I got ‘yer analytics right here.

I guess Kirby won’t be cutting any promos for Pro Football Focus.

I don’t know what analytics you’re going by… I think those things are a joke really, personally. When we go talk to NFL scouts, they laugh at PFF, or whatever the source may be. What they do, they use them to pull up and evaluate guys. A lot of times, PFF is a guy that works at another job during the day and that’s just his secondary job to chart whether or not (Derion) or Nakobe Dean or Travon Walker or Warren McClendon or Jamaree Salyer do their job. Their evaluation is probably not as supportive as ours.



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  1. I think with the PFF guys, there are separate tiers available, basically one for the public and then the actual good stuff for coaches.


    • Ran A

      Might be true. I just know what they supply for public consumption – sucks. I’ve learned to ignore it. The draft will tell us how these guys are truly evaluated by the next level. It would be cool to see someone put the draft up against these clowns evaluations – to either force them to get better or go away.

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      • Who knows. I don’t believe for a second that kirby doesn’t have a company that assists with grading players. Not for a second.

        Maybe he uses some competitor to PFF and he’s crapping on the competition.


      • biggusrickus

        I’m looking at their top 10 lists by position from the 2020 draft:

        QB: Burrow (PFF 1, Draft 1), Tua (2, 2), Herbert (3, 3), Hurts (4, 5), Fromm (5, 8), Jordan Love (6, 4), Anthony Gordon (7, undrafted), Eason (8, 6), Josh Love (9, undrafted), Luton (10, 9)

        RB: Swift (PFF 1, Draft 2), Zack Moss (2, 10), Jonathan Taylor (3, 3), Clyde Edwards-Hellaire (4, 1), J.K. Dobbins (5, 5), Antonio Gibson (6, 6), Cam Akers (7, 4), Lynn Bowden (8, 9), Ke’Shawn Vaughn (9, 8), J.J. Taylor (10, 11)

        WR: Jeudy (PFF 1, Draft 2), Lamb (2, 3), Ruggs (3, 1), Shenault (4, 9), Reagor (5, 4), Pittman (6, 8), Higgins (7, 7), Jefferson (8, 5), Aiyuk (9, 6), Mims (10, 13)

        TE: Hunter Bryant (PFF 1, Draft 6), Kmet (2, 1), Trautman (3, 5), Hopkins (4, 9), Sullivan (5, 12), Harrison Bryant (6, 6), O’Grady (7, undrafted), Asiasi (8, 2), Pinkney (9, undrafted), Keene (10, 4)

        OT: Thomas (PFF 1, Draft 1), Wirfs (2, 4), Willis (3, 2), Jones (4, 8), Becton (5, 3), Bartch (6, 12), Cleveland (7, 7), Driscoli (8, drafted as G and 10th of those), Jackson (9, 5), Peart (10, 10)

        IOL (Counting both Gs and Cs): Muti (PFF 1, Draft 19), Jackson (2, 4), Ruiz (3, 1), Lewis (4, 3), Biadasz (5, 10), Hunt (6, 2), Harris (7, 18), Hennessey (8, 5), Wilson (9, drafted as T and 6th of those), Stenberg (10, 10)

        I’m tired of doing this right now, but so far it looks like their ratings of people outside of the skill positions are pretty sketchy. I’ll do defense later.


  2. Salty Dawg

    Sic ’em, Kirbs!

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  3. Biggen

    I mentioned it yesterday but Kirby was on a rampage after the Jax win. First the digs he threw at Mullen over recruiting and now this. He wasn’t holding back.

    Some of his PFF hate may also have been at attempt to keep the rat poison at arms length.


  4. DawgStats

    Subjective grades aren’t analytics.

    Pff is literally the opposite of statistical analysis. They are INDEPENDENT of outcome

    If a QB makes a “big time
    Throw” (a real PFF stat) pass and and a CB makes a great PBU or WR drops

    QB gets a good grade on that play. Tell me the objectivity in that metric.

    They are the proverbial “eye test”

    They are the numbers for “watch the game, nerds” crowd.

    In sport they crowns a champ on largely subjective measures – cracks me up to see the “yeah. You tell ‘em coach”


  5. theorginaldawgabides

    Don’t feel like researching it, but I think I’ve read that PFF is owned or partially owned by Danny Kannell. If true, that tells you all you need to know about it’s objectivity.

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  6. DawgStats

    Oh. God. How do I cancel and I need a new place to get Defensive stats


  7. classiccitycanine

    Would love to hear what Graham and Josh think of PFF.


  8. Texas Dawg

    If we want to just go by analytics, then let a computer call the plays. I doubt that would work too well.