Another year, another catchphrase

If you watched yesterday’s presser, you might have caught the latest bit of coachspeak from Kirbs. If you didn’t, well…

I can’t wait until the team is celebrating back to back natties, a talking head asks Stetson about the key to the season and he chalks it up to his haircut.



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12 responses to “Another year, another catchphrase

  1. siskey

    “Well you know, some people like to use a ‘2’ on the top and no guard on the side and the square up the back. But I did a ‘3’ on the top with a ‘1’ on the sides so as to not look like a fascist and I also had them taper the back. It feels good and it really helped me to be able to beat Bama twice in the last three games to finish 3-3 against them for my career. Go Dawgs!”

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    • RangerRuss

      I went to PI in ‘86 to observe the Marines Basic Rifle Marksmanship training. I couldn’t help but be impressed with their professionalism. What really impressed me was after lunch all the instructors looked as sharp as they did at the start of the day. It made me feel like Joe Shit the ragman. I became more conscious of my appearance afterwards. Now I wasn’t going to shave my face and the back of my head and break starch twice daily, but I did go back to spit shining my Jump Boots and weekly haircuts on Friday.
      I’d go to the head of the line at the barber shop due to my status as a Company Commander, ahead of all the field grade staff weenies getting their monthly cut. Once as I was leaving a light colonel told me I needed to let my hair grow longer and smile more so I wouldn’t look like such an asshole.
      I glanced at my Ranger Tab on my left shoulder, brushed some imaginary hair off my Jump Wings and smiled.
      Mission accomplished.

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  2. Anon

    Richt years “don’t get locked up”

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  3. 79dawg

    Does Kirby go to all these Ted Talks to help find the latest cliche to go with himself, or do you think he has someone do it for him and come back with a top-5 list he can select from???

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  4. Beats the hell out of “champions of life” and “5-star hearts.”

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  5. fisheriesdawg

    This is a man that truly knows that ninety-nine men are but mute train bearers to the hundredth.

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  6. 86bone

    I want to see our trash can…

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  7. RangerRuss

    “celebrating back to back natties”. I believe that’s a distinct possibility.

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