“I think Georgia’s going to beat the shit out of them.”

These anonymous takes from eight coaches and team staffers who have either seen tape or been in games against Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia and/or Ole Miss start off reading like some of the best rat poison/Dawg porn you’ve ever seen.

“They’re impressive up front, to say the least,” an SEC personnel staffer said. “Jordan Davis looks like he was created in a lab somewhere. Adam Anderson and guys like Quay Walker — when it comes to pass-rush ability, they’re elite. They’re really good players. Their secondary, I’d say it’s above average. They don’t have a whole bunch of first-round draft picks back there right now to my knowledge, but they’re good players.”

“They’ve got, no lie, like four edge rushers and they’ve got like six interior d-linemen they can put in there,” an SEC defensive coach said. “Those dudes are freaks. ‘99’ (Davis) gets a lot of hype and he’s good, but ‘95’ (Devonte Wyatt) and ‘88’ (Jalen Carter) — ‘88’s going to be special. He was my favorite player in 2020 out of all the defensive players in the country (in that recruiting class). That kid can play football, man. He’s playing real good. ‘95’s playing real good, too. He doesn’t look as imposing as ‘99’ and ‘88,’ but he probably makes the most plays out of the interior d-linemen. And then, of course, they’ve got those edge rushers, and Nakobe Dean’s playing really good.”

“I’d be very surprised if they won,” an SEC team official said of Arkansas. “I just think Georgia’s too talented. I just think it’s not even close, especially on defense. I think Georgia’s defense will just suffocate them. And Arkansas has kind of had a gauntlet, too. They had to play a full game versus Texas even though they won handily, and then had to play a full game versus A&M. Georgia’s going to be fresh. They’re going to be ready to go. They haven’t had to play a full game other than the Clemson game. I would be surprised if it’s close.”

“It wouldn’t surprise me if Georgia beat them 37-17 or something like that,” another SEC staffer said. “I think if Arkansas and Ole Miss played right now that Ole Miss would beat ’em. Arkansas’ going to lose in my opinion — based off personnel, they’ll lose to Georgia, they’ll lose to Ole Miss, they’ll lose to Alabama, and they may drop one more. I still think Arkansas is far from being an SEC West contender.”

But that’s just the defense.  Things seem to kind of defuse when the conversation turns to the other side of the ball.

“Arkansas has a really good front,” an SEC personnel figure said. “They do the ‘rush three and drop eight,’ and they can get pressure with three. And I think Georgia has a good o-line, but it’s not what you’re used to in the Kirby Smart era with the o-line at Georgia. I think their o-line is good. It’s not first-rounders and draft picks everywhere like they’ve had in the past. If they can get into some man-coverage situations, the receivers at Georgia can win, but Arkansas does a good job of understanding zone coverage and baiting you into throws. But I would say the Georgia o-line versus the Arkansas d-line would be a matchup that Arkansas has a little bit of an advantage.”

… As for Georgia, the offensive line isn’t the only aspect of the Bulldogs’ offense that opposing SEC staffers described as being solid but not elite. Wide receiver is another.

“The big knock I would say on them is that they don’t have anybody in that receiver room that’s super scary to me,” a personnel official said.

And there are at least some around the conference who put QB J.T. Daniels in that same “solid but not elite” category.

Okay.  Tell me more.

“One of the biggest question marks with Georgia is at quarterback,” a personnel figure said. “Daniels has shown that he’s good enough at times. But how good is he? And can he win the game if they need him to win a game?”

JT is 7-0 as a starter at Georgia.  They’ve never needed him to win a game in all that time?  If that’s the case, here’s hoping the streak continues.



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55 responses to ““I think Georgia’s going to beat the shit out of them.”

  1. Derek

    The JT question is sorta kinda valid, just not this week. He hasn’t had to bring us back down late vs. a playoff caliber team. But that opportunity hasn’t presented itself either. And it won’t Saturday. That’ll be answered, if at all, in the postseason.

    The wr knock is valid too. But if we can get catches from 7 to 9 different guys a game I don’t know how much that hurts you.

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    • RangerRuss

      Concerning the WRs, don’t let perfect be the enemy of good enough.

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    • r1valry

      Cincinnati game-winning drive?

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      • Derek

        Its Cincinnati…in the Peach Bowl….

        Not the opponent nor the setting that will answer the question imho.

        I said “sorta kinda” to account for the games JT did win with his arm:

        MSU and Cincy.

        But its still MSU and Cincy, right?


        • Tony BarnFart

          They have been ranked top 10 for 2 years. That either means something or it doesn’t.

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          • Derek

            I’m going with “doesn’t.”

            That’s not the team we need to beat to get where we want to be.

            Win in a shoot out vs. a Burrow, a Tua, a Lawrence, a Mac Jones and then you’ve proven you can be “the guy.”

            Out dueling Desmond Ridder doesn’t exactly “pump my nads.”

            But maybe you love his work:


            • ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

              I usually agree with you Derek but this time I can’t. Cincy has lost only 1 game in the last 1 1/3 seasons and that was the 3 point bowl game loss to Georgia last season. To be honest about it, Cincinnati outplayed the Dawgs most of the game but JT brought back the team with very little time on the clock to kick the game winning FG. Cincy was the best G5 team in the nation. That’s a quality win for JT IMHO.

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              • Derek

                Of course that was a “quality win.” Its what a “solid” qb does. A solid qb beats Cincy. He did that. The question is whether JT has proven to be “elite.” I don’t know because the opportunity hasn’t presented itself.

                Elite qbs beat elite teams who have elite qbs themselves.

                That hasn’t happened for JT yet.


            • Tony BarnFart

              I’m actually a member of the pfffsics club…physics club. It’s social. Demented and sad, but social.


        • PTC DAWG

          The same Cincy is favored this weekend at ND.

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    • I really don’t see a problem with our receivers. Very few teams in the conference wouldn’t trade theirs for ours.

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      • Derek

        We just don’t have a “go to” wr or a guy the defense has to account for with two guys. Its just true. Right now we’re having to scheme people open and count on good qb decision making and accuracy rather than sheer talent differentials.

        We can’t just say: if Pickens has single coverage, throw it there, bc our guy is better than theirs.

        Its nice to have that option. Better to play with #1 than without. I do question how essential a guy like Pickens is IF your backs and TE’s and WR’s are all catching balls tho.

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        • chopdawg

          Don’t have #1, but throw our TE’s and RB’s in the mix and I’ll take our pass-catchers over anybody’s.

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        • “I do question how essential a guy like Pickens is IF your backs and TE’s and WR’s are all catching balls tho.”
          I think you answered your own question. To me it is far better for the defense to have no idea how and with whom you are going to attack them because you have so many valid options. I agree it would be nice to have Pickens too if for no other reason than it adds to the rotation and therefore lessons the number of plays for all.


          • Derek

            You do have to account for the possibility that you get down and your opponent has the players and the coaching to stifle the scheme and what you really need to do is chuck one up to your 6’4” 230 bad ass on the outside. Do we really think Ladd and Brock will be running free through bamas secondary in January if Saban and co have spent several weeks in prep? Maybe. Maybe not.

            I know they ain’t shitting a corner that can cover George.

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        • bigjohnson1992

          ‘Go To’ Pickens disappeared for games at a time. I’ll take 6 above average wr’s any day.


    • Russ

      The drive against Cincy in the Peach Bowl was clutch, as was Pod’s long FG. Against Clemson, to close out the game, he at least got us in the right protections as we ground them down.

      But it’s true he hasn’t had to lead us down the field against a tough opponent to win the game many times. However, I have no doubt in him and his demeanor. I think the team trusts him, which is key.


      • Tony BarnFart

        Don’t disagree but isn’t this whole discussion in the neighborhood of Dawgrading. Where in the Venn diagram are all these elite QBs (on ostensibly elite teams) finding themselves regularly in a position to need to lead a comeback ?


  2. D as in Dawg

    I am worried about how our offense was stymied against Clemson. My understanding is they ran a similar scheme and had JT somewhat confused. Of course, this is game four and Daniels has already established trust with receivers that he probably didn’t have in game one.

    Regardless, it’s time to show we can run the ball. That’s the way to force Arky out of their comfort zone and help JT out.

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    • Derek

      Yep. Not being able to run downhill vs. a light box was a problem in Charlotte. We’ll get another opportunity tomorrow. Arky can’t have as good or better dl than Clemson can they?

      Maybe we’ll get those big young tackles on line soon. If you can’t control our run game without safety help, we can’t be beat imho. If you can have 6 – 7 guys playing pass defense first and we can’t make you pay for it with the run game, its a problem. We need to run for 300 vs teams that choose to stop JT and throw for 400 vs. teams that choose to stop the run.

      Tomorrow ought to be a big day for the run game.

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      • rigger92

        Better said than I. Luke needs to pull the trigger on his line and make it work.

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      • I think against Clemson, part of the problem was we didn’t stick with it. When he tried to run downhill, we could, we just would go away from it too often.

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      • D as in Dawg

        The media is, of course, overhyping this game… I think. Right or wrong, they largely expect us to wet the bed at some point.

        I once got on to my son when he was young for making mud when he was just supposed to be holding the water hose. He proceeded to tell me in the kind of honesty reserved for children that he knows he’s supposed to just hold the water hose but his brain keeps telling him to make mud. I guess my point is I worry we’re going to get embarrassed but my brain is telling me we’re gonna win relatively easily.

        Don’t think they’re Clemson level talented, but they’re believers right now. That could be even more dangerous.

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    • Biggen

      Losing Ratledge hurt big time in that 1st game. But we were able to run out the clock the last 5 minutes of the game with run after run and they knew it was coming and still couldn’t stop it.

      I don’t think we are a power run team anymore though. At least, not this year. We are built much more for the pass setting up the run. Get those playmakers in space and let them do their thing.

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    • moe pritchett

      If they rush three….KM2 and Zeus may go off.
      James Cook will fry bacon.

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  3. RangerRuss

    Not much of that content would I argue save for the receivers not being “super scary”. I reckon the fact that the receivers lit the opposition the fuck up until Kirby called off the Dawgs early must have escaped that particular personnel official. The Georgia receivers are more than adequate.
    Also, what more could you ask from a healthy Daniels?

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  4. joereynard25

    One thing I think is being overlooked, or at least I haven’t seen any mention of it in all the chatter, is KJ’s inability to manage the game on the field. Watched the replay last night and he was looking to the sideline every play to get the play change. Dawgs obviously do a lot of late shifts. I think he’s going to be confused all night. I foresee him looking to the sideline, changing the play, and then getting confused when the Dawgs D makes a shift and there’s no time left for him to adjust. He’s a talented QB for sure, but I’m feeling at least 2 picks. If he doesn’t throw those picks it’s because he’s taking off to run the ball, which does not bode well for them given the speed and power on the Georgia D. If that’s the case he may not make it out of the first half on his feet.

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  5. practicaldawg

    I think JT will be fine, but let’s just say things didn’t go well for the hogs last year when Stetson came in

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  6. theotherdoug

    Sounds like these guys only watched the Clemson game where the defense established themselves but the offense struggled to get traction. Mention the WRs, but no mention of TE Brock Bowers? No mention of JT being pulled early?

    UGA’s only weakness is run blocking. FIx that and this team is scary good.

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  7. W Cobb Dawg

    If Arky rushes 3 and drops 8 into coverage, they’ll lose by 35.

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  8. Russ

    I get the comments on the OL because we haven’t been road grading people with the run game (other than to close it out against Clemson). But our receivers, while not heralded, have been awesome. I guarantee you Arkansas knows who Bowers is. And Mitchell. And McConkey. Add Washington and they have a problem.

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  9. whb209

    Russ, I agree with your statement concerning our OL, but the last 4:30 of the Clemson game was a thing of beauty. It showed what the OL could be when asked.