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TFW you’re a football school

In case you missed it last night — and who could blame you, really? — that’s the reaction of Georgia’s men’s basketball head coach to the news that the ninth (!) player from last season’s roster elected to depart Athens via the transfer portal.  That’s just a hair short of 70% of the roster turning over, if your math skills are a little weak.  Or, to put it another way, if a similar percentage of football players decided to head for the hills, Kirby Smart would be down 59 guys.

Sounds pretty hairy, amirite?  Well, not to Josh Brooks.

“We’ve taken some hits in our basketball program, and so have others,” Brooks said. “We’ve got a coach who has got a history of developing players who have moved on to the NBA, we know his lineage, we have to take advantage of that.”

Cool, cool, cool, Josh.  Wonder why nobody thought of that before, as Georgia slugged its way in Crean’s three years to an overall 41–49 (.456) record and an even more scintillating 14–40 (.259) conference mark.

My point here isn’t to rag on Brooks, who’s stuck in the unfortunate position of having to make do with a crappy situation he inherited.  In fact, I’m not sure I’d do anything different at this point.  There isn’t a coach in America who could step in tomorrow if Crean were gone and fashion a winning team out of the roster wreckage.  If that’s the case, one might as well sit back, wait a year or so for Crean’s buyout to decrease significantly, can him then and hire someone new for a lot less money who, if we’re honest, probably couldn’t do a lot worse.  That’s a pretty good savings, all told.

My point isn’t even to whine about the state of the basketball program (although feel free to do so in the comments, if you’re inclined).  What I would like you to think about is the comparison between where Butts-Mehre currently finds itself with Crean and where it was in the last two years of Mark Richt’s time in Athens.  In 2014-5, Richt went a combined 19-6 overall and 11-5 in the SEC, played in the postseason and had his 2014 team ranked in the top ten at season’s end.  If Crean had shown similar success, they’d be throwing ticker tape parades for him; for his work, Richt was unceremoniously shown the door.  And paid a $4 million buyout.

Therein lies the rub, my friends.  The boosters love only one sport in Athens, and by “love”, I mean “willing to open the checkbook”.  If anyone flush gave a rat’s ass about basketball the way they do about football, I doubt Josh Brooks would sound so sanguine about Crean’s future prospects for the red and black.  (Crean would probably sound less arrogant, too, for that matter.)  But that’s where we are, which is pretty much where we’ve always been.

So, just remember the next time you hear a Georgia athletic director say something like this

“Before you can truly evaluate any coach, you have to evaluate yourself internally as an administration, and make sure we’re doing everything in our power to help them be successful,” Brooks said. “A lot of times we want to point the fingers at others, but I want to tell everyone that it all starts here in the administration.

“I’ve talked about wanting to win a championship in every sport that we sponsor, 21 sports, so it all starts with, are we doing everything we can to give them a chance to be successful with their conference peers and national peers.”

… that we get the athletic directors the boosters think we deserve.  That works as long as you share the same priorities.



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Money to burn

Chalk up another win for Greg McGarity’s version of the art of the deal:

The University of Georgia’s royalty reports showed 40% of last season’s multimedia rights earnings leaving the campus. The SEC school’s MMR is handled as part of a joint venture by both Learfield IMG and JMI Sports. Although $18.9 million came in during 2019-20, the school’s share was limited to its $11.5 million guarantee. The 10-year agreement, which runs through 2026, allows the school to receive either its guaranteed rights fee or 60% of the gross collected cash—whichever is greater.

Is that a lot?  Asking for a friend.

I guess it is.

Tasked with putting lipstick on this particular pig is Claude Felton, who certainly deserves better.

“While there are some nuances that are not obvious in the document, the numbers you have are correct,” said Claude Felton, UGA’s senior associate athletic director, when asked whether the royalty report indicated the school was making less money than it could. “We are pleased with the partnership we have.”

Nuances.  I take it that means “hey, it’s a deal we’re stuck with for the next five years, so we’re making the best we can out of it.  Thanks, Greg.”

In my next life, I wanna grow up to be an SEC athletic director.


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Odds to win the SEC, 2021

Here you go…

Tennessee at 28-to-1 is about as good a reflection of the current state of the SEC East as anything I could point to.  Sheesh.


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Mr. Smith comes to Athens.

Tykee Smith has finished his spring semester at West Virginia and is locked and loaded for the next stage of his college football career.

“I’m real excited to get down there; I kind of can’t wait,” Smith said. “I’m ready to get down there and get situated and get everything figured out.”

“Coach Addae being there played a big role in my decision, obviously,” said Smith, who also considered Penn State and several other major programs as destinations. “But then it was more about the opportunity I was walking into. There was a need at Georgia, and I felt like I could help them fulfill it at that position. Basically, it was just a business decision for me.”

Gotta love those bidness decisions.

“But now I’m just looking forward to playing for Georgia, playing on a big stage, playing in big games.”

So are we all.


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Prime time

Nothing says “opportunity is now here!” like playing some sweet Thursday night MACtion in your season opener.


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Portaling like a master

Eat your heart out, college football.


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