In a shocking development, reality intrudes.

Shit, now this made me laugh out loud:

A source told ESPN that the general feel among the presidents and chancellors on the call was that the college sports leaders have left too much money on the table by not implementing a new playoff before 2026, perhaps as much as a half-billion dollars. Much of the obstruction to the 12-team playoff appears to have dissipated, as media day comments from multiple leaders revealed some of the obstacles now appear to have been more performative than grounded in reality.

‘Ya think?

These people are too much.  We definitely aren’t getting the college sports leaders we deserve.


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16 responses to “In a shocking development, reality intrudes.

  1. drunkenmonken

    We ARE getting the college sports leaders we deserve as long as we keep ponying up the $$$$$$$$.

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  2. 81Dog

    If money is your main goal, they screwed up. Is generating more money (and the negative changes that come with it, of which there are plenty) really the best thing for college football?

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    • “The best thing for college football” ain’t got a chance vs the money.

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      • bmacdawg87

        The irony in this… is that “the best thing for college football” would preserve the interest and longevity of the game in the long run… which in-turn would mean more money over the long run. But all these selfish ass-holes care about is how much they can stuff their pockets with this instant. Next year be damned.


        • Maybe, but many contest that ‘the best thing for college football” is ultimately the best thing for the student athlete, which may or may not be money related. But the term ‘doing it for the kids’ is just a euphemism for ‘doing it for the money’ sadly. Makes for some hilarious blog posts when college administrators use that term however (as the Senator is apt to do)

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      • 81Dog

        Agreed. They always grab for the cash. They may sell “loyalty to your school, which you love,” but they don’t love it, and they don’t love you. It’s just leverage fir them to reach into your wallet. While they all high 5 each other at the presidents meeting about the killer TV deal, you know who gets the bill for it. And you know 3 years from now, when the long term deal they bragged about today is clearly under market value, they’ll all fret about how they can get out if it


  3. The more I have studied and thought about the Sankey working group proposal, the more it makes sense for expansion.

    It still isn’t better than what we have now if they just got rid of the committee and went back to a BCS style ranking system with some tweaks (like eliminating the preseason polls).


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    To be fair, the powers that be were too busy trying to keep players from getting paid to notice all the $$ they were leaving on the table. So they have a good excuse.

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  5. MGW

    We’ll at least they’re tough… half a billion dollars and another destroyed conference later.


  6. godawgs1701

    We all knew at the time that it was all bullshit, why didn’t the presidents and chancellors? Greg Sankey’s reaction at the time was pretty much the same as mine – “OK, guys, do what you like but don’t think it’s going to hurt us much” as he proceeded to put two of his teams into the four available playoff slots.

    Me, I’ve enjoyed the few extra years of the four team playoff and the waning years of the most meaningful regular season in sports.

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  7. I would like to know what percentage of that half billion would have gone to furthering education and research vs administration and overhead plus athletics. I suspect little to none. This is the real scandal of college football.

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  8. SouthsideDawg

    I’m not surprised by this: “That idea was perpetuated by Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff at Pac-12 media days in late July.”


    • Down Island Way

      If it’s the reality of monies left on the table you want, Larry Scott says “hold my beer and inhale this”…


  9. Some football teams actually have universities!


  10. Gaskilldawg

    The linked article says that a favored restructuring would have the College Football Playoff run the administration of college football.
    Since the CFP group is vested in making the most money it can through the playoffs it won’t have the best interest in the sport in mind.