One clutch player down, one to go

Thought this was an interesting metric:

We’re all fretting over Pickens’ injury — rightfully so — and hoping young guys like Burton and Washington can pick up some of the slack, but perhaps we’re overlooking the receiver who led the team in receptions (with Pickens) and receiving yards a little bit.  As the above stat shows, Jackson was no slouch in the clutch.


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9 responses to “One clutch player down, one to go

  1. Jackson seems always to fly under the radar given the players around him. He’s a really good player who understands the system, leads on the field, and has talent.

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  2. ugafidelis

    K-Jack is one of my favorites, but just like Pickens in ’19, if the defense doesn’t have anyone else to really worry about, they can key in on the number one and render him basically ineffective. Thankfully Monken’s scheme appears to mitigate that, but we definitely need Burton and co. to come through.

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  3. spur21

    I hate that Pickens is down and maybe a bit naïve but I have faith in the ones we have.


  4. Harold Miller

    Don’t sell Jackson short, he’s a tremendous slouch. I keed… Just could resist the reference.


  5. Russ

    I hate losing Pickens because he’s going to be another AJ/Julio in the NFL, but we have plenty of receiving talent.


  6. Biggen

    Jackson is a well put together WR. Looks like he could be a TE. Excited to see these guys on the field soon!


  7. practicaldawg

    Don’t sleep on a (hopefully) healthy Blaylock either

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