Quick Friday pondering

Two quick thoughts, pulled totally out of my ass:

  1. If what’s gone before this season is a guide, while we have no idea who’s starting at quarterback tomorrow, Smart and Monken made that decision early this week.  That’s what they do.
  2. Why are people worried about Daniels being rusty?  Last season, after having missed playing football for eighteen months and facing a defense that sold out totally to make him beat them, all Daniels did was go 28-38, 401 yards, 4 TDs, 0 INTs and a 197.07 passer rating.  If that’s rusty, you can give me that all day against the Gators, thank you very much.


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57 responses to “Quick Friday pondering

  1. Derek

    Its the combination of rust and the injuries at wide receiver and everything thats happened since January 2nd, 1981 that makes me a bit anxious about tomorrow.

    I’m also worried about us going with a two qb system which seems to work out pretty well for others while it tends to end in disaster for us.

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  2. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    I doubt Daniels will be “rusty.” He’s been practicing in game-like situations for 2weeks.


  3. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    As long as Faton Bauta or JT3 don’t suit up (but still appreciate their Dawgness)…

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  4. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Daniels has beaten Bennett solidly twice now. Why should this time be any different?

    Daniels doesn’t need his legs to beat you on zone read plays because Monken can actually run the totality of his offense with Daniels when he can’t do it with Bennett.

    Daniels’s stats on 3rd down are ungodly while Bennett’s remain terrible. Bennett is a QB that NEEDS the run to play well. When the run is shut down and play action doesn’t work, Bennett doesn’t work.

    If Daniels isn’t behind center or in shotgun more than Bennett tomorrow, it’s the wrong choice regardless of when it was made.

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    • originaluglydawg

      I think (guess) SB gets the start..just as a salute to his work as a DGD.
      JT gets the bulk of the work.
      If we win and have the ball at the end, SB gets to take the victory snap.
      Who knows?
      Like all, I want to win BIG but will be happy if we win a close one…as will the turds who will have another huge moral victory.

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  5. uga97

    Gosh does anyone know if our QBs get to practice against a challenging defense?

    Asking for a friend…..

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  6. Biggen

    Some insiders are claiming both will play but Bennett will start.

    I’m tired of worrying about it to be honest. Lets just get it over with.

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    • stoopnagle

      Stop worrying. We can win with either or both.

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      • Biggen

        It will take a lot to get rid of my inner Munson. But I hear ya.

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        • Down Island Way

          Two things to base the 2021 edition of the WLOCP on, UGA football is being coached/managed surprisingly well (in all 3 phases), FU football, not so much…UGA football knows WTF the plan is, listen and trust (scheme/each other) FU football, not so much…UGA football is Good, FU football is baaaad…#FTMF


  7. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    Very good point about rust. I wasn’t very worried about it either. Hadn’t thought about their habit of deciding on Monday. I honestly don’t know why they’re keeping it such a secret. Both guys will be there and can play regardless of who starts.

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    • Previously Paul

      Too bad we don’t have someone from the Red & Black observing practice from a nearby building to tell us who is getting the most reps with the first team.

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  8. “can actually run the totality of his offense with Daniels when he can’t do it with Bennett.” Then I guess the coaches are lying to us. There is also no real evidence of this.

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  9. W Cobb Dawg

    I’m not worried at all about which one starts. I’m really worried about a cheap shot late hit in the ribs – whichever QB we use.

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  10. Ran A

    Hmmmm… Very grateful that Bennett stayed. He has been done a terrific job of winning against teams that Georgia should beat and that includes Auburn.

    Think it’s obvious that JTD is the QB that can get you completely across the finish line. My guess is that he starts and if he finds his rhythm early will stay in the game until it is (hopefully) put away. Too much PTSD from the 90’s for me to just assume Dawgs walk away with this.

    Georgia has one of the best back up QB’S in the nation with Bennett. He’s already proven that. As long as Daniels is sharp on Saturday, then Bennett shouldn’t find the field, unless there are two QB’s out thee and it’s a trick play.

    But I’m not the coach… And that’s what they get paid millions to figure out. Either way, I’m rolling with the coach and hoping (and praying) for the best.

    Go DAWGS!

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  11. RangerRuss

    Talking about the law of averages and turnovers? The Dawgs D has had very few interceptions or fumble recoveries the last few games. That shit changes tomorrow.
    Fuck those motherfuckers.

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    • Ran A

      I’m sensing the same thing. Especially from AR15 – he’s never seen anything remotely close to what is coming tomorrow. I think he’s going to put the ball in harms way a lot.

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  12. ASEF

    “Playing both” probably means:

    a) Kirby’s lol’ing at Mullen, figuring he could beat this year’s Florida team with any of the QBs on his roster

    b) Stetson’s played well enough to get an honorary start

    c) Daniels will get some nice work in while the game is still competitive

    In other words, it’s not too different than a Cupcake U game plan. Scrimmage strategy.

    The few things Florida does well, Georgia handles with ease.

    This game won’t be close. Just like Arkansas, something on special teams could end it mid-way through the first half.

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  13. I remember a little swing pass over the middle to Gurley that went for 78 yds and an early 14-0 lead a few years ago. I’m betting on Cook to do the same. It’s been the successful execution of plays like this and last year’s toss sweep to Zeus that have always killed the gators.

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  14. mddawg

    Kirby’s gonna surprise everyone and trot Carson Beck out there for the first series. And Beck’s gonna throw a TD off a flea-flicker.

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    • Previously Paul

      That play would make the pre-game montage of memorable Georgia plays. Right up there with Run Lindsay Run and the Hobnail Boot.


  15. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    The Senator makes sense. As one has been a little worried about JT and rust, the fact is if an 18 month layoff doesn’t give you rust a few weeks won’t either. Hoping we’ll be referring to JT as Stainless Steel Saturday evening.

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  16. Oh the collective groan that will come from an infantile UGA fan base (always obsessed with the shiny new toy, and rarely willing to accept the wisdom of their daddy on its face) should Stetson Bennett trot out on the field for the first play.

    How is it that people just can not FATHOM that the kid who’s been leading this team for the majority of the year would have shown enough in practice to EARN his playing time?

    Good Lord, half the time I think the keyboard pundits are obsessed with Kirby’s confirmation of their own mental narrative.

    That’s not to say which dude should start, because I don’t know that…it’s to say I don’t care which one starts, because I have confidence that Kirby is putting Georgia in the best position to win, whoever that is.

    Who’s better? I don’t know. Their games are different. Who’s better – Brett Favre, or Drew Brees (can’t believe I’m using that twerp as an example because of a 20-year grudge, but line cutters are shit)? Both Super Bowl champions. Both MVPs. Both HoFers to be sure. But, for much of their careers, you’d rather have them on your team than play against them.

    This “we can’t win a title without JT” stuff is nonsense, and it’s denigrating to the other 100 guys on the squad. We can win one without Pickens, and he’s a far more transcendent talent than JT is. We can win one without experience in the defensive backfield. We can win one without various receivers, running backs AND defenders… but we can’t win one without the one guy who’s already missed half the season and whose backup is undefeated and playing fantastic football?

    Sell that somewhere else. I ain’t buying.

    If Bennet starts, I’m cheering for him. If JT starts, I’m cheering for him. What matters is the W… and Kirby knows better than I do how we get it.

    Go Dawgs.

    (Ps… this is more in response to various comments than to your OP, Senator – I also don’t understand the “rust” commentary)


  17. unionjackgin

    No matter what the pathway is for the QB, the only way the media (particularly national) & a subset of our fanbase will look favorably on the decision of the coaching staff is if we keep winning and the CFB.

    If we stick with SBIV as the starter and he plays the most snaps and we lose somewhere along the way, then the narrative will be that JTD should have been the starter.

    If JTD returns as the starter and he plays the most snaps and we lose somewhere along the way, then the narrative will be that SBIV should have continued as the starter.

    If we go with a platoon system where each QB plays and equal number of snaps and we lose somewhere along the way, then the narrative will be a 2 QB system doesn’t work.

    My solution is to continue to unleash the fury of hell defense on everyone which will render the QB decision moot.

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  18. DawgFlan

    Not worried about rust, but am worried at least a little bit about their mental state and how that may play out on the field. The situation is very different for both of them this year, at least for this game.

    Last year, JTD was able to come in as the hero after injuries and shaky QB play by others. And SB was hurt. Both understood their own and each other’s roles.

    This year, SB is healthy and has done everything asked of him for several games. Will he or will he not press to prove he deserves to keep his role? JTD has watched SB lead “his” team to several dominant victories. Will he or will he not press to prove he deserves to resume his role?

    I bet they are saying all the right things out loud and publicly supportive of each other, but what are those two hyper-confident, hyper-competitive quarterbacks thinking? It would be natural for them to think they have something to prove. And I hope they both do it in a positive manner, and not press the situation they find themselves in. I am 90% sure both ball out and UGA wins hella-big, but that 10% is there to worry about until it happens.

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  19. Gaskilldawg

    Heck, we won the WLOCP. the SEC championship and the Orange Bowl with both Fran Tarkenton and Charlie Britt at QB. We won a WLOCP and SEC championship with Ray Goff and Matt Robinson at QB.

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  20. stoopnagle

    I don’t think anyone, Dan Mullen included, believes the Gators can score 30 points tomorrow.


  21. spur21

    If we live by the 7 P’s we will be fine.

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  22. originaluglydawg

    Good work Senator!
    I didn’t expect much today after what you said yesterday.
    Pleasant surprise!


  23. Who was that team that Daniels did that against? My memory’s so short…and where were we playing that team? And didn’t that team sort of sell out against the run, to make us throw? Like, all game long? And isn’t tomorrow maybe a much more meaningful game?


  24. I personally think the JT talk from Kirby has been a bit of a smokescreen. It’s likely that JT is still injured and we see Bennett all day. Either QB is fine with me at this point.


  25. RangerRuss

    Braves win!

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  26. RangerRuss

    Rent-a-cars and airport bars and Dawg day afternoons…