Big position change in the secondary!

Garrison Smith clues us in about how the Dawgs intend to cope with the suspensions for the bowl game:

Smith did find one way to inject some light humor into the situation.

“Coach is talking about finally moving me to safety,” said Smith, who is listed at 6-foot-3 and 299-pounds. “So I’m excited about that. I’ll be able to come downhill a little bit.”


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36 responses to “Big position change in the secondary!

  1. gastr1

    Love me some Garrison Smith. That guy is a DGD.

  2. BackDowntoEarth

    He would need a waiver of the targeting rule since he would more than likely decapitate someone IF her were to make said contact.

  3. That would be quite a sight to see him coming on a safety blitz! It might take him a while to get there though. 🙂

    I do love Smith, it’s a shame it took injuries to other guys last year for him to actually start seeing playing time. I’m hoping Grantham will continue to sub more going forward like he did this year. Garrison should have been a regular part of the rotation long before he actually was.

    • Note – not trying to hijack this into a thing bitching about Grantham. Just trying to emphasize how much I like Garrison and just wish I’d seen even more of him during his career. DGD!

      • Dog in Fla

        It has been conclusively determined that bitching about Grantham has absolutely no effect whatsoever on him. Or even on CMR who from time to time has his people discretely check into GTP for special team advice and treatment but once they do, they can never leave so he has to replace them.

  4. JAX

    Cute comment but I don’t find the suspensions very funny. Matter of fact, I find them frustrating since a player has to almost try to fail a class given the amount of support he recieves from the athletic department. If he is falling behind, all he has to do is raise his hand and say “I need help”.

    • Macallanlover

      I don’t think Garrison was making light of the suspensions, just indicating that he didn’t feel the sky was falling and we had to move on and find a way to get the job done. The comments in that interview that did cause concern for me was his speaking of how JHC had to grow up. I may be wrong in my interpretation but the wording he used made me think this was not about grades and was more about the lesson who should have already learned from past experiences. That is much more ominous and I hope I am being too pessimistic.

      • No, I think you understood it right. That’s the word I’ve had about JHC, and that was before whatever this incident is.

        He certainly played like he didn’t have his head together on the field. We won’t miss him at Nickel (Star), his body of work just hasn’t been impressive. We’ve been better with Swann there anyway, and my guess is that’s what we’ll see, with Wiggins and Langley outside.

        The worst thing about it is that puts Moore at SS. Never a good thing. The poor job of roster planning that’s mentioned by some here really shows up when you have one or two guys out. And it’s not that those guys are great players – they aren’t. It’s just a lack of any real depth.

  5. GossDawg

    Gonna miss the big guy!
    Hopefully he’ll play on Sundays.

  6. Nate Dawg

    That’s some awesomesauce right there. I appreciate the humor, but I do fear the lack of motivation for this team for this game, save maybe Mason’s.

    • I hate to admit it, but as we sit right here, I honestly don’t care if we win or not. All I care about is Hutson getting another game’s worth of reps under his belt, and no major injuries.

      Now I’m sure once the game kicks off and the alcohol starts going in, I’ll be invested in the game like normal. But as of right now, I can honestly say that those two things are all I care about for the bowl game.

      But I promise that if the team comes out and starts the game flat, I won’t be hypocritical and come on here complaining that the team wasn’t ready to play. 🙂

      • Nate Dawg

        Yeah, I’m thinkin it’ll be like tech, come out flat and go down @ 2 scores early. And I’m thinkin’ Brasker will be a lil tougher to overcome than tech. So it could lead to an exciting finish – or a boring loss.
        But as of right now..I’m havin a hard time gettin’ fored up myself. Bring on the cold ones I suppose.

      • Bazooka Joe

        I disagree…. granted we beat them last year, but in our only other meeting prior to last year they whupped us but good (something like 55-0). So I am ready to open a can on them, maybe this will get you in the spirit….


    I can’t get interested about playing Nebraska again in a meaningless middle tier bowl. Here’s no no injuries.

  8. DawgByte

    My early 2014 prediction:

    JHC goes 3/3, gets the boot and transfers to AU. In 2016 he wins the Heisman for AU in a season where he wins three last play games by batting the ball down.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Nope. He may leave school, maybe even transfer to Auburn, but JHC is a serial screw-up who will hurt any team he plays for much more than he helps. He’s got a lot of talent but we have all seen guys with lots of talent who keep screwing up time after time until they blow it completely and not just at UGA. (See: Crowell, Isiah; Easley, Washaun; Clarett, Maurice, etc.) I hope I’m wrong but fear that I am right.

  9. Scorpio Jones, III

    Reckon Garrison knows how to knock the ball down? 🙂

    How many more times, Oh Lord, am I gonna see that damn play between now and the national championship game

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Get used to it–and not just between now and the BCSNCG. You are going to see that play video replayed forever–on Auburn’s JumboTron, on TV sports shows, at anything about Auburn football particularly if it involves the University of Georgia. That play is their version of Herschel Walker running over Bill Bates, except in their case it was our guy screwing up rather than making a great play like Herschel did.

      • Dog in Fla

        With all due respect to hizzoner, the Ricardo Louis juggling act of catching a ball thrown behind him on a ricochet was a great play.

        I recall an interview in which he said that the crowd was so quiet he could hear the ball as it was being deflected so he looked around and there it was.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          DIF, that’s a great play to you? “I looked around and there it was.” To Louis/Auburn it was all luck–just don’t drop it. To UGA it was a screw-up of epic proportions by someone who we are now discovering to be a serial screw-up artist.

          • Dog in Fla

            He wasn’t making a big deal out of it, I was. I had to go back to the film to study it again in fast and slow mo because you think it’s routine just to make sure we’re talking about the same play and this is what I found: He’s hauling ass, Marshall underthrows (no surprise), ball goes into Tray’s hands for an int, receiver goes right, JHC runs into Tray, ball b/c of its forward momentum and JHC/Trey bounces forward to the right, receiver hears it because crowd is silent (home court advantage), looks back, sees it, juggles it to gain control while running, scores. Yeah, to me that was a great catch. Heck, Verne thought so too, “for just a fraction of a second, I don’t think Ricardo Louis even saw the ball,” which was a miracle because Verne remembered the name the spotter gave him. Even Gary agreed


      • Bazooka Joe

        Thats their version of Lindsey Scott….

  10. Will Trane

    JHC never does anything alone. The tipped pass on the plains. 2 suspensions involing him and another player. He did take credit fo his miscue on the plains. But this guy fails to learn a cardinal rule in sports…”if you keep makin the same mistake, guess what? you ge the same damn mistake. So stop.

    • Are you implying that JHC and Dawson conspired to fail classes together? 🙂

      Let’s don’t get too down on the guy yet. Some guys take a little longer to mature than others. Of course, some never do. But I’m still optimistic on JHC’s future.

  11. Will Trane

    JHC. On the roster but resides about 4 positions down on the depth chart. Never release him from his scholarhips if possible. List on roster but position code is “PS”, permanently suspended”.

  12. E dawg

    He should have been in more seccg and also Herrera what a joke.

  13. Careful Brad

    Before we completely bury JHC for the Auburn play don’t forget about his INT that set up the game tying field goal against tech. Hopefully he gets his grades up and we see more of the latter in the future.

  14. JRW7

    Rumor is it might not be his grades?

  15. americusdawg

    Garrison Smith going “downhill” on a running back and/or receiver … priceless !!!

  16. Ron

    One of the better special teams coaches is available. Hire him….please