Wednesday morning buffet

Nothing particularly earth shattering on today’s menu, but there are still a few bowl-flavored items worth checking out.

  • It’s bad enough to sit through Thom Brennaman verbally fellating Tim Tebow without having to pay for the privilege.  Fox wanting to charge a cable broadcast fee is adding insult to injury.
  • Speaking of the GPOOE™, it sounds like he’s making another Promise about his last game.
  • “I’m a Dog, baby!”:  Hutson Mason has his future at Georgia as mapped out as I’ve ever heard a recruit sound.
  • Nevada is doing its bowl trip about as cheaply as possible.  It wasn’t required to make a ticket purchase guarantee to attend and it’s not bringing the school band.  It’s got the latter covered, though:  “We are, however, working with the University of Hawaii, and their band is learning our fight song and will play with us at events. As a fellow conference member, they are willing to do so. We’ve already sent some shirts and some gear over to the islands for them to don Nevada silver and blue for the game.”
  • Nevada has also found a rather unique way to cut back on housing expenses for at least one of its players. (h/t The Wiz of Odds)
  • And even if it’s playing in a BCS game, times are tight at Georgia Tech, too.  “It has been years since the car has made trips of great distance to fulfill its duty of leading the team onto the field, and the account has not been properly prepared for such a venture.” So much for acting like you’ve been there before, Jacket fans.
  • January 1st ain’t what it used to be…
  • … which may be one reason you can get into the Cap One Bowl for less than the price of a case of beer.
  • Nick Saban begat Will Muschamp, who begat Kirby Smart.  Or something like that.
  • Mark Richt likes bowl games, both as a coach and as a fan.


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16 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. Patrick

    I thought 1/6 of all Tech graduates were millionaires? Now they can’t even afford to get their mascot 450 miles south??


  2. The Realist

    Is the NATS really asking for donations to help send their freakin’ car to Miami? Seriously? Way to cement your status as a mid-major.

    For the record, Uga flies first class. That’s how a major program takes care of its mascot.


  3. If you really want some entertainment go back in the archive’s of their blogs and read the pre and post game analysis. It’s highly entertaining


  4. UGA Nut

    Orlando Sentinal must not require its writers and editors to have passed English if it allowed this sentence to get published: ” Sugar Bowl tickets are struggling to sell out of the UF ticket office.”

    I have never seen a ticket struggle before.


  5. Dawg N Suds

    Considering what happened the last time they took that wreck down I-75, I figure the insurance costs are much higher these days.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    So, Senator, if I may be so bold, is there a timeline for not mentioning Tim Tebow, ever again?

    Like, hopefully, after the Sugar Bowl?

    Maybe? Please?


    • I have no intention of following him to the NFL… but if there’s a certain amount of sad longing over his departure that finds itself expressed by the Gator Nation next season, I can’t promise that I won’t mention it. 😉


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Oh, we won’t. You can trust us.


    • rbubp

      I’m all for mentioning his every NFL misstep, personally. I await the impending Timmy schadenfreude I’ll feel with anticipation not unlike a DE getting just so close to that square-on laser-beam hit on the QB for the big sack.

      Just sayin.’


  7. B Man

    “Transporting the Ramblin’ Reck is costly. Currently, the Driver must find a rental truck big enough to tow the Reck in its trailer…The cost to rent a truck for the Orange Bowl is $1,000 plus gas, an amount that will take a significant chunk out of the Reck’s finances.”

    $1,000 plus gas?! Really? Gawd amighty, this reminds me of a cheap high school kid who turns 16 before his friends and can drive them around, but is always begging for gas money.

    C’mon Tech. I like to poke fun at the nerds as much as anyone, but this is insane. Aren’t their AJC-blog commenters bragging about the $14M BCS payout versus the Dogs’ Shreveport stipend?

    Why don’t they treat the Reck like they treat their dates? Figure out a way to take it apart, transport it in your luggage and reassemble it for use at the bowl game.


  8. HVL Dawg

    Hutson Mason- you’ll be in Athens the next 5 years, not 4. Enjoy it dawg. Woof, woof, woof.


  9. MonteithDawg

    +1 B Man


  10. dawgfan17

    When it comes to Tech the truth is funnier than anything we could make up to say about them.