Yeah, I’d be less than happy with Les Miles, too…

were I a LSU fan who reviewed this awesome post from Matt Hinton.


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4 responses to “Yeah, I’d be less than happy with Les Miles, too…

  1. HamDawg11

    Regardless of whether the FG unit was on the field, they still didn’t get the snap off before time expired. I’m in the camp of “Miles is a boob”, but I think he’s taken too much heat for this one. The real mistake he made was letting too much time run off the clock before calling his last time out before the previous play, then failing to devise a plan ‘if’ the pass was completed. I think the argument should be focused more on this than on the failure to run the FG team out. Either way, you can still say “Miles is a boob!”


  2. Dog in Fla

    Les may not have time for things like clock management because he’s too busy with other things like his hat collection and his music. Be sure to catch Les at the piano bar at the Roux House Lounge in beautiful downtown Baton Rouge this weekend.



  3. Sky_Dawg

    Not to mention that clock fiasco against Auburn in ’07: a sack, a dropped ball, an INT…… national championship for yeux guys.


  4. Go Dawgs!

    “…it’s as if they practiced that…”

    I get the feeling Coach Miles would be just as dumbfounded as the play-by-play guy if he saw that video.