“Let me be very clear. I’m just hoping the coach doesn’t dismiss me.”

If there’s one thing you can say about Corch and Ohio State, it’s that they’re a good fit for each other.


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  1. Urban Meyer should be fired today for not firing Smith in 2015. Change Urban Meyer to Kirby Smart and Smith to one of our assistants, and I would say exactly the same thing.


    • Biggus Rickus

      I agree, and I still think there’s a better than 50% chance it will happen, but it’s discouraging by how many people are talking about a suspension and don’t seem all that disturbed by it.

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    • AusDawg85

      He should have fired the AD Gene Smith. THE OSU Way.

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    • atlasshrugged55

      The “win at all costs” mentality is outta hand. It’s sad when someone (Urban in this case) can justify keeping an asst w/ the issues that Zach Smith has on staff. All while good ‘ol Urban pontificates his integrity & high morale ground on the recruiting trail.

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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Ohio State should be a university the football team can be proud of.
    (h/t somebody from Oklahoma back in the 60’s)


  3. ASEF

    ADs are a dime a dozen. Guys with .800 win percentages are not. Dud Urban kill somebody in the presence of reporters who don’t use anonymous sources? No? Next.


  4. The other Doug

    There is one thing with Meyer’s side that doesn’t fit. He says he kicked it up the chain of command and Zach Smith says he was called home by Gene Smith. If both of these things are true, then Gene Smith is suspended and in risk of being fired, but Meyer is safe. Oh, his reputation takes another hit, but he has the documentation to cover his ass.

    There is something we are missing.


    • paul

      If these things are all true then yes, Meyer may be safe, as may his wife. But The Ohio State University may well have a serious Title IX problem. This could be a case where the coach escapes unscathed but the school does not.


      • JCDAWG83

        They’ll fire the AD and that will be the end of it. What sort of Title IX problem will the school have? Who will ask for more than firing the AD?

        I won’t be surprised if Meyer doesn’t even serve anything more than what he has already served. If it can be proven he told the AD, he did everything he was supposed to do.


      • Mayor

        Courtney Smith wasn’t a student. How is what an assistant coach does with his wife, however deplorable, a Title IX issue for the school? No snark here–I really want to know. Please explain.


        • I don’t know if it’s a Title IX issue or not, but I do know that Urban’s wife was aware and she is considered to be someone with a responsibility to report abuse.

          Whether that would get Urban fired can be debated, but the reality is that he hired a guy who had a history of violence against his wife. When the guy did it again, he didn’t fire Smith immediately and then lied about it in front of the media. Given the moral turpitude clauses that are typically in these contracts, that would be grounds for firing Urban for cause (if tOSU wanted to do that).


    • ChiliDawg

      Meyer has paraded his “core rules” as his moral high ground for years – insisting that violence against women is something he absolutely will not tolerate. Forget the Title IX implications – Meyer could have fired Smith at any point since 2009 knowing what he knew about him. It was his CHOICE to keep him on staff. That’s the real issue. He knew Zach Smith was beating his wife, and yet he remained in his employ, selling those same “standards of conduct” to players he was recruiting. And in some cases, putting the woman’s life in danger by having close friends pressure her to drop the charges so Zach wouldn’t have to lose his job. Meyer didn’t need the OSU AD to tell him to fire Smith. He could have done it at any time. But he didn’t. He protected the abuser.

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  5. Bulldog Joe

    Word on the street is Urban will suspend himself for the first half of the Oregon State, Rutgers, and Tulane games. 🙂

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  6. Macallanlover

    I would think the investigative group would consider the following regarding Urbie: 1) his background knowledge of 2009 Zach Smith when he alone chose to hire him at OSU, 2) his knowledge of the 2015 incident/claims which both his own words and all logic confirms, 3) his attempt to lie/cover up his knowledge of something amiss in 2015, and his handling of the “time to die bitch” situation as HC at FU. To pay someone $7MM a year to be the face of your university and disregard what that says about his character and judgement when juxtaposed against his “core values” as stated to players and media is just unacceptable if this group is honest with themselves, and true to their mission.

    There is no doubt Corch has not demonstrated a concern about violence against women, whether measured in 2009, 2015, or in the most recent month. Hiring Smith at Florida before 2009 is a mistake many could have made, rehiring him at ohio is very questionable at best, and not taking action in 2015 when evidence of another incident was presented to him is totally inexcusable. If you were concerned at all about his violent past, you would not give him the benefit of a doubt. To do so, puts him in a position of walking the campus grounds as a trusted person, much the same as Paterno did with Sandusky. It smells. Meyer is/was solely accountable for Smith’s presence, and he was probably the only person who knew all the background, and certainly the only one who knew that and was in a position to fire his direct report. To publicly lie about it 3 years later using an excuse that you weren’t sure what you could say about it says all you need to know about his character, and how far you can trust anything he says. He had fired a position coach days before the Big14 meeting, you didn’t think anyone would inquire about that? I managed a much, much larger salary base than Urban has, but I had no one making close to $7MM a year. If I had, I would certainly expect them to be better prepared to answer any question regarding their operation, especially knowing they were going to face questions about their actions well in advance. That employee would have been busted back, or dismissed, depending on how serious the issue was. And this situation is damned serious, it can/will damage your brand if not corrected.

    Fans and supporters can attempt to excuse him all they want, the university’s caretakers should not allow him to continue his employment. There is no excuse for tolerating what this situation represents, especially in 2018. How can you allow him to trot back out in front of the cameras to represent your school? Answer: you can’t; at least without expecting public ridicule. So why would you? Your school has survived the Woody Hayes and Jim Tressel firings for misdeeds, you are still doing OK in football, you will survive without this scumbag.


  7. Texas Dawg

    I fully expect him to somehow slither out of real trouble and to survive this. Others will wind up taking the fall for this. If there was nuclear Armageddon, the only things that would survive are cockroaches and Urban (same DNA).

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    • stoopnagle

      He’ll “resign for the good of OSU,” go underground until January, make the ESPN rounds as an analyst for the CFP, take the highest paying/prestige job that opens for ’19.


  8. ApalachDawg

    I don’t get it? If he followed protocol, why is he being suspended. If he didn’t follow protocol, why isn’t he going to be fired?

    Scenario – urban sends info to AD, AD reviews info, AD calls Urban and says we need to let this idiot go, Urban says no. Idiot gets to stay. Oh but urban followed protocol.


    • This “followed protocol” defense on which every Meyer defender is hanging his hat seems a bit too convenient and beside the point. Does it even matter what the protocol was?

      Who gives a shit about protocol and procedure if such protocol only serves to (1) pass the buck to someone with lesser power and knowledge AND/OR (2) keep unsavory news about the program secret AND/OR (3) provide a technical defense for winning football coaches when the shit hits the fan.

      At the very least, we know that Meyer knew about 2009 and 2015 incidents Also, we know that he played a role in persuading Courtney Smith not to press charges for the first incident. We know that Meyer can hire and fire assistants, and he twice hired Zach Smith and twice failed to fire him after these allegations became known to him. These factors suggest that Meyer should be fired, regardless of “protocol” or what happens to Gene Smith.

      Perhaps Gene Smith should be fired for not taking action after the 2015 allegations were known to him…but he seems far less culpable and knowledgable than Meyer regarding Zach Smith’s history. And no one could credibly argue that it was Gene Smith calling the shots with regard to the hiring and firing of Meyer’s assistants.


  9. TimberRidgeDawg

    We’ll handle it and its going to be a big deal.


    • Pope Urban Meyer Jr

      You’re a bad guy, man. If we were face to face, we’d be going at it right now.

      This will forever be in my mind.


  10. Did anyone else notice “O-I-H-O”?