Corch takes the wheel.

Here we go.

Well, I was wrong.

No, not about him lying at Big Ten media days that he didn’t know anything about what happened with the Smiths in 2015.  Or about being a sanctimonious bullshitter.  Or about not going without a fight.

Not even about having to throw somebody under the bus to save his ass.

But I got the somebody wrong.  I figured he would talk his loyal wife into taking one for the team in the name of plausible deniability.  Instead, his story now is that he followed the usual protocols when he learned of it and reported it “to the proper channels”, i.e. his boss at Ohio State.  So it’s Gene Smith, instead, who’s smelling the diesel exhaust fumes up close and personal.

Now there’s a lot there that doesn’t pass the smell test, particularly the fiction he invents about why he wasn’t honest at Big Ten media days.  Regardless, Corch wants his job or in the alternative every penny he’s got coming under his contract and he just served notice he won’t go quietly.

The big issue now is whether there’s a paper trail with the higher ups at Ohio State.  If there really is, Urban ain’t the only one who’ll be shown the door.  You get the feeling this won’t end pretty for somebody.


UPDATE:  Zach Smith is backing Urban’s play.

The inevitable official statement coming from Ohio State is going to make for an interesting read.



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  1. Derek

    Interesting. So he’s saying he knew and did something about it but just decided to lie to the media rather than go through those details. Seems it’s 🍿 time.


    • gastr1

      What’s funny, though, is that covering your boss’s ass is in public kind of expected in many jobs.


    • Anonymous

      That entire strategy will work if everyone keeps their lies straight. If everyone maintains that Urban et al was trying to “protect” Smith’s wife by lying at B1G Media Days and afterwards, they can cover it all up. They can claim that Urban knew of and reported the 2015 incident. That in 2015 we had not yet entered the #metoo era and that Smith was allowed to keep his job after agreeing to counseling (aka a cash payment in 2018) since the charges were dropped. The firing was for violating that agreement with the incident back in July. Everyone, and I mean everyone, would have to stick to the idea that everything was to protect Smith’s wife from media scrutiny. The real question is if their attorneys are good enough to plan everyone’s response to every question each person could be asked.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Shorter Corch: I can shovel a load of self serving excrement, but I’m hiding behind the veneer of the investigation to avoid answering questions. The whole letter can be disregarded except the last sentence of the sixth paragraph.


  3. If Corch reported it and no one did anything about it, he should have blown the whistle or resigned. To allow this guy to stay on the staff is garbage. #top1%oftop1%


  4. Greg

    Gonna get some popcorn & enjoy this. The only couple of schools I would enjoy more would be TN & Notre Dame. Can hear the Finebaum callers now…….”he’s a perpetrator, PAWL….a perpetrator”


  5. Reipar

    If it is true he reported it then he is off the hook. If you tell your boss of the allegation and they determine not an issue you did your job.


  6. MDDawg

    “If you ordered Santiago not to be touched, and your orders are always followed, then why was he being transferred?”

    If Meyer reported it up the chain at Ohio St, then why would Ohio St suspend him during the (2nd?) investigation? Why wouldn’t they just release that information? And if they investigated it in 2015 and found nothing, why was Zach Smith terminated now?


  7. Uglydawg

    Best to wait on the facts. Things are often not as they seem. We’ll see.


    • Coondawg

      If you Facebook, look up Brett McMurphy. He broke the story and 11 hours later Zach is fired. But, he has the whole story on his timeline and it’s brutal.


    • ChiliDawg

      Sometimes things are exactly as they seem. And when a woman has bruises and marks all over her, it’s almost always EXACTLY what it seems.


  8. Athens Dog

    Twitter is exploding with condemnation. Seems like he is looking for money vs. keeping his job.


  9. Mike Cooley

    I hate that this woman has to deal with what she had to deal with. But if this can do long term serious damage to “the” Ohio State University then sorry I g good came from it.


  10. DoubleDawg1318

    There’s also a new video out about how he mistreated players at UF. Not sure I completely buy it, but it could be another thing he has to answer for.


  11. Mike Cooley

    I have a sick feeling this dick head is going to work his way out of this. I can see his smug, arrogant face as he lectures everyone on integrity as he remains head coach. I hope I’m wrong.


  12. Carolinacanine

    I was actually eating popcorn when I saw this post. Can’t wait until the next episode.


  13. AusDawg85

    Ahh..the old lying about lying strategy. Good choice Corch. Can sometimes work.


  14. MooseDawg

    “They (OSU) handled it exactly how they should have handled it. The police alerted them. They investigated it, and there were no criminal charges.”

    How is it there were “no criminal charges”…because miraculously Corch’s Henchman and her husband’s Grandad (Earle Bruce-Former OSU Head Coach) “informed” her of the damage a criminal complaint would do to Zach’s career.

    Nice Try


  15. Smith is covering for Meyer hoping good ole Urban will help him get another job later. While Ohio State sits back wringing their hands hoping it works. The real sad part is the media will be the ones to determine if it does.


  16. RangerRuss

    And there it is 92. I want Kirby to call Time Out with less than a minute to go so CUM can look at the scoreboard and squirm like the worm he is.


  17. Ozam

    You have to love how OSU has impaneled a six person fact-finding committee to investigate the allegations…three from the school and three outsiders. SIX??? I can only imagine the logic, or lack thereof, behind the size.

    This so reminded me of Mike Leach’s hysterical rant on how college football loves them a committee!


  18. UGA '97

    Urb gone.
    Shelley gone.
    School ain’t gonna pay. (dig into the careers of the folks on the “investigation panel”)

    Now the million dollar question is how much does Herbstreit want to pay Urb?


  19. This is the defense? “I knew about it, reported it, did not act on it, and randomly lied about my knowledge of it to everyone until today?” Maybe this is just me, but I would have opted for the “I did not know shit…my wife did not tell me anything” defense. This must go deep with papers attached. His goose is cooked.


  20. BMan

    I just love how Urban Meyer released a statement at virtually the same time that Zach (I was just restraining her) Smith is doing an interview. I’m sure that’s not a coordinated effort at all. The sleazy pricks. Meyer appears to be doing everything he can to save his job or, in case he’s fired, make sure that his contract gets paid out.


  21. Minnesota Dawg

    In addition to most of the good comments above, I have to wonder what the police aspect of this 2015 incident. The police “notified” who?…Meyer and Gene Smith, I guess…but yet it remains a secret within the football program. Hmmm, I have a sneaking suspicion that there might just be a “hot line” between Columbus/local police to the football offices where certain police matters are kept secret and handled “internally.” Basically the same way things were handled under Fulmer in Knoxville, Paterno in State College…..


  22. JasonC

    We’re probably being too hard on Corch. Remember, he has a heart condition that causes him lapses in judgment and honestly.


  23. Best case : there’s even more shit to come down, further disgraced, and pretty much goes away from CFB forever.

    Worst case: he is able to cling to the toilet bowl, crawl out, and he’s right back in the Big 10 champ game.

    Likely case: he’s gone from OSU but able to save enough of his rep, and find a new CFB home where he can still be a cock that wins games.


  24. objective football fan

    check out this article in the Columbus Dispatch. Sounds like local media trying to provide air cover for Meyer…ready to throw AD under the bus to keep Coach.


    • There is zero division in Columbus Ohio- it’s all about Buckeyes football.I didn’t take the time to register to read article but I wouldn’t expect anything but defending Urban/the football team.


  25. Hogbody Spradlin

    It doesn’t surprise me at all, and fits the Corch caricature, that he is attempting to shift blame to Athletic Director Gene Smith. It further wouldn’t surprise me if Corch did this without consulting Gene at all. Start with the assumption that whatever Corch says is pure bullshit, made up from whole cloth. Add his probable feeling that he has more juice than Gene Smith. Simmer and voila, one expendable athletic director takes fall for winning coach.


    • Dolly Llama

      I think you’re spot-on here. It should be provable if AD Smith reached out to Assistant Coach Smith in 2015. Seems like the whole thing will hinge on that question. If AD Smith never made that call, and can truthfully say he doesn’t know what the fuck Corch is talking about … it’s already a shitshow, but that would be a shitshow squared. If AD Smith did make the call, he’ll be summarily dismissed, and it’ll be back to business for the Bucknuts.


  26. Junkyardawg41

    Ego. Ego gets you in trouble faster than anything else. UM should have recognized a potential future problem. He could have helped Smith find employment elsewhere. Either he didn’t because of blind loyalty to the Smith family or because he thought he was UM and could do anything. When you are making millions and you really only have a handful of employees, there the reality those employees represent you and the university. Urban may have followed procedure to the letter but the opinion of the public is that you allowed a wife beater to remain on your staff. Ego.


  27. NCDawg

    Waiting to hear Courtney Smith’s reply to UM response.