Apply. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

If Mark Bradley is going to spend the next six months dispensing advice and opinions about Georgia’s AD search as he did during the defensive coordinator hiring process, just shoot me now.  Please.


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  1. Sky_Dawg

    I couldn’t get past the first third.

    <—-Next in line for firing squad


  2. Go Dawgs!

    The guy just says ridiculous things to get a rise out of people at this point. He gets bonus points if he starts a Georgia-Tech war in his comments section.

    Radakovich isn’t perfect for our job. He’s a person with many qualifications that are identical to at least 50 other people who would be interested in the job. What did he do at Tech that is supposedly so great? Yes, the football team won a (weak) ACC. But we should remember that in teh 8 quarters that Paul Johnson’s played Georgia, the Bulldogs were better in 7 of them. And, the best Tech team in 20 years lost on their home field to Georgia’s worst in the same span.

    Let’s step outside of the football programs. Let’s look at raising money. Let’s look at selling tickets to your home arenas (all of Tech’s sit just yards away from two of America’s major interstate highways… you’d never know it). Let’s look at success of other teams in the athletic department. Show me one single reason we should want him.

    No, he’s just stirring the pot on a hot summer day. It beats getting out in the triple-digit heat and actually chasing down a story. It’s the exact same journalistic theory that created the Mark Richt hot seat meme.


    • I give DR credit for the Johnson hire. From what I’ve heard, there was some resistance to it, but he knew whom he wanted and stuck to his guns.

      The big question I’ve got now is what he does if Tech basketball continues to underachieve. The new TV moneys flowing in make it easier to handle that outrageous buyout provision, but it’s still an expensive decision to fire CPH.


      • Mayor Of Dawgtown

        Was DR the Tech AD when CPH’s most recent contract was signed? You know the one-it’s the one with the ridiculous buyout clause. Thati000000000000


        • Nope. That deal was struck by the not-so-aptly named Dave Braine.


          • Dog in Fla

            to whom Paul Hewitt is rumored to aptly refer to among his closest friends as Dave Big Braine.

            Mr. Braine and Kevin Mighty White, who somehow ended up at Duke (for which Cutcliffe may receive a financial windfall), occupy a class of former AD’s who are best known for taking OPM and making the biggest and best golden parachutes around.

            Mr. Braine’s singular accomplishment however does not rival Mr. White’s rare trifecta at one lucky school of extending Bob Davies’ contract; hiring George O’Leary; extending Charlie Weiss’ contract and the multi-million dollar buyout thereof.

            Many Mark Bradley observers expect that Mr. Bradley will next recommend that Kevin White be the next AD at Georgia.


      • 81Dog

        does anyone remember the Tech AD who hired Pepper Rodgers? Everyone thought that was a great hire for a couple of years, too.

        I didn’t think you did. Let’s see where the Mini-Skipper stands with his nerd constituency after 5 years. They loved Hew?tt after a couple of years, now they all moan about how they are stuck with him and his contract. Let him get his ass kicked around for a couple of years after all Gailey’s talent is gone, and see how many Tech people consider him a one trick pony who the big boys have figured out.


  3. NWG Dawg

    Pretty sure Mark Bradley texts and drives and is actually the reason for the Gulf spill…


  4. Chuck

    I don’t have anything to worry about since they quit delivering in the Classic City. I was disappointed when they announced the decision, but now I realize that it was all for the best. If y’all didn’t tell me about Bradley, I would never know what he had to say.


  5. D.N. Nation

    Remember when Bradley was dumbfounded by the Mark Fox hire? And said that Fox didn’t ever produce NBA players? Like, a day after Ramon Sessions had a triple double? That was funny.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    Senator….just wondered, does Bradley, like, owe you money or something?