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“And Coach Richt, he’s been like a game out of that.”

Dial the clip here up to the 1:10 mark and listen to Finebaum ask Spurrier if he was surprised that Mark Richt was fired.


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Steve Spurrier thinks he knows you, Dawgnation.

So there’s this:

“I’m not shocked at a lot of things that happen,” Spurrier said in an interview. “Georgia has been very good. But maybe not as great as their fans think they should be. Nine, 10 wins almost every year. I think they want that 11, 12, 13 now. So it’s one of those jobs where the expectations are higher than at most schools. So I could sort understand it.”

Ummmm… maybe he does a little, at that.  Good luck, Kirby.


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“Not enough, Coach.”

Is it just me…

… or is the OBC more amusing now that he’s out of coaching?


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Nobody loves you when you’re down and out.

Man, this is like seeing what the Soviets did to Stalin after he died.


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Jimmy Sexton is ready when you are.

Steve Spurrier didn’t need an agent when he was coaching at South Carolina.  But now?

CAA has signed former college football coach Steve Spurrier for representation in all areas. Spurrier, who resigned last week as the coach of the Univ. of South Carolina, will be represented by a team of agents, including powerful coaching agent Jimmy Sexton and powerful broadcasting agent Nick Khan.

It takes a village to raise a football commentator.  Or at least his contract.


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The OBC, with time on his hands

This comes as no surprise.

How long do you figure it took the WWL to get the man on the phone after his resignation?


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The visor has left the building.

Hol-ee crapola.

In my very humble opinion, Spurrier goes out as the second-greatest coach in SEC history, which is no minor accomplishment.  Love him or hate him, you can’t deny he’s compiled one helluva resume since his arrival at Florida.  Aside from the conference championships and the national title, he single-handedly brought SEC football into the age of the forward pass.

Yeah, he was cocky and could be an insufferable jerk if you were on the wrong side of it, but he played things honestly, which is more than you can say for plenty of his peers.

That all being said, if he felt he had to go now, I’m glad it came after he got his ass handed to him in Athens this season.


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