Wednesday morning buffet

She’ll be around with the coffee in a sec, hon.  In the meanwhile, try these:

  • HeismanPundit suggests that the Laner might need his own blog.  There are days when he’s got a point.
  • It seems to me that most of the focus with regard to FSU’s recent problems is in the wrong place.  Rather than spending the time worrying about Diddy vs. JoePa, the media ought to be following Michael Carvell’s lead with stories like this.  I guarantee you that’s a much bigger concern to Jimbo Fisher right now than Bowden’s all-time win total.
  • If you’re gonna pontificate about the unfairness of the BCS, at least get your facts straight.  For the hundredth time, the NCAA has nothing to do with D-1’s postseason.  (Although I’m sure it would be happy to get involved if the right people asked.)
  • Ohio State is finding wide receivers in the strangest places.
  • Matt Melton takes a statistical look back at the Big XII.  Two things jump out.  First, surprisingly enough, it’s the defense, stupid.  The teams in that conference that have truly excelled over the last four years have been at the top of the conference defensively.  (And Dawg fans, check out the defensive rankings for Okie State over that time period.)  Second, after looking at Texas Tech’s numbers, I’m at even more of a loss trying to fathom why the powers-that-be there were willing to let Mike Leach walk.

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