In related news, General Francisco Franco is still dead.

With any luck, they won’t hire a new offensive coordinator in Gainesville until the week of the Orange and Blue game.

It’s hard to believe Boom can’t land somebody with a sales pitch like this:

With Florida’s base of talent and deep pockets, the OC job remains attractive. After all, before Pease, Florida’s three previous offensive coordinators — Dan Mullen, Steve Addazio and Charlie Weis — left for head coaching jobs.



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19 responses to “In related news, General Francisco Franco is still dead.

  1. BMan

    They may need to have an Xbox tournament to identify candidates.


  2. The other Doug

    The Gators are going to spin it, but Helton was their guy. It looks like he played them for a better deal at USC.

    Obviously, there is a Santa Claus.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    I understand Boom has had conversations with Mack Brown, who has had a new birth of enthusiasm after looking at the performance of the last two or three Florida OC’s.


  4. stoopnagle

    Everyday, we’re closer to Lane Kiffin & Will Muschamp on the same sideline.


    • Comin' Down The Track

      Oh, man. That just gave me goose bumps. I’m not sure if was the good kind or the kind you get right before/after you barf… a lot.


  5. PatinDC

    But I thought UF was the best job in the country?


  6. Macallanlover

    Hard to believe there is any chance they will wait until that late to make a selection. Forget the recruiting impact, they can survive that, but not even beginning to put the pieces in place until after Spring practice for a unit that has been their downfall recently? That alone would make you wonder about Boom and/or Foley’s competence. Fingers crossed but I think this is just making it appear they aren’t panicky and actually have a plan.


  7. Dog in Fla

    “The UF coaching staff has told offensive recruits across the board that the new coordinator will bring an up-tempo system with some elements of the spread.”

    It’s almost but not quite like another Groundhog Day in The Gator Nation:

    “Florida head coach Will Muschamp was reportedly blindsided by the news that Charlie Weis was accepting the head coaching position at Kansas…. ‘I’m excited to join the University of Florida football family and The Gator Nation,’ Pease said….Coach Muschamp and I share a lot of the same philosophies so this was a perfect fit. I want to be multiple in our offensive formations and have a balanced attack with tempo. I firmly believe in being fundamentally sound and red-zone efficient. I want to develop our players in a pro-style offense that can help them at the next level. ”


  8. uglydawg

    “It’s almost but not quite like another Groundhog Day in The Gator Nation:”


  9. uglydawg

    Someone should spoof a video of Muschamp and his lieutenants singing “I’ve Got You, Babe” sweetly to one another.


  10. Will Trane

    Saying Helton will be retained is one thing and having him under a contract is another. The Gator list is impressive. Their AD will not make the same mistake like they did with the last two.


  11. Mudcats Impala...

    My insider says….

    It appears that Jeremy Foley is telling Muschump he can’t hire Lane Kiffin as OC… So far Clay Helton and Mike Norvell played the UF card for big raises to stay at UCLA and Az. State, and Blake Anderson (UNC OC) used UF to get a better offer to become HC at Arky State.
    Looks like Tim Beck, who is laying an egg at Nebraska, will be the next best choice to join Muschump as he goes down the toilet after another dismal season in 2014.
    Meanwhile Kerwin Bell is comfy at Jacksonville University and just waiting for mamma Florida to call him home.


  12. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Could it be that the FU OC prospects see the handwriting on the wall for Boom and don’t want to jump onto a sinking ship?


  13. Corch

    I’m just happy to see that the society of SORG (Sons of Ray Goff) is doing well…so many branches on the corching tree!