Decisions, decisions

It’s pretty impressive how Nick Saban can make the appalling sound bloodless, whether it’s D.J. Pettway’s “horrible decision” or the “university decision” to let him back on the team.

It’s also impressive to see how the Process works, as Pettway was the only one of the four players involved who’s been allowed to return.  Maybe it’s because he kept his mouth shut.


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  1. Or maybe it is because he did all the things that we’re ask of him as to redeem himself.

  2. My new Mac Tablet has a mind of its own. were

  3. Bob

    I wish Mark Richt was more of a disciplinarian. 😉

  4. We’ll Senator, isn’t that what it all about! We want the best football players. It has nothing to do with honor or being noble.

  5. fatman48

    My question is “Why isn’t he in Jail” ? The problem is no one is prosecuting them, they leave school to avoid prosecution, Scam Newton(Florida), Nick Marshall(Georgia), and now Winston(FSU) not for stealing but Rape. The blind eye is shut. All this just to WIN, it is a Shame. Some say give them another chance, “WHY” they knew what they were doing was “WRONG” but did it anyway. “Its all about choices”. They were not kicked off the their team by the coaches or schools, they kicked themselves off the team.

    • Macallanlover

      How in the world do you throw Winston into that list at all with what is public knowledge? No comparison there, and any male walking the streets can be accused without supporting evidence. This woman has done a terrible thing for future “llegit” rape victims.

      I think the Scam and Marshall incidents are much less significant than Pettway’s case because of the level of violence involved. The university should be ashamed for even allowing Pettway near the campus, much less giving him a scholarship….think of that, paying him to be there among the students. Damn!

      • Dog in Fla

        “This woman has done a terrible thing for future ‘legit’ rape victims.”

        FIFY: Delete “This woman” and replace with “Law enforcement”

        “This is criminal investigation 101, it seems to me. It’s a real failure,” said Samuel Walker, author and emeritus professor of criminal justice at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. “The question in my mind is: Are they incompetent or was this willful?”

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Let me give my prediction on what is going to happen vis a vis young Mr. Winston. He is going to get sued by the victim who will then use the court’s subpoena power to take depositions and conduct a judicially-supervised investigation (for the first time) of those involved and the police investigators. What will come out will cause the Florida Attorney General to order the criminal case against Winston to be reopened, probably with a Special Prosecutor. Winston will cop a plea, maybe have to serve some jail time, but still be eligible for the NFL where he will play, probably for many years. The only reason the State’s Attorney in Tallahassee didn’t prosecute Winston was he has to run for re-election and if he caused Winston to be suspended from the BCSNCG, and FSU lost that game, the election would have been lost, too.The real loser in this will be the Heisman Trophy which takes another hit to its reputation and that of its winners and voters. Likely the Heisman will get stripped from Winston just like it was from OJ Simpson. I wish they would just stop awarding the damn thing because they almost never give it to someone who really deserves it. (See: Newton, Cam).

        • Macallanlover

          Pretty confused view you have of “right and wrong” on many subjects so it isn’t surprising you would look at placing the blame on law enforcement. I am not saying they were textbook, or perfect, but the accuser was pretty uncertain of her actions, or desires for over a month. I can understand the police and DA’s office not chasing every single false claim.

          My concern is they get it right. I don’t care if OJ’s Scheme Team won an acquittal, they screwed justice by the tactic they used, and what Idiot Ito allowed them to do. That was wrong, and the evidence was ignored while we put every miniscule half step by law enforcement under the microscope on trial then while ignoring overwhelming evidence that a double murderer was slipping back into society. And I don’t care if we need to change procedure and protocol in the Tallahassee PD and FSU PD, but don’t allow false charges to drag on when there is no evidence to justify a false claim, or refute her unusual actions on that night.

          • Macallanlover

            At the same time, if evidence comes forth to show he was guilty, don’t hesitate to lock him up immediately and prosecute him ASAP. I don’t feel the scales of justice have been level on this case since the media blew this up in November and it is time for him to be given the benefit of the doubt until something indicates otherwise. Not saying this is playing out in her favor, or will end well for her, but she has been shielded while he has been ripped publicly by many for no reason at all that I can see, except the poor judgment of youth.

            • This is so trite! Women who claim to be rape victims sure do get a lot of attention paid to their claim if the perp is a famous CF player. Then it always ends bad for them….Monica Lewinsky style… As Dave Chapelle said, if you are going to become famous for doing what she did, it might as we’ll be with the most powerful man in America! Why can’t we All just do what we do best. I do not give a sugar honey iced tea about your personal activities if I do not know you. That is between you GOD and the law of the land.

            • Dog in Fla

              Seriously, Meggs is not going to prosecute. No one else is either. If she was sexually battered, what about the scales of justice for her? Don’t you think from her perspective that she thinks this is not playing out in her favor and that she has been ripped publically and laughed at by law enforcement for no reason at all? Her life has been disrupted, not his.


              • She brought this on herself! Maybe some greedy people prompted her to do this. I do not know, but I. Still say… You go out drinking with a bunch of CF football players…. What do you expect to happen. I would like to see a picture. Of her when she went out that night. Again, “Just because, I am dressed like a prostitute, does not mean that I am a prostitute”. Dave Chapelle.

                • You really need to drop this. It’s incredibly offensive.

                • JonDawg

                  The Senator is completely right, you are doing a disservice to the victim (yes, the details smell of a cover-up) and any future victims. Women can’t associate with guys, dress certain ways, and if any at all happens, must be the girl’s fault.. Sounds a little Islamic , to me..

                  • I have been ask to drop this by Bluto. It is his blog, and as his guest, I will. As a woman who has been around CF players and Pro FB players all my life, you would not believe how many women I Have seen come out of the woodwork with these allegations. I know this … Ninety percent are like false injury claims, but hey a girls gotta make a living.

                    • None of which is relevant in the slightest to the matter you were discussing as a matter of fact.

                      And by the way, I wasn’t asking.

                    • JonDawg

                      I know, I know, and there are absolutely NO corrupt cops/politicians, NO history of firemen/women turning out to be arsonists, etc. People in powerful positions (some real, some perceived..) NEVER take advantage of a he said/she said situation, and should be given all of the benefit of doubt as we can all muster, those poor, entitled individuals.. You most likely can relate, seeing you are to be held in such *high* esteem as a “woman who has been around CF players and Pro FB players all my life…” No one should ever feel like the laws of which we are all governed by, can’t/won’t protect them. We all have opinions, but to suggest she “brought it on herself!”, without even a sniff at the obvious irregularities of the investigation, is just a disgusting continuation of victim blaming.

          • Dog in Fla

            “Pretty confused view you have of ‘right and wrong’ on many subjects so it isn’t surprising you would look at placing the blame on law enforcement.”

            That means so much to me!

            “My concern is they get it right.”

            Strange view you have of what ‘my concern is they get it right’ means when you blame the woman rather than law enforcement for not doing an investigation.

            OJ was nullification by jury. At least there was an investigation.

            “but don’t allow false charges to drag on when there is no evidence to justify a false claim, or refute her unusual actions on that night.”

            How do you know whether it’s a false charge, a false claim or that her actions were unusual? You don’t. And except for those directly involved, nobody else does either. Why? Because there was no investigation.

    • I know like performance enhancing drugs. If you take them you should be gone, right?

  6. Dog in Fla

    As a completely innocent bystander in the transition from a “horrible decision” to a “university decision” rarely if ever does Nick feel shattered

  7. Tim

    As I said before, its clear that Saban’s standards for behavior depend on talent levels. He’s a fraud with his Process crap.

  8. I do not blame anyone. Blame it on Cain, it just seems to be his turn. Just like everyone here, I have an opinion. I think we all know what that is worth.

  9. Always Someone Else's Fault

    So… let me see if I have this straight.

    Man who commits an act that within the hour has a woman in a police station: victim.
    Woman who went to the police station: criminal.
    Coach who cuts football players for football-related deficiencies: evil.

    Got it.