Thursday morning buffet

Grab and go, folks.

  • Spurrier as broken record“You will have to wait and see with the Gamecocks.”
  • Statistically speaking, Oregon’s and Southern Cal’s respective Pac-10 finishes were no fluke.
  • My love for Phil Steele is as much as any college football fan’s, but this comes off as one pointless exercise.
  • It’s times like this – Tech’s baseball team scored more runs than its football team scored points against Georgia – that I’m glad I host a football-only blog.
  • Thought-provoking post from Spencer Hall:  how much football do you expect your average pundit/blogger/journalist to know?
  • Aaron Murray promises to work hard to get (insert Ray Goff accent here) buttah and buttah.
  • You can call him Josh, or you can call him Joshua.   You just can’t call him a quarterback who completes more than half of his pass attempts.


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4 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. FLdawg

    Nesbitt, reigning ACC champ QB?

    This is more offseason publicity for his NFL prospects, according to his agent.

    What is the outlook for Nesbitt and CPJ after their best 4 juniors bolted early for the NFL?

    ESPN preseason #24? More ACC bias?

    As I recall, he had 41 yards rushing against us last year.

    To quote Mr. Grizzard : “Who cares?”.


    • FLdawg

      Speaking of NFL prospects….
      NFL Talent vs Team Chemistry?

      TIME FOR A LITTLE FUN, LIGHTEN UP. Quick thoughts on the Stinchcomb and Donnan quotes ( NFL talent vs team chemistry) which surfaced today.

      Jus’ Askin’ : is UGA an NFL Farm Club?

      “Talent not good enough to win championships” – Stinch

      SNL skit. If SNL can parody Tiger Woods in fun and humor, here is a parody on college football:

      Conversations with college football players,

      College major? – “hey, man, my major is Pre-NFL studies”

      Go to class? – “yeah man, weight room every day”

      Study Hall? – “film room, man”

      Commit to 4 years? – “nah man, I’m in the 3 year advanced program”

      Not Accountable? – “Dude, I’ve got 5 mil signin’ bonus comin’ next year!”

      Undisciplined? – “Bro, I’m buyin’ my mama a house next year!”

      Practice? – “Wait ‘till you see my fat roll.”

      Team? – “my accountant, my investment advisor, my ‘roid man, my gur-friends”

      Leader? – “my agent is da man”

      Can super stars blend into team chemistry? – not according to Stinch and Donnan.

      OK, bring it, I have my flack jacket on today.

      Disclaimer: this writer or this blogsite is not responsible for parodies or opinions or content of readers or commentors. This writer has a documented history of support for UGA players.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Spencer Hall +1 for re-stating what I thought would be obvious.

    Us little fellers out there listening to the game on the radio in the gas station, unfortunately, are socially managed to believe a guy who gets paid to do it for a living knows what he is talking about.

    From the same folks who brought you malpractice insurance…if nobody needed it, how come it ain’t cheep?

    It’s not that Furman or Jesse or Bill Murray knew more, or even as much, its just that they did not have bloggers to point out their mistakes.

    Nothing has really changed but that.


  3. Vious

    Time has just about run up for Spurrier.

    USC has had some good classes but nothing special

    Spurrier has lost any special luster that he used to have and nobody thinks of him as an offensive genius anymore