2021 Mumme Poll, Week 10

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Looks like a few of y’all took the week off.

Was it something I said?  Anyway, hope you stragglers return to the fold next week.

Cutting to the chase, here’s how our top 25 looks for Week 10 (technically, it’s a top 26, because, tie):

In all, 52 teams received at least one vote.  Florida wasn’t one of those.

Compare our top 25 to last night’s CFP top 25.

We sure do love our UTSA Roadrunners.  And we’re certainly more impressed with Oklahoma than the selection committee is.  Overall, though, there’s a fair amount of correlation.  I suspect that in another couple of weeks, those lists are going to line up even more closely than they do now.

And our budget’s a helluva lot lower!  Plus, this:

With every weekly result, I believe more strongly that using approval voting with a larger number of voters is a superior way to skin the playoff field cat.

The conference breakdown shows we’re starting to shy away slightly from our previous Big Ten respect.

Voter geography remains consistent, with 64.7% of the voting pool hailing from the Peach State.

As far as the bonus question goes, the most common answer selected was “What Is Squid Game?”.  I’ve never been prouder of my readership.


  • Georgia continues to earn the respect of the voters, with another 100% showing.
  • Georgia is also the only team to clear 90% approval.
  • There is a pretty tight bunch between two and six, all above 75% approval.
  • Below six, there’s a significant drop off to seven, so the plus-50% group continues to shrink.
  • With Ohio State above Oregon and Michigan above Michigan State, it appears we’re not that swayed by head-to-head results.


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19 responses to “2021 Mumme Poll, Week 10

  1. W Cobb Dawg

    Sooo, what is squid game? Twenty words or less please.


  2. Holiday Inn Bagman

    Took me 85 seconds this week. I’ve narrowed my ballot significantly with Bama, OSU, and Oregon being my only one loss teams. Sorry undefeated UTSA, you just don’t do it for me.


  3. fisheriesdawg

    Interested to see the spread on number of teams on each ballot. Does the median differ much from the average? Seems like the median may be closer to 4 but the folks who are voting for schools like Utah and Arkansas are having a larger effect on the average than most.

    Maybe on that first table include median, max, and min number of teams?


    • Ranked At Least Actual

      1 278 100.0% 16 5.8%
      2 262 94.2% 7 2.5%
      3 255 91.7% 11 4.0%
      4 244 87.8% 20 7.2%
      5 224 80.6% 38 13.7%
      6 186 66.9% 53 19.1%
      7 133 47.8% 19 6.8%
      8 114 41.0% 31 11.2%
      9 83 29.9% 19 6.8%
      10 64 23.0% 24 8.6%
      11 40 14.4% 7 2.5%
      12 33 11.9% 11 4.0%
      13 22 7.9% 4 1.4%
      14 18 6.5% 4 1.4%
      15 14 5.0% 4 1.4%
      16 10 3.6% 2 0.7%
      17 8 2.9% 1 0.4%
      18 7 2.5% 0 0.0%
      19 7 2.5% 1 0.4%
      20 6 2.2% 1 0.4%
      21 5 1.8% 1 0.4%
      22 4 1.4% 0 0.0%
      23 4 1.4% 0 0.0%
      24 4 1.4% 2 0.7%
      25 2 0.7% 1 0.4%
      26 1 0.4% 0 0.0%
      27 1 0.4% 0 0.0%
      28 1 0.4% 1 0.4%

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      • fisheriesdawg

        Really interesting, thanks. So the median is not that different (6) with a mode visible between around 4 and 10, and then a realllllllly long tail to the right. Some of the noise is going to be a function of similar teams causing voters to clump, i.e. the dip between 6 and 8 teams.

        It would be fascinating to see a time-lapse of the distribution by week over multiple years to see how the field narrows (or doesn’t).


  4. Russ

    I vote UTSA mainly as a lark, and as recognition of being undefeated. It will all sort itself out once we get near the end of the season. But yeah, I throw UTSA a bone, or lizard, or whatever roadrunners eat.

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  5. aucarson

    Ultimate roster management. Non-performers are “eliminated.”



    I continue to see one worthy team.


  7. stoopnagle

    I think any of the top 11 teams in ours and the CFP polls could make the playoff. The B1G is about to get super-interesting, the Iron Bowl is going to awesome, and OU’s schedule starts to improve now. If Cincy and OU keep it up, then they won’t be a worry.


  8. Christopher Moore

    If you’re not treating OU’s showing against Kansas as an L then you’re wrong. They are by far the worst team in P5. They are dead last in the following:

    Scoring Margin
    YPP Margin
    YPA Margin
    YPC Margin
    2nd to last in PPG

    OU at 8 is one thing the committee has right.

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  9. moe pritchett

    SEC Network had an interesting tidbit:

    The last 6 CFP Champions were ranked either 1 or 2 in the second CFP poll.
    The second CFP Poll:

    1 UGA
    2 Bama

    Not sure how that would
    Work out, but fascinating just the same.


  10. Gaskilldawg

    I put Cincinnati on my previous ballots but I left it off this week. If it took game officials’ call to avoid a home loss to Tulsa (with Gameday there) I figured it did not deserve a vote.

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  11. Very interesting that Michigan came in ahead of Michigan State in our poll too. I didn’t vote for either and realize it wasn’t intentional in the Mumme Poll, still interesting. I’m still trying to grasp how the committee did that with the game being played two weeks ago and them having the same record.

    Can they go back and declare Georgia the National Champion for 2017?