Upon further review, Georgia-Auburn

Yeah, I watched the replay.  All the way to the bitter end.  Because you want me on that review.  You NEED me on that review… um, sorry.

Let’s try some bullet points, shall we?

  • Bobo really outdid himself in the second half.  He not only had to scheme against Ellis Johnson, but also against his own offensive line.  And he pulled it off.
  • Aaron Murray helped.  Some of those throws he made were as good as a college quarterback can throw.  Add to that his toughness and you’ve got a quarterback who should be getting a lot more credit in certain quarters than he’s getting.  Is he the best Georgia quarterback of the Richt era?  Put it this way – if AM played with a consistently decent defense, we wouldn’t even be debating the question.
  • One of those quarters, by the way, is not Gary Danielson, who was as effusive in his praise of Murray as I’ve ever heard him.
  • Has anybody considered the possibility that one reason scoring in the conference is on the rise is because nobody calls holding on the offensive line anymore?  I just shook my head over what didn’t get called on either team Saturday.
  • I will say this for Grantham – his kids may not absorb what he’s telling them, but they do play hard for him.  His biggest tactical error was playing too soft in the first half.  He got way more aggressive in the second half, not just with blitzing, but also with committing his safeties in run support earlier, and it paid off.  Up until the play (you know the play I’m talking about), Georgia had held Auburn to 146 second-half yards.
  • Auburn ran 50 plays in the first half.  That’s as much on Georgia’s offense as it was on Georgia’s defense.
  • Some of the defense’s shortcomings were clearly matters of execution as opposed to coaching.  The Dawgs stopped that frickin’ sweep twice; both times Leonard Floyd stayed home as he was supposed to.  Swann gave up a long completion because he and Moore were confused about coverage and Auburn snapped the ball a split second before he was ready (Moore wound up completely lost on the play.)  Herrera got sucked in a step too far to his right and was blown up by the fullback on one of Auburn’s rushing touchdowns.  And, of course, there’s Harvey-Clemons’ inexplicable batting of the ball on the play (you know the play I’m talking about).
  • Swann really did play well on those pass break ups, but Marshall’s not that great a passer, honestly.  He’s got a strong arm and he can hit receivers who are open, but he lacked accuracy throwing to the sidelines downfield and he didn’t show that he could lead a receiver in a tight space, like the end zone.
  • I really like Malzahn’s scheme, marrying power running to the spread.  With a running quarterback and patience, there were plenty of opportunities to exploit individual matchups.  As Danielson noted, without an athletic defense, it’s hard to handle.  (The same thing can be said about an uncertain defense, it seems.)

A frustrating game, and not simply because of the ending.  The team I saw play in the fourth quarter and will itself into a lead was a team that could challenge any other team in the country.  But that’s something I’ve seen in other games that were either losses – the third quarter against Missouri comes to mind – or came in wins that were much closer than they should have been, like the first half against Florida.  The problem, as it’s been all season, is consistency.

When this team plays like its collective hair is on fire, when the coaches are aggressive, when the players are focused on their assignments, Georgia is a dominant force, good enough to challenge for that national title game sights were set on at the beginning of the season.  But when the coaches succumb to their more passive sides – and there’s a part of me that admits it’s hard not to want to rely on Gurley, even when the other team run blitzes like a sumbitch, or to play soft zone to protect a bunch of green defenders who aren’t up to speed – you get first halves like we saw on Saturday.  That, plus injuries and special teams ineptitude, is how you get a very talented team to 6-4.

I dunno.  Maybe Richt should tell his coordinators to coach like Georgia’s down by twenty with twelve minutes to go in the game all the time.  I don’t see how things could turn out much worse.


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  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    Execution is coaching.

  2. Rex

    Any news on a black out against Kentucky?

    • William

      That Sir, is not funny…

      • D.N. Nation

        It’s not a joke. Aaron Murray said postgame when someone suggested it that he would be thrilled if we did it.

        Murray and the seniors were in high school when the Bama Blackhout happened. To them, the uniforms are cool, nothing more, nothing less. We as fans should get over ourselves, honestly.

        • William

          I would love to know Richt’s take on it. And as for getting over ourselves, I am trying. However, games like this one bring the bitter out. The last time I heard someone mention the Black Jerseys, it was done as a joke to signify we should “bring the body bags”. I understand it excites the kids (the ones who are truly hurting way more than me). Still.

          • Rex

            We might as well. I don’t know how anyone could be motivated to carry on after that game.

          • Macallanlover

            I really hope Aaron and the team talk CMR into black jerseys for Saturday night, but I hope they say nothing to the fans about it. It is a team thing, what the fans wear is insignificant and allows to much time for discussion and distraction. Keep it quiet, bring the “once every year or two” alternate jersey back…it is one of our primary colors and it looks really, really good. No helmet or pants change, just the tops. The players deserve a lift, and need it to finish this season off.

            • Dog in Fla

              “need it to finish this season off.”

              Because sometimes 4th® and 18™ just isn’t good enough

            • PatinDC

              At first I was opposed but now I think every year at senoir game the seniors should pick what they want to do. These guys have left it on the ifield for at least 4 years and I have no problem with them having fun with the uni’s on their day. They can work with Nike and design any kind of wacky chrome.black purple whatever combo they like.
              Go dawgs.

              • Macallanlover

                Now I wouldn’t go that far. Black jerseys do not only fit our color scheme, they look fantastic. I am not an “anything goes” supporter, and especially wouldn’t let Nike have any input. These players would be thrilled with black tops, we don’t need black helmets or Power Rangers outfits ever again.

  3. The other Doug

    You are a good man for taking one for the team and watching the replay. I’m not there yet.

    That long pass where Moore and Swann were confused prior to the snap was straight out of the early season games. I wonder if Auburn audibled into the pass play when they saw the confusion?

    I like Malzahn’s offense too. It’s sort of a marriage of the spread and the triple option.

    The first two series on offense were ugly. Is it that Murray needs to settle down, the Oline needs to adjust to the competition, or Bobo needs time to figure out what will work?

    • William

      From the sounds of it, it seems the O-Line wasn’t ready for a fight and expected Auburn to mail it in. Bobo’s play calling didn’t help either.

      • Ben

        Everyone in the stadium knew the first play would be to Gurley, and I guess that was one of those times where we said, “Try to stop us.” Well, they did.

        Our tackles didn’t help out much, either. Theus and Houston both got humiliated, and it was evident that Auburn was going to come hard every time. My burning question, though, is where the hell was the Dline play when Garner was in control of our guys? And how does he all of a sudden realize he needs to substitute guys in there consistently?

        Maybe Garner’s greatest trick was loading us up with talent and then under-coaching it until he got a call to go home. That’s all I can figure, right? (Most of this is in jest; please take it that way)

        • William

          At this point, all I can do is take everything as a jest. I think Ellis Johnson told RG to get his boys ready to bring heat. I don’t think Johnson gives RG a choice in the matter, nor about rotating. From what I have heard, Johnson is not a man to yield.

        • Russ

          My take was that RG would’ve been subbing linemen at UGA but the DC overruled it. Of course, I’m well prepared to blame Grantham for just about anything right now.

          • Bulldog Joe

            My take is RG had players in his doghouse and didn’t give them reps because of it. His team had issues finishing off opponents because of fatigue.

            My second take is his previous head coach and DC tolerated it and his current head coach and DC doesn’t.

            • My take is Rodney Garner had become a bitter man bc he felt he wasnt getting his “love” the last few years. Remember when he was our recruiting coordinator in addition to his onfield duties we used to lament the tales of guys that wanted to play for UGA but never heard from RG until it was too late.

              Then look back at last year and a bit before where I think many would be surprised how early he knew he was leaving. We had at least two or three hoss daddy d line players that had either committed or had us as their leader. Then RG goes to Auburn and all of a sudden they are headed there too. Seems like RG did his best recruiting job in the year and a half or so before he takes a job he knew he was gonna take.

              I guess this might sound a bit conspiratorial, but can we all admit RG seemed lazy his last few years at UGA and that at least two of those guys he was rotating in on Sat were guys that UGA were at some point leaders for. Not to mention this is Auburn we’re talking about…and there have been stories about RG’s integrity going around the conference for years.

              • Look, there’s no mystery to this. Rodney Garner got an offer to return home in the form of a three-year, $500K per year contract that Georgia wouldn’t match. It wasn’t about bitterness or laziness. He just accepted a better deal. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

                It’s also worth noting that he hasn’t had a single bad thing to say about Richt or the program since he left. Would a bitter man behave like that?

                • I’d agree with you about the better deal but I’d submit that he sure seemed to gain a second wind on the recruiting trail once he went to auburn and he took two guys that played on Sat that were Ga commits or leans with him.

                  • Not to mention, how many of RGs d-lineman have been average at UGA and gone on to be stars in the pros? I’d submit that his recruiting has been subpar for a few years due to all the highly rated kids that wanted to come to UGA but never even heard from him or months too late. Add to that him not being a great position coach and him getting a raise to go to one of the dirtiest schools in the SEC and him bringing a few guys with him. Well. It doesn’t take Oliver Stone to see some funky stuff. And nor he or UGA would have a bad word to say about each other bc both know where some bodies are buried.

    • Sanford222view

      I blame the first two series on the O-Line. How is Bobo to know Theus was just going to watch his man run past him straight to Murray for the sack? Bobo finally adjusted to his O-Line and the offense put up plenty of points. Murray gets zero blame there. What was he supposed to do when he is being hit before he can even make a read?

      • 69Dawg

        Theus is having a great time in college and only shows up occasionally in games. He might just be the biggest bust ever at Oline player. I realize the recruiting gurus loved him but he’s not blocking 205 pound Dlineman any more. If he makes it to the pros he will have to straighten his act up.

        • Bulldog Joe

          Theus ain’t the only one. It is a team arrogance and laziness that is tolerated by the head coach.

          A large portion of this team gets lazy and loafs when they think the other team is in an inferior position. We have no killer instinct and don’t finish teams off until the very end, if at all.

          There is no fear of losing scholarships or paying a physical price for loafing…only a day off from working on a suspension or minor “injury”.

          This is what it means to be a Bulldog these days.

          Erk must be rolling in his grave.

      • William

        I’ll grant you that Bobo couldn’t have known Theus et al would become revolving doorways. However, he continued to call the same game plan even after it became apparent Auburn was ready to run blitz us into the ground. That’s not taking what the defense gives you. It was like he was trying to impose his will on them, but without an O-Line that wanted to play.

        • He continued until Georgia’s first scoring drive, anyway.

          • William

            Senator, don’t mistake me here. I’m not laying it all on Bobo here. I think you are dead right about Friend. His group is beyong underwhelming. They are maddening in their inconsistancy and slow to get on track. And they supposedly have depth and leadership. However, if your O-Line decides it isn’t up for a fight, you can’t keep trying to hammer at the gut. Am I wrong in that assumption?

            • Irwin R Fletcher

              Bobo has been great this season. The Oline was a mess in the first half. Same thing against Clemson…you don’t win games against good opponents if you allow the DE to beat your tackle with a simple speed rush. That’s not playcalling…that’s on the line to be ready to block coming out of the gate.

              I thought the adjustment to quick slants in the 2nd half was brilliant…and Murray’s execution was pretty darn good, too. Frankly, we’ll be luck to keep Bobo this offseason. 2013 has been one of his better efforts and I’d be shocked if a mid-major/lower level BCS school didn’t offer a HC position this offseason.

              • William

                I’m not attacking Bobo for the season he has had. I am calling into question his decision to wait until the second half to adjust to what the Awbarn defense was doing. You can’t tell me with a 4th year starting QB like Murray, he can’t make an adjustment after the first few series.

                • Irwin R Fletcher

                  So I guess that TD drive on the 3rd series of the game to pull us within less than 1 score doesn’t count?

                  Of the 6 series in the first half
                  -2 ended in scores
                  -2 gained 10+ yards but resulted in 0 1st downs because of penalties
                  -1 was three and out b/c of the sack/fumble
                  -1 was an INT

                  It’s hard to tell if what he was calling would have worked and whether it needed adjusting because our OLine kept putting us in a hole with missed assignments and penalties. We had two incomplete passes to Gurley because of pressure and poor oline play in the 1Q. How does that even happen?

                  My biggest gripe with the play calling was that we stopped giving the ball to Gurley in the 3rd Quarter. He had 12 touches in the 4Q and 11 in the 2Q. He had 2 in each of the 1st and 3rd…(with two missed targets in the 1Q).

                  • D.N. Nation

                    We drove the ball pretty well sans Gurley at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. Auburn was defending the run; they weren’t defending slants. So Bobo dialed up a ton of slants.

                    Then we started giving Gurley the ball in screens, which worked too.

                    Bobo’s playcalling in the second half was excellent.

                    • Irwin R Fletcher

                      I don’t disagree…I’ll take the body of work as a whole in the second half (I actually thought he called a good game in the first half given the circumstances) and the first drive of the 3Q was awesome regardless of Gurley not touching the ball.

                      My point was that if I had to quibble and pick nits, it would have been going away from Gurley on those two other drives in the 3rd.

                      I should probably just apologize for trying to inject nuance into the comments.

                    • Dog in Fla

                      The injection of nuance is sometimes better left to Todd


  4. 69Dawg

    The fact that for as long as I can remember under CMR we have played very few complete games. We either start hot and leave the 2hd half to the D or we most of the time start cold and have to bust our butts to catch-up. ). This is a systemic problem, a lack of urgency, a sense of false superiority. It happens occasionally even to great teams but it happens less to truly great teams. It happens 80 percent of the time to UGA and this year along with the injuries it has done us in. I would like to see us come out Saturday and put Kentucky away like we are at least interested in playing the game. My guess is that we will struggle the first half and maybe not screw up as bad as we did the last time KY beat us in Athens and win. A loss to UK or GT will signal that the team has quit and the bowl game will be ugly, say hello to UCF like game. By the way UCF just might be playing in a BCS bowl this year how’s that for role reversal.

    • D.N. Nation

      “UCF escapes Temple with amazing TD catch, last-second FG”

      Uh, yeah.

    • Hungover and Hurting

      How’s that for coaching ’em up? UCF has performed well due to exactly the things you say we are missing. It is so obvious. Should we ever play a complete game, we would be unstoppable. UNSTOPPABLE. That is what is so maddening about the “Miracle on the Plains.” IF we had played the first half with ANY intensity, that play never happens because we are up by at least ten at that point. Go figure….

    • Bulldog Joe

      Agree 100%. The top teams bury opponents, then rest while their subs get experience.

      We rest during the game. Half-assed is too kind of a term to describe it.

      • Irwin R Fletcher

        Is AJ McCarron AJ McCarron’s sub? Because I swear he was playing in the 4th Quarter against Mississippi State.

        • Bulldog Joe

          McCarron’s sub has seen action in eight games this season. Murray’s sub has seen action in two.

          • Irwin R Fletcher

            Nice work, Magellan. You’ve proved it.

            There’s a difference between Bama and Georgia right now…and I think it has more to do with the fact that Bama has given up more than 17 points in only four games over the past 3 seasons…think about that for a second, GA Southern, TAMU, Georgia, and TAMU…that’s it. Everyone else has been held under 20. Our defense has been really bad the last two seasons…that’s the problem. That’s why we aren’t ‘complete.’

    • carpie

      I’m frustrated by the lack of “complete games” as well. It seems to me, admittedly from “outside the arena”, that motivation is inconsistent. The team seems to play well in “obvious” easy-to-motivate scenarios (e.g. the SECCG). The team responded after the “soft” outburst, they beat Vandy like a drum after the Grantham/Franklin incident, etc. When Richt is asked questions about motivation, he always gives the standard, “It’s a SEC game, no motivation needed.” For college kids, I disagree. Maybe he’s being coy, but they certainly don’t play every game like they are highly motivated. IMO, we need a GA or someone in the locker room day in and day out convincing each and every player that the next team on the schedule shot his dog and called his mama names…

  5. doofusdawg

    Our offense was completely inept at the start of the game until one thing happened….

  6. Dog in Fla

    Thanks, Todd. My daily dosage of shit from kin who went to Auburn and their no good weagel in-laws has now reached Cam Cameronian levels. I’ve been busy since Saturday night trying to figure out how to set their collective hair on fire. For that reason, I am looking forward to using some old school techniques on them at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Roll Tide and Go Missouri


  7. “Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”

    • Dog in Fla

      No kidding. And that ties right into the above link which was bobbled (who knew Flickr was classified) but not this one which was caught and show’s what’s scheduled to happen a few minutes after I tell my above krewe of Aubruns that, “We’ll move on and learn from it. I’m proud of the way we fought. No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country. I’m going to the Piggly Wiggly for some ice, an extension chord, a can of bean dip and some Diet Rites, a box of Pampers, and some Marlboro Lights. Any of you weagels need anything like buttah or Parkay?”


  8. sniffer

    General question…why do we say our offense is really clicking when we gain 500 yards in a game and also say our defense sucks when we give up 500?

    Is it not valid (and maybe honest) to say the opposite is true also. “They just allowed 500 yards to us. They’re defense sucks”. And, “we just gave up 500 yards to that offense. They’re pretty good”.

  9. paul

    I don’t think I can ever watch the replay of that game. At least not without wanting to slit my wrists. I feel for Harvey-Clemons. He’s sort of the Bill Bates of Auburn football. When he’s fifty people will still be calling to interview him about being the guy that tipped the pass to Ricardo Louis for the ‘Miracle on the Plains.’

    • Bulldog Joe

      Both players ignored their coaches and went for interception glory when they were told not one minute before the play began to knock the ball down.

      They both got what they deserved, appropriate consequences for their actions. We all can point to hard lessons in life when growing up.

      This is no different.

    • WF dawg

      There’s no one who will be rooting harder for Bama in the Iron Bowl than JHC.

  10. @gatriguy

    Bobo can be frustrating, but there are multitudes of games that I can say his influence on the game helped UGA win. I can’t think of one single example in 4 years that I can say that about Grantham. MAYBE Vandy last year, but I’m reaching.

    • D.N. Nation

      I’m ready to back the U-Haul up to Grantham’s house, but even I will admit that he saved our bacon in the 2011 and 2012 Cocktail Parties.

      • @gatriguy

        I guess I can grant you those, but what does that really say? That he didn’t get beat by a shitty offense? Has there been a good offense that he’s faced hat didn’t shred us? Not rhetorical, I’m being serious. I can’t think of one.

      • Todd

        2013 cocktail party was Jarvis Jones playing like a freak.

  11. Will Trane

    It would have been good to have both TEs available for rotation in the game. Plus Trey Matthews having more game reps, game prep, and probably still not dogged by his injury. He got banged up a few times. Maybe next year the injuries and scheduled will be kinder to the team. Maybe AU can play us at home thru 2016.

    • Irwin R Fletcher

      Re: Trey…knocking it down is something you can only be taught in live game experience?

      I’m not going to beat up Trey or JHC on that play, but you have TWO TIMEOUTS before the play. TWO!!!! If either of those kids is even able to think about going for the INT without the fear of whatever discipline order the coaches have ready for them after listening to their coaches for 2 straight minutes, then they weren’t properly prepared.

      That’s where I am today on all of this…there is no way on earth anyone on that field should have been going for the pick…but then two people do? That reflects on the coaches.

      • Dawgfan Will

        Honest curiosity here: If (as Richt has stated in postgame interviews) the players were told to keep their man in front of them and bat the ball down, and they didn’t succeed in doing either, what else is the coach supposed to do?

        I ask because I feel the coaches’ pain. When I teach writing to high school students, I show them examples of how it is done well and how it is done poorly. I critique them when they do it poorly and praise them when they do it well. I point out (sometimes over and over again) how they can improve. And sometimes they just don’t improve, no matter how many different ways I try to get it across to them.

        What do you do when you have taught (or coached; same thing) a kid and it just doesn’t stick? And what do you do as a coach when the next kid in line isn’t any better?

        • Irwin R Fletcher

          Coaching can’t just be instruction. Teaching and coaching are not the same thing. Great coaching incentivizes a response. It demands that response.

          There is a line of thinking that these kids aren’t smart enough to make the plays that are being asked of them. That’s bull. Number 1, if they are too dumb, you shouldn’t have recruited them. Number 2, there are a lot dumber kids at other schools making plays. Number 3, I hate to bring it up…but how are these same kids who are too dumb to listen performing at the NFL level? Last year’s defense had some of the same problems…and those kids are playing in the NFL….

          • Dawgfan Will

            “Great coaching incentivizes a response.” That is amazingly close to what is currently believed by educational gurus about what makes great teaching as well.

            • Irwin R Fletcher

              I’ll defer to your expertise on the similarities. Frankly, respect the heck out of any person that chooses to educate young people.

              If I may try to draw a distinction, these players aren’t trying to learn a new skill…this isn’t an education on how to play defense…they are supposed to be the elite of elite for their age group at that skill. Coaches at this level certainly have instruction/education to do on the finer points of scheme, etc….but what they are performing on the field is more akin to management.

              BTW- If you read the quotes from Swann…the coaches spent a lot of time talking about rushing 4 and playing man to man or going prevent but didn’t bring up ‘knock it down.’ The excuse is that players at that level should know better. The reality is…I’m concerned that they wouldn’t know what play they wanted to run in that situation. The play call should be easy…you’ve clearly practiced the same situation…you should be able to call the defense and then you don’t have to assume the basics are covered. Except…apparently you didn’t know what coverage you wanted in 4th and 18 with the game on the line and you spent two timeouts discussing the merits of each. That’s more of an indictment than assuming the kids would remember to knock it down.

  12. Will Trane

    Think after Saturday’s game I would take Wilson over Garnder any day. I think in order to stop the IZR and OZR of the spread you have to have 6-8 D linemen to close the gaps. On AU’ first play they established their intentions. Stop the IZR like Johnson did to TG. TG is impressive behind 2 TEs. Lot of game for him to play in.

  13. Greg

    Bobo doesn’t deserve credit for anything after the O scored only 17 points over the first 50 minutes of the game,

  14. Bryant Denny

    My semi-annual visit to the dentist (yes, I do have a couple of teeth), yielded this nugget: Auburn fans think the refs gave every call to Georgia. Yep.

    Receptionist swore she nearly beat a Dawg woman down on the transit bus after the game over the refs. Of course, I would have paid to see the skirmish.

    Kudos to you, Senator, for having the guts to review the game.

    • Debby Balcer

      Well Auburn fans think Nick Fairly and Cam Newton have great character just goes to show you how delusional they are. I hope you put a beat down on them.

    • Dawgfan Will

      Including, I assume, the “simultaneous” possession of the fumble in which Harvey-Clemons has his arms wrapped around the ball while the Auburn player looks like he is trying to hatch it.

  15. I think your point regarding holding is one echoed by many fans. It ‘s called purely on a whim..I tried to explain it to my kids and made myself a liar over and over. It happens with such regularity that picking it out on a game replay is mind boggling. Pair that with the f*** bucket of the so-called targeting penalty and there is a wide margin for the officials to impact the outcome of any game.

    However, this one was entirely ours to lose, heartbreaking to watch. I can’t look at the replay of this one either.
    Having said all that, I feel like this team, while lacking consistency, has been
    worth every penny I have paid for my season tickets.

    Mark RIcht is the best thing to happen to Georgia football in many decades.I was proud of him for getting a (bogus) 15 yard penalty for saying “crap”…if language is the issue, most coaches should be sitting in the time out corner the entire game.

    I hope we beat Kentucky like a drum, simply because we can.

  16. Keese

    Sad thing is….If Aaron Murray played for Bama he’d be a shoe in for Heisman

  17. Will Trane

    For all the complainers about the defense, suggest you read the article at Georgia Dogs. Sort adds to the Senators bullet comment AU’s 50 snaps in 1st half goes to the O to a degree. There have been some games where this very young D has played real well. Look at the O turnovers and short field opposing O’s had to operate on.

  18. Will Trane

    5 seniors depart on the O, 3 interior linemen, a TE, and a 5th year senior. Wonder what the complaints will be next year. Think about the long periods of poor O line play, the turnovers by the O, the bad field position they left to the young D. Just close out the SEC at 5-3, beat Tech, and win a bowl. 9-4 is not bad considering the season and losing to VU and AU in closing minutes. Both on the road and with injuries at key positions.

  19. PlatoDawg

    Our OT’s are subpar folks….It’s amazing how well we do on offense with this being the case.We haven’t had a decent LT since Trinton’s freshman year.Theus and Houston would make two kick ass guards though.

  20. Athdawg

    No comments about Penn on “Upon Further Review”. Were you in a hurry, Senator?😉

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