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Back at work

Back in Sanford… make sure you see that one-handed catch by Kearis Jackson.


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Another scrimmage in the books

Welp, some invited guest yesterday was chatty, based on the similar information reported by Mike Griffith, Graham Coffey and Brooks Austin.

The tl;dr version is that it sounds like the offense was ahead of the defense.  (And, yes, it felt a little weird typing that.)

Perhaps the best news is that it sounds like Dominick Blaylock is close to being fully recovered.  Mitchell still sounds like he’s top Dawg, though.  Arik Gilbert continues to impress; when he’s in better physical shape, look out, world.

Stetson repped with the ones and had a good showing, so maybe the coaches’ messages are sinking in.

The worst news sounds like the secondary is struggling a bit.  I’m guessing Kirby’s doing some portal shopping soon, if that doesn’t shape up.

Any of y’all hear anything?


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