Scatological Saban

C’mon, peeps.  Nick’s got it a lot tougher than we give him credit for.  Just ask the man.

For the record, I don’t think ‘Bama just shits out another player.  They save that for coaches.


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    Give Saban credit he tells it like it is.


  2. Macallanlover

    From the guy who added “rat poison” to the CFB dialogue comes “bear scat”. But he was spot on with both comments. Like him or not, he is all over the details, fortunately Kirby was paying attention. Very little escapes either one as they pull the correct levers, we can all look forward to many more significant match ups between these two programs.

    Given them their just due, the last two games were colosso finishes coming down to the last 5 seconds with the winner claiming the MNC The first was them getting a deserved win as the better team, one that almost got upset, the last was on January 8th with them pulling an upset and stealing one from UGA. Game 3 should be in early December, 2018, although it doesn’t appear on either program’s schedule. Should be another doozy, expect both coaches/teams to be well prepared.


    • Jim

      Did you forget about 2015? As much as I’ve tried to block that rainy day from my memory I still have nightmares about Derek Henry breaking thru our line and our punter getting one blocked for a TD


      • Macallanlover

        Yeah, my bad, once that monsoon came in late that week I blocked everything afterwards. Lost our home field advantage, fans would have drowned by just opening their mouth. I will stick to the nail biters, but now have it marked down, we owe them a blowout sometime in the near future. 🙂


        • Mayor

          The national championship game last season could have been that blowout, or at least a convincing win, but the refs let Bama back in the game and Bama seized the opportunity.


    • ATL Dawg

      I don’t blame you for forgetting the 2015 game.


  3. ApalachDawg

    Preach on darth Vader


  4. McTyre

    The next press conference could present a new product placement for the Coca Cola Co. Is there a laxative-based soft drink in their product portfolio? Squirt still on the market? PepsiCo swoop in with Mountain Doo or Dr. Pooper?


    • Trbodawg

      Isn’t Mr. Pibb supposed to contain Prune juice?


      • 92 grad

        Pibb and Dr Pepper are both drinks flavored by prune juice. Obviously I doubt they use any real juice but the prune is the core flavor source. I always call it dr pooper but I’m usually the only one that gets the joke.


  5. Joel Spencer Holmes

    Nope, neither drink contains any prune juice.