Georgia-Kentucky game day post: A little less drama would be an exciting development.

I’ve posted almost next to nothing about this week’s game because there really isn’t much to say.  I mean, the stats suggest that the game shouldn’t be close, as Georgia gains on average about 125 ypg more than Kentucky and the ‘Cats are three spots behind the Dawgs in conference total defense.  Can Georgia make this game interesting?  Sure.  It’s not like the Dawgs haven’t struggled with Kentucky over the past few seasons (just go back to last year when Aaron Murray had to pull Georgia’s bacon out of the fire with a tremendous game).

But it shouldn’t have to happen.  If Georgia shakes off the hangover from last week’s unfortunate ending, avoids its typical streak of generosity – the one real advantage UK has today is in turnover margin – and the staff doesn’t wait until the second half to make adjustments to what Kentucky’s coaches are throwing at them, this should be a game where the Dawgs grind down the opponent, substitute liberally in the second half and win going away.

You know, like they’ve done so many times this season in conference play.

Anyway, I’ll be there to honor the seniors, who, if for no other reason than going 3-1 against Florida, deserve our eternal gratitude and thanks.

Also, this.

Chang and Moore accomplished that in a tough conference, too.

Hella career, Aaron.  Hella career.

Let a thousand comments bloom.


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36 responses to “Georgia-Kentucky game day post: A little less drama would be an exciting development.

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    God…seven pm seems like a week away.


  2. Coweta Dawg

    Here’s to getting those 108 yds in the 1st quarter. This is your day AM. Let the Big Dawg eat!


  3. AusDawg85

    Wear black. For Aaron.


  4. CatFromBama

    Lots of ups and downs this season for us. Heartaches abound for sure. But now my heart aches seeing these SENIORS in Sanford for the last time. In all my years of ‘dawg-watchin’, there has never been a young man represent our great university, on and off the field, with the pride and grace that has been demonstrated by the likes of one Aaron Murray.

    Aaron, my DAWG, you have earned it by taking the high road and detracting your naysayers with your exemplary play on the field and in the classroom. They say “he can’t win the big one”. BULL CAROLINA!! It was never about personal accolades for you. It was always about TEAM. For that, your TEAM, your coaches and the DAWG NATION will be forever grateful.

    God Bless You, son of Georgia.



  5. Ben

    I said earlier this week that this has been a heartbreaking and gut-wrenching season, but this has been my favorite team in a long time. They’ve got so much heart and guts; even the defense (bless their hearts) have played some really good ball when we’ve needed them to. I can go the rest of my life without seeing a bad punt snap (I think I had a nightmare about that last night), and I’d just assume we never make another trip to Knoxville ever.

    But these seniors, from our QB to our walk-ons have been VERY good to the University of Georgia, and I’m proud to say they’ve been part of a strong resurgence in our program. I know it’s a cliched thing to say, but at least we don’t have to rationalize our fandom for a guy who treats kids like commodities or who rehabs cast-offs for his own fortune. Our coach does things the right way; he treats his players the right way; and, if there’s any justice in this crazy game we all love, he’ll get his due one day.

    Go with G-d, senior class. You’ve made us proud, and we all be grateful for what you’ve given us these past for years and for this insane 2013 season. I think you’ve taught us all how to feel again.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Considering the halfass support AM’s had to deal with the entire time he’s been at UGA, I expect the D, STs and OL to screw up – and for AM to once again pull out a win with the help of Gurley.


  7. Stop it with the negative sugar honey iced tea on this the last game between the hedges for our Seniors. Dismal DAWG!


  8. rampdawg

    Get the job done early seniors, and have some fun tonight. Let the youngsters have the 2nd half to gain some game experience.

    Get started tomorrow on slaughtering the hated Yeller jokettes.


  9. I won’t wax eloquent here. I’ll just say this: Aaron, thank you for choosing the University of Georgia. You will go down as one of the all time Dawg greats. Your toughness, character and loyalty has been a testament to you and your family. Good luck in the NFL. We’ll be rooting for you.


  10. NewnanDawg

    DGDs this bunch, DGDs indeed! Thank you, Sincerely, it’s been a great ride! Enjoy your night!


  11. 81Dog

    “Let a thousand comments bloom.” Should we start calling you CHAIRMAN Blutarsky? 🙂

    Dawg bless Aaron Murray. The kid has taken more shots than a pack of frat boys on a weeklong trip to Las Vegas, but he keeps popping back up and getting after it. I will miss him when he’s gone!


  12. Nashville West

    First, Aaron, thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m more excited about what will happen after you finish your PhD than I am about the NFL. You have made all of us proud that you’re a Dawg.

    Second, God Bless all of the walk on and former walk on Seniors. Thanks for reminding me that we all played for the love of the game and our team. All of you are DGD’s for life.

    Finally, Professor, I have mixed feelings about your wish for lack of drama with the kitties. Two of my favorite and most dramatic Dawg memories come from that improbable Wonderdawg season of 1978 and both involved high drama and our next two opponents. The first involved the night game at Lexington and staring at the radio while Larry exhorted us to “look” at the winning field goal with time running out. The second was sitting in Sanford watching Buck Belue and Amp Arnold shatter the insect’s hearts with an impossible 20 point comeback.

    I’m okay with drama when they get the ending right.


  13. Nate Dawg

    Not hijacking but – LSU just got jobbed on a 4th down spot. More million $ product & $.10 officiating.
    A spot can be reviewed. But it really can’t be.


  14. If Georgia Southern had not fumbled 2 times in the first half against the Gators they would be winning 14-3 instead of trailing 10-7. Once fumble was at FLA 2. The other was at their own 14 which the Gators converted for their only td.


  15. Well Muschamp is definitely out of a job, They got manhandled. Gave 429 yards rushing.


  16. stuckinred

    Got down to the emerald coast now I have to find somewhere with ESPN frickin U!


  17. Normaltown Mike

    AM gets hurled down after throwing the ball… Right in front of a ref. no penalty of course.

    We can’t buy good luck.


    • It has absolutely nothing to do with luck!


      • Bulldog Joe

        When you have a coach and an AD who won’t put public pressure on the SEC’s corrupt officials, it was inevitable another uncalled cheapshot would end his college career. Other SEC athletic departments would have the ref’s job for this stuff long ago.

        Damn shame we didn’t have the stones to take up for Aaron.

        We let him down.


    • Is Murray ok? I am having to follow the score on my phone. I see that Mason came in.


  18. Unofficially, Ramik Wilson had 10 tackles, 2 pass breakups, and a sack in the first half.


  19. Scorpio Jones, III

    What was that think that happened last week the radio guys keep talking about 🙂


  20. Bulldog Joe

    Very impressed with the size of our crowd Saturday. Unlike our neighbors to the south.


  21. Hope our Aaron is feeling good this morning. HOW BOUT THEM DAWGS! Great GAME…..such a classy crowd …dressed in black with just the right amount of RED. THE GEORGIA BULLDAWG NATION STANDS STRONG!