Of course he is, bless his heart.

They can’t get this season over fast enough for me.


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  1. The Tick

    AUGGHHHHH!! maybe he jinxed himself with that “quote of the day” that has been up, lo these many days

  2. uglydawg

    This bowl game may very well be a picture of what’s to come with the playoff system. By that I mean this….”They can’t get this season over with fast enough for me”….we can’t enjoy the game for worrying about injuries.A lot of us fans are focused on next year’s promise and are down-right paranoid about injuries. Suppose next year Georgia clinches the SEC East and then has to play the NATS and risk a key injury before the SECCG. We’ll all be saying “They can’t get this over with fast enough”….”Bench Gurley..Get the back-up QB some quality time…etc. The game will mean a little less than it has before…when losing it would have killed your chances in the BCSCS..
    I’m personally looking forward to playing Nebraska on NYD but I’m worried with Spring Practice coming on the horizon.
    Admitttedly the other side of this coin is the competitive nature of the game and it’s participants (and fans). Nobody wants to lose and nobody would want a NC with loss to the nerds as a footnote in the record book. But I need therapy right now…I am so paranoid about injuries.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      It is nice to read somebody who understands the major problem with our wonderful new playoff system…injuries.

      And, if a key player goes down at the end of the season, like Murray, for instance, this will have to impact our chances to get into the playoffs.

      The committee can read, one would assume, even if all of them may not understand what they are reading.

      As long as the current scholarship limits are in place, only the teams who push the envelope with numbers can win late.


    Just play the scout team. Yes this bowl is meaningless.

  4. Bright Idea

    Gone are the days when ankle sprains and such are treated by the trainer with the primary goal of getting back on the field ASAP, even at 80%. Now they have to be 120%, no chance of reinjury, + 1 more game out. You just can’t have too much depth which is difficult to develop with tight games and limited practice time.

  5. Ben

    Poor guy. My wife has developed quite a crush on Chris Conley, and seeing yesterday that he also played the piano was just too much for her. So, of course this happened to him.

  6. UFTimmy

    Seasons being over isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

  7. With regards to injuries I wonder if we won’t rue the day the playoff system was put into place. I hope Gurley can stay healthy. A lot of pounding on your go to back. I’ve often thought that Gurley was a lot like McGahee. Same size and runs the 100 meter at the same speed maybe a little faster. Just a great back with a little more polish on his blocking the sky is the limit for this DGD.

  8. Yes, I want to get on with next season. If anything happens to anyone in this bowl game….. My blood pressure will go sky high.

  9. Bob

    Think about how much one game is costing Auburn and FSU fans. Then think about doing it twice. And if some playoff nuts have their way, 3 times and more could be the charm.

    Hope Conley can make it back…one classy young man.

    • GaskillDawg

      Yep. You put your finger on the ignored constituency – the fans who actually buy tickets and travel to the games. The travel costs dwarf the exorbitant ticket prices. The playoff is for the barcalounger fans. As long as there is a studio audience ESPN doesn’t care for the participating teams ‘ fans.

  10. Coastal Dawg

    I saw him with the other players at the team function last night. He wasn’t limping, on crutches or anything like that. CC was very upbeat, signed some autographs and took pictures.

    I could be wrong, but this doesn’t seem that serious.

  11. Normaltown Mike

    Let’s just hope that a sharknado doesn’t descend upon Jax.

  12. heytogoober

    Don’t let those boys anywhere near woods nor weeds … one of ’em might get snakebit!

  13. Cojones

    If you sit around and worry about the next snakebite, you’ll never go back into the woods.

    Look, folks, there ain’t no science about getting snakebit. Shit happens. It began happening to FU much before the season started and has nothing to do with games played. You can’t sit around worrying like a wuss. You have to wait until kickoff (like I do).

    • Ya know … I thought that Filipina gal of yours would have schooled you better?
      just sayin’
      Bites by the Philippine cobra (Naja naja philippinensis): an important cause of death among rice farmers.
      Watt G, Padre L, Tuazon ML, Hayes CG.
      Author information

      We investigated mortality from cobra (Naja naja philippinensis) bite among Filipino rice farmers. Village records in one area were examined and we conducted a careful survey in this and two additional areas among inhabitants at varying risk for snakebite. The death rate from cobra bite was estimated to be as high as 107.1 deaths per 100,000 population per year at one site. Most victims were young (median age 17) and 98% were males. Only 8% of the victims studied reached a hospital. The confirmed death rate averaged 53.8/100,000 for the three populations.

      • I have been given the highest dosage of The Bushmaster Rattle Snake Venom as homeopathic therapy. So, I’m snake bit and feeling better all the time.

      • Macallanlover

        I recall a US Today stat several years ago, average number of deaths in the US from snakebites was 7 per year…seven. That is less than lightning deaths. 32 killed by deer a year, and around 15 from dog attacks, if I recall. I am sure on the deer and snake numbers but only remember the deaths from dogs being between the two. Not near enough risk of death to justify the fear of snakes expressed.

        • Ben

          Maybe, though, that’s why the number of deaths is so low, because folks are suspicious and careful of them. Just sayin’.

          • Macallanlover

            True, beware that mean old deer though! I have always thought I would die of a heart attack if bitten by a snake…poisonous or not. Do as I say, not as I do.

            • Ausdawg85

              Old joke: Mac and his buddy walking in the woods when Mac gets bit in the ass by a poisonous snake. His buddy calls a doctor who tells him to suck the venom out of the wound. Buddy turns to Mac who asks, “what did the Doc say?” Mac’s buddy replies, “your gonna die”.

              • Macallanlover

                Backside wasn’t where I heard the bite was located, but this will do for a family blog. Now if the bite were going to cause swelling…….

                • While canoeing I got bit by a young copper head and it definitely causes a swell…..near my elbow.😉 I had a airedale terrier that was struck first in the front of his mouth by same snake. It was a senior citizen Jack Russel that rounded the snake up and dispatched it on the bank. We bagged it and took it with us to the hospital and vet. The dog stayed over night and there was some loss of tissue around the his lip and muzzle. I had some swelling but since I got bit second not as bad. Makes you good and sick though. In spite of that experience I bear no malice toward snakes and do my best to give them space when I come across one.

  14. I have suspected this all along.

  15. mg4life0331

    Can we blame Russ?