Free fallin’

This is what a bunch of college coaches look like when they’re suddenly subjected to a great deal of pain:

Not pretty.


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  1. Keese

    The db’s are just lakatos intolerant. Too soon?

  2. EgginDawg

    Unbelievable a family friend chastised me about the poor etiquette displayed by our coaches as the video shows. Of course her daughter graduated from the Barn. How the hell are they supposed to react?!

    • DawgPhan

      How is that poor etiquette and how would someone who went to Auburn know how to pronounce etiquette?

      • First I will say she is the definition of a Southern Lady. She reminded me it is just a “game”. I reminded her it is much more than that. Of course she is a proud Miss State fan.

        • Dog in Fla

          eggindawg (btw congrats on an awesome and somewhat strangely invasive name and a site so smokin’ that I felt like I was in an empty chateau in Biloxi), you need to take away her cowbell because friends don’t let friends be Mississippi State fans

          • EgginDawg

            Give me a break…I just joined WordPress. Eggin Dawg is derived from my love of cooking on my Big Green Eggs. Anything else?

    • charlottedawg

      They’re supposed to wave their towels and high five our D ends for late hits against the opposing QB.

  3. Rick

    You know, we college football fans are passionate to a fault. It’s just a game, after all, one played by student athletes, and win or lose we really should appreciate the beauty and pageantry of the game above all else.

    Having said that, that play was literally worse than the holocaust.

    • Coach Bobby Finstock

      Awesome. Just awesome.

    • Derek

      Not hyperbolic enough I’m afraid.

      What are the chances that any team would have 2 games like last years seccg and this years auburn game end like they did in less than a calendar year? How do both of those tips go to the only place on the planet that causes us to lose? The odds have to be incalculable.

      • King Jericho

        That’s coaching. *rolls eyes*

        • The Lone Stranger

          I would offer that the abomination at AU was a coaching failure. Firstly, someone gotta get behind the receiver on the play & there ought to be communication between Matthews and JHC somehow. As I see it.

      • 69Dawg

        Ray Goff could have and did have. Maybe not the tip play cause in 45 years of watching you don’t see that. Mark’s Mojo ain’t working no more.

    • Dog in Fla

      Every day at 4:20 the question is, “Who Wins Today’s Godwin Award?”
      Today that Award goes to Rick with the #winning violation of, “Having said that, that play was literally worse than the holocaust” because it easily offends at least 4 out of 5 people who don’t belong to Stormfront

  4. doofusdawg

    who is the black coach with white shirt that immediately starts running toward the bench… it looks like the guy that was coaching up murray on the cbs telecast right after the play… guy was very quick on his feet and in his mind to go start working on murray to get him ready… just curious because our coaches aren’t typically known for this kind of proactive action.

    • sUGArdaddy

      It’s Bryant Gantt. He’s a DGD and loves the program.

      The crazy thing is if that play happens on 3rd instead of 4th down, we might win the game. Murray needed 10 more seconds. Do you know how hard it is to fly down the field in 25 seconds? We went from the 25 to the 20 in 22 seconds.

      I think we did the right thing trying to get it in the endzone. However, I would not have minded tossing it to Gurley about the 5 yard line with a full head of steam and seeing who could stop him from getting to the goal-line.

      • Connor

        And if Marshall Morgan had shanked one of his extra points and the game was tied, they are punting and we need to go 30 yards for a long field goal or just play for OT. You just never know…

  5. D.N. Nation

    The entire team’s reaction was….remarkable. There were players on the field who looked like they had been shot. Just sprawled out on the ground, helmets off, done.

    To our files of Why Penn Wagers Shouldn’t Referee, I suggest adding the unsportsmanlike flag on Auburn after the TD, which I swear was tossed out at midfield in the vicinity of no one. The Inaccurate Reception was one of the most bonkers plays in recent memory in this conference, and the Barn was well within its right to go nuts celebrating it. Instead of letting those kids enjoy the moment, Penn once again injected his beady eyes and drunk-Muppet voice into the proceedings. You and a mirror need to get a room, Penn.

  6. Miguel

    That is cruel

  7. I’ve been watchin’ this clip for the last two days. Pretty much sums it up. Looks as if there was a team of snipers that shot all at once–aiming for the gut. I certainly felt like I got shot in the gut after that play too. I just can’t for the life of me understand why we were trying to catch the ball and not swatting it down? Why on earth would you try and pick off the ball on a 4th and 18 when an incomplete wins the game? aaarg. This is going to take some time to wear off.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      I sure as hell felt like one of your snipers hit me….right in the heart.

    • Dog in Fla

      “Looks as if there was a team of snipers that shot all at once–aiming for the gut.”

      I don’t think they were all gut shots but I digress. Now we can watch it unfold in an endless loop of a Zapruder gif

    • The Lone Stranger

      Matthews would have picked the thing off had JHC not flashed in front of him and thrown four fingers on the ball. Still, someone gotta be behind dude to defend the long stuff.

  8. Granthams replacement

    I did exactly the same thing.

    • 202dawg

      So did I. Sprawled out, in awe, unable to speak anything other than ‘why’… Bless my heart

      • Ditto… my knees simply buckled and I collapsed in a heap in the middle of my living room… sat there in stunned silence waiting for the holding flag to be thrown on Auburn’s left tackle (go take a gander) that never came… Utterly surreal

        • Granthams replacement

          My 7 year old son went to his room and cried for 20 minutes. i think he learned how to hate Saturday night.

  9. Dog in Fla

    An extra 10 points to the two in the foreground for doing synchronized forward bends and/or prayer rug postures

  10. fuelk2

    It’s really hard to imagine two more painful plays than that one and the last play of the SECC last year. And yet here we are with those about 11 months apart.

  11. Dawgwood

    NO MORE, PLEASE!!!! This day has already been hard listening to everything on the radio. I did the exact same thing in my home along with several other people. Ugh, Crushing blow……

  12. AlphaDawg

    Cruel and unusual punishment… please remove

  13. simpl_matter

    Well, now we know how each coach would respond to getting kicked in the nuts…

  14. Timphd

    The only thing lying lower than the coaches on the field was my heart in my chest. Friggin unreal. Again.

  15. JAX

    Remember when Gators tight-end Jordan Reed fumbled into the end zone in Q4 2012, thus preserving the GA win? Remember when Michael Johnson came down with that miracle catch in 2002, thus preserving our first trip to Atlanta? Remember when we beat AU in ’86 with Wayne Johnson as our backup qb in a game we had no business winning? Remember when Stafford and Co. went to AU in ’05 and spanked the #5 team in the country? Little Tra Battle had all those interceptions?

    Look, we’ve won the past 5 of 7 from these cheating assholes who field a team with JUCO castoffs and criminals and have much lower standards both academically and morally, so yes, the pendulum was bound to swing a bit. AU will always be AU and we can always say we do things the correct way, we do it with class, and we do it to last.

    • 69Dawg

      So it’s not Mark’s Mojo it just Karma kicking our butts? Well if you look back at Dooley Karma may still be playing catch-up for a while.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Man, you can’t imagine how much I have thought about just this the last couple of days….you reckon the Miracle on Duval Street used up all the Kharma we have….like forever?

        Now I am starting to think about the Florida timeout.

        I sure hope those kids are doing better at getting over this damn thing than I am.

  16. Normaltown Mike

    For shame Senator.

    I’m pretty sure that the “Kitty Crush” videos that Congress was trying to ban would include this type of smut.

  17. We don’t get enough TP on here.

  18. Dawgfan Will

    Well, anyway, anyone who still says after this season that Richt isn’t passionate about the game is full of it.

    That’s cold comfort, of course.

  19. TKB

    I dont really get why everyone is so surprised/cares so much…

    How don’t people get that we just aren’t good?
    We give up 35+ points per game. WE CANT STOP ANYBODY.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Hard to argue against what you say. But, sweet Lord, that ending was crushing. A true gut punch.

  20. fatman48

    Its time for some new blood, on the coaching staff. the O.C. is so predictable, run up the middle, run up the middle, run up the middle, punt. O.L.C. teach them how to block. D.C. teach them how to Tackle, tackle,tackle… I’m just say’in “GO DAWGS” GATA

  21. flukebucket

    That is absolutely horrible to see. I have not seen the play and do not want to see the play. I had no idea how the game turned out until about 10:30 PM Saturday night. I never want to see the play. In all honesty I just want this season to end and I have resolved to never, ever look forward to another season as long as I live. I will just take whatever comes as it comes. No more, “This Is The Year” shit for me. I just can’t take it anymore.

    • Dog in Fla

      That bucket list play was not a fluke according to Mark Richt. You should watch it sometime. It shows that AJ Green is not the only trained juggler out there

  22. sniffer

    Since Lewis isn’t here to put poetry to this game, where’s Doug? Gillette, I’m callin you out. We know you have a story, so, tell it. Senator, can you get Doug on the line?

  23. Vandy and Auburn already circled in Athens yr. Unless of course Mike Slive and the boys send us back to the Plains again. Payback for the Michael Johnson catch.

    • OhioDawg

      Ahh….I still smile whenever I think of that Michael Johnson catch…..We’re blessed as DAWG fans to have many good memories like that.

  24. AusDawg85

    4th & 18. No timeouts, under a minute left. Folks were celebrating. I have to go and say “watch them throw it deep right down the middle…the only place we can’t defend…and get a cheap score”. Then the ball was snapped….

    You ALL KNOW you saw it coming. You knew it. That’s what really hurts.

  25. fetch

    Our hearts were torn out and bleeding, now it’s time to pick it up, stick it back in and go beat dog mess outta Kentucky and GT.

  26. Ron

    I’m guessing Sheldon Dawson was not one of those devastated on the ground…..