The SEC Championship Game, brought to you by Conference-USA

For some reason, Todd Grantham doesn’t bother me too much right now.


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  1. dudetheplayer

    Missouri’s defense is absolutely pitiful. What exactly did this team prepare for?

    Fucking Auburn. Blech.

  2. americusdawg

    I agree, but hate to have to hear it for 9 months from my ‘Barner friends.

  3. Talk about not taking your foot off of the gas, it seems Malzahn is very much down with grinding them into the damn dirt.

  4. Russ

    I hate Auburn. Typical Auburn play to shove a player 5 yards out of bounds into a golf cart.

  5. Charles

    Both participants in last year’s iteration would wax these teams. Wax them. But, that’s how it goes sometimes.

  6. Gene Simmons

    This is NOT your father’s SEC

  7. TennesseeDawg

    It will only be fitting for Ohio State to crap the bed tonight and send Auburn to the NC game

  8. Biggus Rickus

    Pinkel’s teams always shat the bed in big Big 12 games, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Still, over 500 yards rushing?

    • Russ

      What did we give up last year? 350? That seemed like a huge number so I can’t even wrap my head around 550.

  9. Will (the other one)

    Damnit Mizzou, now I have to pull for An Ohio State.

    (Though I think FSU would destroy Auburn, I don’t want them to even get the chance.)

  10. dudetheplayer

    I hope Auburn’s prize for all this is a trip to the Sugar Bowl to play Central Florida.

  11. WF Dawg

    How does a team absolutely forget how to tackle in a week? There are a lot of teams that would have put up 30+ on Mizzou tonight. Against a team like Auburn, that turns into nearly 60.

  12. Bright Idea

    It wasn’t a Georgia game and Verne is still awful. Watching that mess and listening to him screw up is a double enema.

    • Doubledawg09

      Show some respect to your elders! Verne is a treasure. He would be missed badly if he was no longer able to call games. 😊

      • The Lone Stranger

        I’m siding with the Bright one on this — hearing Uncle Verne is like wallowing through rush hour in the bad lane behind the wreck while being regaled by financial tales from your accountant. Or something.

    • Dog in Fla

      Verne can’t keep up with the HUNH. He’s lucky competency is not a part of his job description.

    • Nashville West

      I had to turn the sound off, can’t stand Vern and Gary. Normally I only have to turn it off when they’re doing a Dawgs game.

  13. The rushing yards…. Wow.

    Malzahn is a good coach. I hate to admit it, but he is.

    Something happened there with Chizik and Malzahn. Malzahn leaves and goes to D3, Chizik sucks and gets fired. Malzahn gets hired back, a previously winless “Barner team suddenly wins the SEC. There is a story here, and I can’t wait to hear it.

    • Irishdawg

      Auburn buys a championship. You heard it before

      • IAmAGurleyMan

        Give Malzahn his due. The man is an offensive genius. We should have hired him in ’09, and we would have a few MNCs by now. But we stuck with Richt. Brilliant move.

        • WF Dawg

          How’d he do against us in 2011?

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Actually, except for our 2 ADD DBs running into each other trying to intercept rather than knocking a 4th down pass down, and tipping the winning TD to an Aubie receiver on 4th and 18, how’d he do against us THIS year?

          • Charles

            How’d he do against Willie in 2009? Exactly…

          • IAmAGurleyMan

            You people are nuts. Malzahn took a team that won 3 games all last year and zero SEC games and has taken then to the cusp on the national title game, and you’re trying to find holes in what he did while simultaneously defending Richt though he never gets the most out of his talent. No wonder McGarity feels no pressure to get rid of Richt – our delusional fan base is apparently ecstatic with continual underachievement.

            • Charles

              Then by that rationale, Auburn should have never fired Chizik, right?

              • IAmAGurleyMan

                Bad analogy. We all knew Chizik was a one-hit wonder with Cam in 2010, and that bore out in the subsequent years. Here, Malzahn has taken a team that has no dominant player (though Tre Mason is good, he isn’t in the same galaxy as Cam) and has essentially the same core as last year’s loser team, and he has done wonders with it.

                • Will (the other one)

                  So why couldn’t Gus do anything with the alleged talent on offense in 2011? Mason was there tehn too, and the WR and TE talent was better.
                  Gus did a great job this season, but needed a TON of luck just to get to Atlanta. Mason’s a junior who’ll go pro if he has any sense (30 carries/game ain’t good for NFL prospects) so does Marshall survive two years injury-free (well, other than the Div-1AA game?)
                  Let’s not place him under Saban in the SEC coaching pantheon yet.

                • Derek

                  Malzahn needed a miracle to beat Richt but Malzahn’s clearly superior better? Sorry, but I think you’re a moron.

                  • I still think that Saban, Spurrier, & Richt in order are the top 3 HCs In the SEC today.

                    • Mayor of Dawgtown

                      Really? I agree with Saban and Spurrier. But Malzahn went to the SEC Championship game this year (his first season) and is going to the BCSNCG–also in his first year. When has CMR ever done that? What about Pinkle who won the SEC East in his second year in the conference. I don’t like it but James Franklin beat UGA this season with 1/2 the talent Georgia has. How about him? Then of course there is Kevin Sumlin of Texas A&M. How about him? I’d say CMR was about seventh or eighth in the conference–and that is being generous.

                • Charles

                  You’re hopeless.

            • Cosmic Dawg

              CMR took us the wire last year just shy of the NC and managed an impossibly injured team very well this year. Malzahn won his last two SEC games by flukes, though he deserved to win, no doubt…but I don’t see the overwhelming evidence, here. Give CGM a decade or so in the league and we’ll see. Has done a great job this year, though.

            • @gatriguy

              But, but Richt’s a good Christian man! I’m so sick of this accepting mediocrity shit. The entire Athletic Department from GM to the guy that cleans the floor needs an overhaul. It’s time for a culture change.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                Correct! Richt isn’t the problem. Richt is a symptom of the problem.

              • Charles

                In re: Richt’s faith, I don’t see anyone around these parts using that justification, so save the lameass strawmen for the DawgVent.

                BTW, the UGA athletic department had a top-10 finish in the director’s cup standings last year. How’s THAT for tolerating mediocrity!

                I swear to God… give someone a keyboard and an alias and they’re all of the sudden the cynosure of everything successful.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Yeah, I’d wager that craven cheating mostly covers the Auubrn re-rise.

  14. Timphd

    Just hoping Malzahn gets the itch to prove himself “on the next level” so he leaves Auburn soon. He’s a good coach who can obviously recruit. Need him to move on quickly. Here’s hoping the Barners don’t win another game this year or next.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Malzahn will never leave Auburn. The place is perfect for him and his redneck wife. That said, the only place he might leave for would be Arkansas and I expect that job to open up in 2-3 more years. NFL–no way.

      • As far as him being able to recruit, it is a bit easier when you buy players. Our ol’ buddy Rodney sure seems to be working a lot harder there too. I brought this up another time but I think there was more than money and “mama calling him home” behind that story…ie..some bad blood or him feeling he wasn’t getting enough love.

        • Will (the other one)

          He wasn’t getting enough love because he wasn’t doing his damn job.
          Did we sub on the Dline at all last year? We were far better on the line this year, even without a future NFL pic at NG.

          • Agreed. How many times did we hear about instate guys that never heard from Garner or too late? Then he all of a sudden starts working again at auburn and even takes several guys he was recruiting for UGA with him.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              Maybe Garner was an agent of the Auburn Illuminati all along? I, for one, am glad he’s gone.

              • I am not surprised. Look at SODs work at uT and the outstanding effort of Boom at Florida. Finally Smart dummies up that D with FG attempt. But I am not happy with his overall effort. Auburn had Garner here for a while. I credit Todd for sniffing him out.

          • Russ

            I agree about the DL subs. Except that this year we subbed DL to great effectiveness, and so did Auburn. So somebody changed their MO. Not sure who, though.

      • ZeroPointZero

        Texas! Perfect fit for him and his redneck crazy wife.

      • I haven’t seen Malzahn’s wife. Is she at least hot. I can look past redneck if the hotness factor outweighs it.

  15. zutadawg

    Regression to the mean is a bit–. Auburn lucked into the SEC championship game with 2 lucky plays, one against Georgia, one with Alabama. Take those two plays away, they are a 3 loss team with 3 other lucky wins. If you don’t believe in regression to the mean look at Florida this year versus last year. Let’s see where Auburn is this time next year before believing Malzahn is THAT good.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Correct, sir. The other thing: The O that Auburn is running under Malzahn is nothing new. It’s the old Wing-T. The cross-town rival of my HS ran the thing 45 years ago. The difference is that in those days they didn’t run the hurry-up. Malzahn is just running the old Wing-T in hurry-up mode. BTW, my cross-town HS rival that ran the Wing-T….they won 6 games my senior year. It’s a gimmick. As soon as the other teams have studied it and seen it at game speed a couple of times………

      • The Lone Stranger

        So then, by 2016 the Dawgs ought to be up to speed?

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Since we have ADD defensive players and our defensive coaches all have ADHD I’d say it will take ’til 2018 for Georgia–all the other SEC teams should have it figured out by 2016 though.

    • Bulldawg165

      Regression to the mean doesn’t mean shit when you’re responsible for making it two national championships in 4 years like Malzahn is about to be after OSU wets the bed. They could possibly return 18 starters so at worst they have 2-3 losses next year. I’d take that type of “regression” after a season like they’re having any day of the week.

      • IAmAGurleyMan

        +1,000. But hey, let’s continue to celebrate Richt and his consistency. The reality is that only consistencies with Richt are two things: underachieving and keeping incompetent defensive coordinators around far longer than any sane head coach would.

      • Will (the other one)

        Let’s see how many games Gus can win if he loses 4-5 starters on offense too.

        • Bulldawg165

          Typical response. Let’s keep pretending that is the reason they beat us and ignore the fact that we got flat outcoached for three quarters. Let’s also pretend this is the only season we’ve underachieved.

          For the record, can you point to even ONE season in recent memory where we’ve actually OVERACHIEVED? I sure can’t.

          • @gatriguy

            Even simpler question, when was the last time UGA beat a team with more talent? 2005 LSU? 2006 Auburn?

            • Patrick

              LSU and UF this year.

              There is no significant talent gap between UGA and the 4-5 other premiere programs in the SEC. Some fans just think there is because they know the names of their own players.

              • Bulldawg165

                GA southern beat Florida worse than we did, so I hope you’re kidding about that one. I don’t think LSU has more talent than us considering their QB was gonna ride the pine if he stayed at UGA. If anything I’d say it’s a wash. Our O was far more talented than their O, but the roles were reversed on D.

                • Patrick

                  Not at all kidding about UF.

                  Are you saying GA Southern has more talent than UF?
                  Isn’t it possible that UF has more talent than both UGA AND GA Southern, but yet lost both games due to inferior coaching and player development?

                  • Charles

                    This. All these guys love to rip CMR over vagueries like “talent,” or whatever. But, they don’t like to have that discussion when it doesn’t suit their agenda.

  16. Beer Money

    The saddest and hardest part about this game was that UGA at full strength could have and would have beaten both of these teams easily when we played them…so neither team would have wound up in the damn game.

    • Jeff Sanchez

      Bingo. There it is.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      You are correct BM. The two teams that played in the SECCG both had no business being there. If UGA didn’t have the injuries we had at mid-season we easily beat Mizzou, don’t lose to Vandy and should have been in Atlanta even with the F/U at the end of the Auburn game. Bama is the best team in the West. This game should have been a rematch of last year’s SECCG.

    • Will (the other one)

      Yep. Before today I was off the “if we stay 100% healthy we go 11-1” but replace Green/Douglas with Gurley/Marshall at 100% and I think we have zero trouble with Mizzou.

    • Bulldawg165

      UGA could have beat auburn even with the fluke play if we showed up to play from the opening snap like they did. Instead we played like pansies until the fourth quarter and it cost us. Typical CMR football. We always fail to show up for at least one game a year.

      • Charles

        You could say the same about Saban, right? When’s the last time he went undefeated? Dude’s obviously losing his touch.

  17. Athens Dog

    The national media continues to report that the auburn QB was dismissed from uga for violating “team rules”. STEALING from your team mates seems serious. That’s the auburn way. Thugs. .

    • Charles

      “Certainly there’s a team rule against stealing, right???” Aubrn’d

      • No crap. Did you hear where Verne was about to give further explanation and then all of a sudden started talking about another player that was a transfer. Pretty sure they didn’t make it clear that mettenberger was kicked off for groping a girl in the LSU game either.

        • Merk

          Mett was booted for lying. Richt prob keeps him if he came clean, but he lied and got caught. Thus, Richt sent a message that you don’t lie to him.

      • Gene Simmons

        Chizik would call that “The Auburn Way”

  18. Gene Simmons

    AU is now 26-1 with QBs who have been kicked off other teams for stealing. There’s a stat for ya.

  19. Nate Dawg

    Just glad the officiating remained on pt. That is to say rediculous. One td for Mizzou that wasn’t. No penalty for diving into endzone w/ no barners around. You got Daneilson telling me the offsides on the WR was the right call b/c only the O lineman can be affected by the movement of the defender – nevermind the 300lb barner DL in the neutral zone on the snap. And all that amongst others. Million dollar product, $.10 officiating.

    • Gene Simmons


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      So true.

    • Nashville West

      It was nice to see them screwing up someone else’s game for a change instead of ours.

    • Patrick

      Pretty sure Danielson was right about the WR call. Only the OL are allowed to react to the DL jumping in neutral zone. The WR’s have to hold their water no matter what.
      Probably a silly rule, but pretty sure that’s what it is.

      • Macallanlover

        He was right, he usually is. That rule about defensive players being able to fake a charge to induce an offensive player to move was changed a few years ago. This was the same rule called on us in the TN game that gave them a first down. Danielson is close to Todd Blackledge as the best analyst in CFB. Never have understood the dislike of him from fans.

  20. Russ

    Suck it, Ohio State and Corch! At least we’ll get to see FSU curbstomp Auburn.

  21. What fresh hell is this?

    thief vs. rapist for MNC

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Yep. A pretty slimy BCSNCG this year. And I’m sure the Heisman voters will be sure to get slime all over that trophy, too. I’m sure OJ Simpson is will be laughing his ass off in prison the night of the presentation.

      • Wonder if OJ still get a vote?

        • PHDawg

          Did anyone watch the discussion about the Heisman during CBS’s pre-game? Spencer Tillman adamantly disagreed with the others (can’t remember now who was up there, what with my AU-induced rage) that Winston is now the front-runner. He said “as the father of four daughters.” I was really impressed with his willingness to speak up against the crowd.

          As an aside, my parents went to FSU and my grandfather went to MSU. Yesterday had me all kinds of conflicted. And I don’t feel good about cheering for FSU, and I don’t want AU to win. Think I’ll skip watching this year.

  22. BWD

    Anyone think Auburn’s offense will be less effective when FSU has a month to prepare? Seems some if its success is the result of being a novel system that no one is really prepared for. Sort of like Tech circa 2008/2009. Before you say 2010, remember that the barners weren’t great in the nccg on offense, and Nick Marshall is not Cam Newton.

  23. Bulldog Joe

    Last team to score more than 28 points on the Michigan State defense?


    Since that game, the Georgia defense has given up more than 28 points twelve times.


    • The Lone Stranger

      Right, but also consider that Outback Bowl was triple-OT. And to refocus the divergence of philosophies re: UGa/MSU, Mi. St. has scored over 34 points just five times since that bowl while the Dawgs have gone over 17 times.

      That said, betcha UGa scores nearly 35 almost every time against a Big10 schedule.

  24. Bulldog Joe

    Congratulations to Florida State and Auburn.

    This year’s BCS Championship should be an exciting match up.

  25. Heresy

    We need a mean 16

  26. stuckinred

    “In between bites of a small, pepperoni pizza from Papa John’s and sips of red Gatorade, Meyer placed his head in his hands. His wife, Shelley, occasionally tried to console him. But mostly, Meyer just stared blankly.

    It was a look that no one had seen Meyer wear in a long time. Since Nov. 27, 2010, in fact. That’s when he suffered his last loss as a head coach, against Florida State when he still led Florida. His current team, Ohio State, hadn’t experienced a defeat since Jan. 2, 2012, in the Gator Bowl. “

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      The essential Corch. It’s all about him.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Love them salty Corch tears. And how about that goofy bimbo of a wife — dragged around through all the Black Pope’s self-absorption! Did his dutiful daughters come along later to help pick up the pieces?

  27. Scorpio Jones, III

    “For some reason, Todd Grantham doesn’t bother me too much right now.”

    Michigan State, last night reminded me of Dooley’s Georgia teams sans Herschel….some offense, just enough and Erk.

    “For some reason, Todd Grantham doesn’t bother me too much right now.”

    “But mostly, Meyer just stared blankly. ”

    Das da look I like to see on a scum-sucking pig.

    “For some reason, Todd Grantham doesn’t bother me too much right now.”

  28. Scorpio Jones, III

    Boys we had lotsa luck this year, problem was, luck was all bad luck.

    Maybe this year evens out whatever we did to the Kharmic Bitches and frees our souls from the land of coulda woulda.

    At least South Carolina was not in Atlanta.
    At least Urban Meyer got a hobnail boot up his ass.

    And for all them folks who think FSU will curb stomp Awbun…that was you guys who said Bama was gonna do that to them, right?

    Maybe next year we find defense.

    Maybe next year in Jerusalem.

    • TennesseeDawg

      The Georgia motto is always “wait till next year”.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Not necessarily, depends on your expectations and whether you listen to the right people…

        If you have some delusion that Georgia is going to compete for the national championship every year, then you will always be waiting for next year.

        If, however, you just holler for the Dawgs and take what happens as what happens, then waiting for next year becomes less galling.

        For the first time in a long time, I think we will be better next year than this one and that is saying quite a bit, cause we were pretty good with basically a work in progress defense.

        Still and all, it ain’t easy being a Dawg fan.

  29. Will Trane

    Auburn deserves what they get now. They beat us and Bama. Lot of luck in those 2 wins at home. But you have to hand it to their players and coaches. No doubt they worked hard, had good game plans, and executed them. Think if you beat UGA and Bama in same year in a SEC schedule & win SECGC in that style, you deserve to be in the BCS.

  30. Will Trane

    After watching some of those games last evening there is no doubt Duke, Texas, and Ohio State are way overrated. Same for OSU Cowboys. MIssouri had no answer for AU’s spread offense and ground game. They went from 2nd to 9th in SEC rusing defense in that game alone. Maintenance crews at Dome are cleaning them off the turf this am.

  31. Will Trane

    It will be interesting to see how all these alleged football gurus power rank these teams. In SEC here is mine…Auburn, Bama, South Carolina, Georgia, and after that pickum. Is there a difference in TG’s 3-4 and Missouri. And we played Auburn on their turf withour a full roster and a very young defense.

  32. Will Trane

    Now everyone at UGA is going to get their panies all in a wad this morning after watching those games. Think FSU and Auburn will get a leg up in recruiting. Well, their rosters are full. No high school player wants to sit on a bench, celebate your team mates scores and sacks, jump up and down, and get a torn aCL.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Hey, one of our guys already did that! We have a leg up on HS celebrations. It’s a good point about roster composition, however I get somewhat nervous contemplating what Garner might pull out on the recruiting trail after a season such as this.

  33. Will Trane

    Now how many points has Auburn given up against UGA and Bama at home, and then Missouri on the road at a neutral site. Auburn over 850 yards rushing in last 2 games…supposedly against the 2 best SEC defenses. Perhaps, somebody had better dig into the weeds for numbers and stats.

  34. RocketDawg

    After watching last night’s track meet I don’t feel so bad about our defense either. This was just a bad year for defense and a good year for offense in the SEC. Look at the top shelf QB talent: Murray, Mett, Manziel, Shaw, McCarron, are all future NFL QB’s (maybe not Shaw). Marshall did a good job running the Auburn attack as did Prescott at Miss St and Bo Wallace at Ole Miss. Not to mention that that the rules are so skewed toward the offense these days.