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No mas

Crap on Mark Richt’s last five years in Athens if you must, but never forget he was a key contributor to this:

That’s one thing he didn’t lose control over.  And for that, he has my eternal gratitude.


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You know who I’d love to watch this year’s Cocktail Party with?

Hell, I’d buy the beers to listen him rag on the Gators.


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Fresh meat

Steve Spurrier welcomes one of the SEC’s newest members as only Steve Spurrier can.

Hey, Longhorns, the sooner you learn he’s a dick, the better.


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Okay, that’s funny.

Score one for Shane Beamer at SEC Media Days.

Let’s see if his sense of humor remains intact at season’s end.


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Don’t want your pity.

How long has it been since 1980?  This long ($$):

Steve Spurrier remembers what happened, and recalls it with a surprising sadness for Georgia’s sake, considering he may be the program’s ultimate nemesis. Ask Spurrier about Georgia’s long championship drought, and he volunteers that the Dawgs are “certainly capable” of ending it this year, and even downplays the long wait.

“There’s 41 years that a lot of other schools haven’t won one either,” Spurrier said.

Argh.  I’d rather have the mockery.


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Spurrier gone Spurrier.

If you asked him about global warming, he’d find some way to use it to make a smart ass comment about Ray Goff.


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“I forgot to tell you my favorite story about running up the score.”

I’m really torn here.  Is Steve Spurrier an asshole when Georgia Tech is the butt of his mockery ($$)?

“So we’re playing Georgia Tech the next week, and we’re going up and down the field like we did against almost everybody and we threw the ball, stayed in four wides on the 1- and 2-yard line. They didn’t know what was going on. One time they didn’t even cover our wide receiver. I heard the public address announcer, ‘Steve Slayden has just tied the ACC record for touchdowns in a game with five,’ and there were seven minutes left.”

Spurrier went to Slayden on the sideline and told him he was going to get that record.

The following Monday, a reporter from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution called Duke athletics director Tom Butters.

“He said, ‘Mr. Butters, you’re a sportsman, you believe in fair play and treating people right. What do you think about your coach running up the score on Georgia Tech last week?’ (Butters) said, ‘Let me tell you how I feel about that. I have been the athletic director at Duke for 22 years now and this is the first time anyone has ever accused my football coach of running up the score and to tell you the truth, I sort of like it.’ That was a good one.”

(Why do I have the feeling Furman Bisher was the reporter?  Ah, but I digress.)

I think I’m just relieved his favorite story doesn’t involve the Dawgs.


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Your daily Spurrier

Punching down.


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Ol’ Hatin’ Ass is back.

And back with a zinger.

It’s funny ’cause it’s true.


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Fergit, hayull.

Ray Goff has a long memory ($$).

When Will Muschamp was hired to replace Steve Spurrier, it brought up two very different emotions for Ray Goff. He was happy his former player was getting another shot to be a head coach in the SEC, but the thought of Spurrier still doesn’t sit well with Goff.

“I was happy for him. He’s a good guy, good person. I’m talking about Will,” Goff said. “I’m not going to say much about Spurrier.”

If you can’t say anything good about someone…


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