“This is the most emotionally draining season I can remember.”

If you’re a Georgia fan, you’d better hope Nietzsche was right.

And as this poll reminds us, we were being drained before the season even started.


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28 responses to ““This is the most emotionally draining season I can remember.”

  1. simpl_matter

    “…unless it horribly scars me emotionally and I lose the ability to care.”
    That’s the last part of the quote people often forget about.


    • If you’re still commenting, you still care.


      • simpl_matter

        Of course I do, I have generations of dawg blood in me :7
        There was a brief moment after the second targeting call in the Vandy game where I thought, “if this is what football is becoming, maybe I’ll go back to strippers & everclear.” Then I thought about my wife, she can barely stand all the football, the glitter & liquor blackouts would be the end of her….


  2. And watching how Mark Richt looked in the after game teleconferences after the Auburn and Vanderbilt losses just makes me think he is about to call it quits, and just go on with rest of his life providing service to his personal missions.


  3. I almost think Mark Richt double in age in the last year especially after his hip surgery. I feel for the guy.


  4. WF dawg

    2014: the year of emotional regression to the mean?


  5. Griff

    This is a very good team (especially when somewhat healthy) but it is amazing to think we could easily be 2-8 or 10-0 at this point. Our 4 SEC wins this year have come down to the 4th quarter with 3 coming down to the final drive. So yeah, no question this is the most emotionally difficult season for me for sure.


  6. wnc dawg

    I have felt this is the most underrated/underreported story of UGA’s season. But how do you really quantify it, you know? I mean, the emotional come down from the LSU game had to be really difficult to deal with, and it seems almost quaint now with all the things that have happened. Just a really tough year.


  7. DawgPhan

    In the last 12 months Dawgs got into 6 top 10 fights this year…we won 2 of them, we lost 4 of them, but we were in all of them. years past some of those would have ended in victory formation for the other guys.


  8. BCDawg97

    The problem is we aren’t Kentucky or Vandy. It is hard to be a fan when you know your team is a program that has the capability to win a NC in any given year. That’s why losing hurts so much. We are a bunch of junkies – we know being a UGA fan is bad for our health but we just can’t give it up.


  9. Scorpio Jones, III

    This seems a propitious point in the discussion to point out that I now understand the Tennessee folks pain when the skin got away from Pig.

    Yep, it hurt, but we have passed out a butt ache or two our own selves.

    Lets get on with this silly shit, get this woebegone season done with a trifecta and start over.

    And watch the expectations boys and girls…see how the Bitches reward that shit?


  10. Dawg19

    Two things about the Jordan-Hare Prayer:

    1. At least it didn’t happen in Jacksonville. I wouldn’t have been able to sleep for a week afterward.

    2. There is only one thing left that can make this season worse…a loss to you-know-who.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Then we gotta get ready…do what all the great cornerbacks do…fergit the last play, get ready for the next one.


    • So. IL Dawg

      No what will make the Auburn loss worse is when Mizzou loses to Ole Miss and A&M which means the Dawgs would’ve been in the SECCG…


  11. FisheriesDawg

    To hell with the Alabama media. That’s a not-at-all-veiled trolling attempt if I’ve ever seen one.


  12. 69Dawg

    I pray that Karma will stop kicking our butts now.


  13. W Cobb Dawg

    Whats unfair and emotionally draining is to see herculean efforts by players like Gurley and AM go down the drain due to keystone cop-like performances by the D, STs, and OL – which have been perpetual problems. Go ahead, blame it on newbees, injuries, and/or a tough schedule, but this team doesn’t lack talent. Its a fundamental failure of coaching.

    My hat’s off to the 2 coaches who’ve experienced the most injury problems – McClendon and Ball. Their backups have continued to perform. Newbee coach Wilson has done as well as we could have asked. Meanwhile CTG, Lakatos & Friend are failures. Lilly & Olivadotti are nothing to brag about.


  14. Ausdawg85

    At least we are entertaining.


  15. Of course, the corollary to Nietzsche is, “what does make me stronger, kills me”


  16. Bulldog Joe

    The Georgia corollary is “What kills me doesn’t make me smarter”.