Today, in actions speak louder

Maybe you heard that Zamir White has been medically cleared for practice.  As Kirby put it, “He’s not going to be limited in any way.”

That, of course, led to the inevitable comparison with Nick Chubb’s recovery.  ($$)

“It reminded me of Nick, the way he attacked it,” Nauta said. “Zamir’s the same type of guy, quieter, just went to work, got his knee right, and really got healthy quick. He’s cleared, he’s been running around, cutting. He looks pretty good.”

“Quieter”?  The only way White could be quieter than Chubb is if he were a mute.  LOL.


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13 responses to “Today, in actions speak louder

  1. Derek

    This kid is a beast.


  2. JAX

    It’s a two year full recovery for the collegiate athlete, regardless of who you are. Adrian Peterson’s rebound was miraculous and Chubb and Lumpkin were amazingly fast, but both took a full 24 months or so to completely heal.


    • White’s injury is closer to what Gurley & Murray sustained than what Chubb did based on what Kirby said yesterday (Kirby said Zeus was completely different from Nick). If he attacked his rehab the way Gurley did (based on Kirby’s remarks, it appeared so), I expect to see him on the field at some point in September. Kirby said the only thing is for Zamir to trust the knee especially with the brace on.

      With today’s medical technology and training, I wouldn’t compare Lumpkin’s recovery to an ACL tear sustained today (not meant as a knock on Lumpkin just the reality of what today’s sports medicine professionals can do with an injury considered career threatening 15 years ago).


    • Biggen

      It depends upon the severity. Gurley won Rookie of the Year in the NFL right after tearing his ACL in the Auburn game at UGA just the year before.

      Chubb’s injury was bad. From all accounts, it was a very severe knee injury.


  3. Brandon

    Ha, I think what he was saying is that they are both quieter types of kids, but it can certainly be read as saying he is quieter than Chubb, which is, based on everything we have been told about Chubb, virtually impossible.


  4. Biggen

    In that QB1 series, was it Zamir that showed his ass a bit at the beginning of one of the episodes with Jake Fromm when they were at a banquet. Or was that Malik??



    All I have heard about Zeus’s is he’s the best back to come out of high school in the lastb10 years. I’m sure they will break him in slowly.

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    • A couple of people I know in NC high school coaching circles believe he will be better than Gurley if healthy.

      I need to go take a shower now.


      • Macallanlover

        Heard the same from one of the all-time winningest coaches in NC high school history, who saw him several times and coached him in al all-star game. I have no way to judge the level of competition they each faced, but from the HS film I saw on both, Zeus looked better. He is powerful and explosive. Also, from all accounts he is a high quality young man, and as unselfish/humble as Chubb was.

        I agree with your comment above about the extended period of time before we see all that he is got to offer. His knee may be healed 100%, but the cuts aren’t ever as sharp the first 15 months or so. Fortunately, we don’t have to rely on him to play a major role early on so he can ease his way into this comeback without having being needed to carry a heavy load (20+ carries). UGA is developing quite a reputation of not utilizing a feature back but distributing the carries to 2-3 key backs. May be the key reason so many top RBs like playing in Athens despite having so many 4&5 star studs on the roster at the time they commit.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    We need Zeus to recover. Three 4-star RBs and one 3-star RB isn’t enough!


  7. Derek

    I was at the fan appreciation day today and the most impressive guy out there was Zamir, brace and all. Dude is special.