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Now he belongs to the ages.

No surprise here.

My only question is what’s left to be named after the GPOOE™?


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He’s still got it.

In twenty seconds, Spurrier manages to get cracks in about Ole Miss and the people running college football.  He’s efficient.

I’d say it’s reflexive, except he didn’t mention Georgia.


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Things I never thought I’d post.

Touché, Stephen Garcia.


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“I know where he’s coming at. I know it’s a set up.”

Dial this clip up to the 1:30 mark and listen to Kirby’s great response to Saban’s and Spurrier’s suggestion that Georgia is the best coaching job in the SEC.


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Always be digging.

Georgia will always be on the mind of one Steven Orr Spurrier.

What are the best jobs in the SEC? Steve Spurrier says it’s Georgia and LSU.

On Finebaum, Spurrier said, “Of course, Nick Saban has made Alabama the best right now, but as far as recruiting advantages, LSU doesn’t have much competition in their state, and Georgia pretty much should own their state there. “

“Pretty much should own their state”, eh?  That’s a subtle change in tune from what he once lobbed in Ray Goff’s direction.

Spurrier could recruit, but he could also coach. He felt Goff and his staff at Georgia, on the other hand, only proved themselves adept at the former. So after Spurrier and the Gators whupped the Bulldogs 45–13 in 1991, he asked the following hypothetical question.

“Why is it that during recruiting season they sign all the great players, but when it comes time to play the game, we have all the great players? I don’t understand that. What happens to them?”

I guess Georgia doesn’t recruit like it did in Goff’s day.


UPDATE:  I’m not the only one.

… And naming Georgia as the SEC East’s top job isn’t a controversial statement either.

But it’s also a hint-hint, nudge-nudge at his dominance of the hated Bulldogs as a head coach. Spurrier went an astounding 11-1 against Georgia during his dozen years at Florida (the Gators were 2-10 against UGA in the 12 years prior to Spurrier’s arrival) and 5-6 against the Dawgs at South Carolina (the ‘Cocks had beaten Georgia 13 times in 57 tries before the HBC got to Columbia).

If Georgia is the best job in the SEC East, it makes his six SEC championships and eight SEC East titles won while working at jobs worse than that one look all the more impressive. For the record, Georgia has won two SEC titles and five SEC East crowns over that same span.

An overly cynical view of Spurrier’s honest and entirely reasonable assessment? Perhaps. But I doubt it.


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Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but in your case, I’ll make an exception.

Steve Spurrier gonna Steve Spurrier.

The Neyland Award, presented by the Knoxville Quarterback Club, has been awarded since 1967 to honor the stadium’s namesake. Spurrier will participate in several events over the weekend as part of the festivities. He played in a benefit golf tournament on Friday morning that also included former Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer and Green Bay Packers receiver Randall Cobb, who’s from nearby Alcoa, Tennessee.

Spurrier said the players he was partnered with in the golf tournament, all Tennessee fans, were quizzing him about some of his legendary barbs.

“They were asking me about all those things I said, the Citrus Bowl jokes and Free Shoes U. stuff,” Spurrier said. “I told them I always thought the best one didn’t have anything to do with Tennessee or FSU. It’s the one I said about preferring to play Georgia the second week of the season because you could always count on them having two or three good players suspended every year. Everybody said, ‘Did you really say that?’ and I said, ‘Yes, because it’s true.’ ”

I like to think I’m better than taking cheap shots… but, nah.  You know what else is true?  52-20.

Enjoy your retirement, asshole.


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I got a fever, and the only prescription is more …

happy talk.

It sounds like Spurdog is cured, though.


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