an accomplishment anymore?


    • Harold Miller

      It would be for Tech.


    • practicaldawg

      It’s remarkable the mileage Mullen has gotten out of his time at MSU and the fact that he took them to a half dozen bowls. I mean, he ranks 3rd all time in terms of winning record at MSU, and I’m guessing his bowl “success” compared to past coaches is partly because there are just WAY more bowls available today than there were historically.

      In 3 seasons of his heralded bowl streak at MSU he managed only 6 or 7 wins.

      Joe Moorehead took MSU to bowl games in both of his 2 seasons at MSU with a similar average win record to Mullen. And they fired Moorehead. Why does Mullen hold a spell over MSU?


  7. Hobnail_Boot

    Flllorida is being set up for a great fall, and I am here for it.


    • Mayor

      I’ve looked at the FU 2020 schedule and they win 10 games with regular season losses to LSU and Georgia. No other team on that schedule likely will beat the Handbags. UK and UT have a chance to upset them but that’s about it. FSU is rebuilding the entire program so I would give the Criminoles a puncher’s chance but that’s it. Everybody else….no chance. To paraphrase Bill Clinton: “It’s the schedule, stupid.”


  8. Go Dawgs!

    “Just saying that if you flip-flopped coaches with Florida, the Bulldogs might not suffer”

    Not real sure why this guy assumes that the players who are in Athens would just still be magically there for Dan Mullen to coach. No, if Dan Mullen was the head coach at Georgia, then Kirby Smart would be the head coach at South Carolina and a whole lot of the kids who are playing in Athens would be playing in Columbia, and either way, Mullen’s offense would be getting stonewalled against the Gamecocks the same way that it did by the Crimson Tide and the Bulldogs.

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  9. Macallanlover

    Don’t know the guy, never even heard of the guy, but I respect his right to an opinion because it changes nothing. But just a hint for Gene, if he thinks UGA would have done the same with Dancing Danny, and staff, in place of the UGA coaches the past few years, you just blew your cover as a sports writer.

    UGA would way back with Mullet at the helm, maybe just a little as an on field coach, but Good Lord man, you do realize what kind of talent hit we would have taken? I won’t say we would fall to the bottom of the East, but we would struggle with the teams who hang out there. I think Mullet is simply not likable as a HC and especially as a recruiter, Georgia would not be close to Top 12 with Mullet at the helm imo. Much less playing the best teams in the country close, or beating them. He will not continue to draw easy schedules and soft bowl opponents like he has enjoyed at FU, that is why he hasn’t been exposed. Decent game day coach, but falls to average as an overall HC. He keeps getting a pass because everyone excuses Starkville. Kirby would have immediately raised the faux Bulldogs has he gone there.

    Sorry Gene, I wouldn’t take Mullet as our HC for 30% of what we pay Kirby, as a coordinator, maybe. You embarrassed yourself with that comparison, need to study value of recruiting a little closer.


  10. Godawg

    I can’t wait to make the popcorn…


  11. Hold on now…the scribe achieved their goal, stir up some Bulldog fans, Kirby is # 16 in our program, but #1 in our hearts…and that my friends is all that matters in our journey towards bringing the trophy back to Athens town…


  12. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    I wonder if all these pundits who think Sideshow Dan the Clown is better than Kirby for “reasons” every bother to actually see what’s going on at Floriduh under MuLLLen.


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  13. OrlandoDawg

    Just a reminder that in Mullen’s last 3 years at MSU, their 12 non-conference games were Charleston Southern, La Tech (twice), BYU (twice, lost once), UMass (twice), South Alabama (lost), Samford, Southern Miss, Northwestern State, and Troy. In his next-to-last year, MSU finished 6-7 even after a comeback one-point win over Miami-Ohio in the St. Pete Bowl. “Bowl participation” is not exactly a high bar, as everyone but that writer knows.

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  14. RangerRuss

    Sapakoff is an asshole. Probably a gotdam hippie too.


  15. papadawg

    This is so obviously trolling. Senator, why not just ignore?


    • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

      Keeping a list for well-deserved “I told you so’s” all these misinformed mf-ers have coming.


  16. AceDawg

    Mullen offense vs. Kirby defense? I take Kirby defense. Mullen recruiting vs. Kirby recruiting? LOL. Mullen is a good coach and mediocre recruiter. Both things go in to best head coach in college. Kirby with the smackdown.


  17. BuffaloSpringfield

    Only thing that comes to my mind is in the day there was a recreational drug called purple micro dot, me think these dudes are working in the chemistry department at UF. They be takin’ sample hits to write this crap.


  18. David H.

    “… if you flip-flopped coaches with Florida, but, against all logic, Smart kept recruiting players to Georgia and Mullen kept recruiting players to Florida, the Bulldogs might not suffer.”

    There, I fixed it.

    And I’d still prefer to enjoy having Smart as my team’s coach than “not suffer” with Mullen as coach.


  19. MGW

    If the coaches were flip-flopped we might be worried about recruiting.