CFN’s Georgia-Kentucky preview

Pete Fiutak:

Don’t meltdown when things start going wrong – and they will go wrong.

The intensity of Sanford Stadium – along with the NFL defensive front on the other side – helped cause penalty after penalty by Arkansas in the 37-0 Dawg win.

Auburn couldn’t throw its way back into the game, Clemson couldn’t do anything right, and no one seems able to solve the No. 1 defense in the country. Kentucky has the offensive line and the running back in Chris Rodriguez to get pounding. The big yards won’t be there, but the Wildcats have to at least maintain some semblance of ball control with No. 24.

You can’t commit penalties to have any shot at Georgia. Kentucky is among the best in the SEC at keeping the flags to a minimum.

You have to bring the defense. Kentucky has yet to allow anyone to hit 175 rushing yards and no one has thrown for 300.

You can’t turn the ball over and have to take the ball away to pull this off, and …

Kentucky doesn’t come up with takeaways and it has a turnover problem.

Three things to unpack from that:

  1. The ‘Cats are impressively consistent — not elite, but consistent — on defense.
  2. UK has a turnover problem that likely isn’t going to be resolved in a positive way Saturday.
  3. Intensity at Sanford may be a bigger issue that I anticipated.  A quick check of Kentucky’s schedule reveals they’ve only played one road game so far.  That was a 16-10 win at South Carolina that was by far the closest conference game the ‘Cocks have played this season.



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23 responses to “CFN’s Georgia-Kentucky preview

  1. dawgdaddy36

    I get the feeling the moment is going to be a little to big for UK. Also, Sanford will be as loud if not louder than it was v. Arky.

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  2. ugafidelis

    Are we sure Tony Barnhart didn’t write that?

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  3. Biggen

    Their strength on O runs into our strength on D.

    38-7 Dawgs. This one is gonna be ugly.

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  4. spur21

    We need to break their spirit early………..

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  5. pdawg30577

    Seems like crowd noise is a much bigger consideration everywhere this year than it’s been in the past. I guess it’s because a lot of these guys either haven’t played in front of such crowds before — even if they’re sophomores — or that year off sort of spoiled everybody.

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  6. Same strategy we’ve used in our other games this year – shock and awe on offense combined with an anaconda defense … another special teams bolt of lightning would be nice to throw in.

    Without cheap field position through turnovers or special teams, I just don’t see Kentucky moving the ball consistently enough to score enough to win.

    Once again, this game is about the Dawgs taking care of our business.

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  7. practicaldawg

    The scariest data point for a team built like Kentucky is to compare Arkansas’s rushing offense and rushing defensive stats against UGA to every other opponent.


  8. KY did not turn the ball over last week so they may be better on that front.
    It will be interesting whether they decide to use the pass to set up the run or just try a lot of read option stuff.


  9. Ran A

    Their QB has never played in an environment like this. He is a big strong kid and is a good (not great) runner. He has one go to receiver that has averaged 65 yards a game in his last three games. And he has a big, physical O-Line and a big strong running back. And the Senator hit it – a well coached, pretty good defense. Add to it, they have some issues in their secondary and they lost two starting D-Linemen this week. They do not come close to Georgia’s depth..

    The problem is that they match up terribly here. With the entire team having not played in an environment like this in at least two years and with a QB that, to my knowledge, has never played in an environment like this and hasn’t face a front 7 that is remotely close to being as good as what he is seeing on Saturday.

    They need a slow track to play on and while there is a 24% of rain, it’s the “shower” type, not a down pour. Temps in the low 70’s with winds around 10 MPH.

    Emotion might allow them to hang around a little while, but Kentucky is just overmatched here.

    Georgia 48-10 – could be 3 – could be 17.

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  10. Many years I think Georgia looks like a team that could possibly go undefeated — until they don’t.

    I hope the team maintains it’s focus and composure this week. If they don’t then an L is certainly possible. Fortunately I have confidence in CKS to make sure the team’s collective head is where it needs to be…

    I guess we’ll know when he’s interviewed pre-game. As long as he doesn’t say “this team (being Georgia) isn’t ready to play”, I think we’ll get the W no problem.

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  11. All 3 points are valid…as I typed yesterday, UK is respectable and the Dawgs should take them seriously, but I honestly think Arkansas was a tougher match up…hopefully the crowd is the 12th man and causes all sorts of havoc from the stands for UK…and our boys on the field just keep doing what they have done so we’ll all season…execute

    TCB baby…Go Dawgs

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  12. My one concern is letting Wandale Robinson getting behind the defense for a long throw or two. I would imagine Lanning/Kirby have made this very important to the DBs.

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  13. Terry McCullers

    Should be a physical football game. But the Dawgs have too many horses on both sides of the ball. UGA 40 KY 10

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  14. A Ban

    Kentucky vs. Iowa – now that would be an interesting matchup. Instead, Kentucky is out multiple starters – a leading receiver and two key DL among others. They are not going to hold up well at all unless Bennett has a bad game and turns the ball over and throws under 50%. Bennett had some issues last year @UK, so it’s at least feasible, but he’s coming off a really strong performance in a hostile atmosphere. Being “physical” is a way for Kentucky to close the gap with some teams like LSU that are a shell of themselves, but it is not going to help against the premier physical team that has better players and is capable of grinding a win or opening up the offense. 37-6 for me.


  15. Show me how they deal with 3rd and long and then I’ll worry. A little. Nahhhh…not much.

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  16. Comin' Down The Track

    It’s weird, but you can sense the fans in the stadium can smell blood in the wate… smell the championship implications week by week, and have gone up a level in noise and support so far this season. This, in turn, feeds the team and vice versa forming a maelstrom of malice in Sanford Canyon.

    Kentucky are going to have a very bad day.

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