Keeping up with the Buckeyes

I swear, it’s almost like Maryland resents Ohio State sucking all the oxygen out of the media tent.

Before he resigned from his post as the University of Maryland’s athletic director, Kevin Anderson intervened in a sexual misconduct case involving two student-athletes, which a university statement said showed a “serious lack of judgment.”

In 2017, Anderson authorized the use of $15,000 in funds controlled by the athletic department for legal representation of two football players accused of sexual misconduct. Later, he did not follow orders from the university administration to cut ties with the lawyers, according to the statement, and the administration conducted an internal investigation into his actions.

The information about the payment, which was obtained by The Diamondback through a public information request and interviews with sources familiar with the matter, provides details about the months leading up to Anderson’s departure from the university, which had previously been shrouded in mystery.

It gets better.

The attorneys began representing the players in June 2017. About two months later, then-executive athletic director Damon Evans — who had not been consulted in the decision to hire the attorneys — notified the administration of the payment, and the university president’s office directed Anderson to cut ties with the attorneys, according to the statement. The next month, they learned he had not done so, prompting an internal investigation…

Anderson could not be reached by The Diamondback prior to publication. In comments to The Washington Post later Thursday night, Anderson said: “That report is inaccurate.”

Pffft… kids, running a student newspaper.  What do you expect, right?

Um… not so fast, brother.

On August 29, 2017, university administration first learned that the then-Athletic Director directed the hiring of an attorney, who had been representing two student-athletes in a sexual misconduct case for approximately two months. The attorney had been promised funds controlled by the Athletic Department to represent the accused.

This was brought to the attention of the President’s Office immediately by the then-Executive Athletic Director after first learning of the arrangement when the lawyer submitted an invoice to the department. The President’s Office, the Office of General Counsel, the Athletic Compliance Office and the then-Executive Athletic Director were not involved in or consulted on the original decision made to hire and pay the lawyer. Protocols requiring General Counsel to retain outside counsel had not been followed in the hiring.

In response, the President’s Office immediately directed the then-Athletic Director to cut ties with the attorney.

NCAA bylaws allow member institutions to pay for legal counsel for proceedings that might affect a student-athlete’s eligibility to participate in intercollegiate athletics. However, the decision to hire this lawyer showed a serious lack of judgement in a sexual misconduct case, given the university’s commitment to a fair and impartial handling of all such matters.

On September 27, it came to the attention of the President’s Office that its previous instruction to cut ties with the attorney had not been followed. The President’s Office directed the Office of General Counsel to immediately launch an internal investigation to determine why this had happened.

A sexual misconduct scandal and a dead player, all in one summer.  Helluva conference you’re running there, Delany.


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6 responses to “Keeping up with the Buckeyes

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Not the central point but am I correct that Damon Evans, who was a ‘lieutenant’ at the time, tattled on Kevin Anderson?


    • ChiliDawg

      I’m not sure “tattled” is the right word. Seems he did exactly what he should have In this situation, which is nice because I’d hate to see him at the center of another scandal.


  2. 81Dog

    Does Damon get fired along with DJ Durkin? It took almost all summer for the mea cuppa presser to occur.


  3. Big 10:

    Fab 5 – biggest pay-off known in college sports.
    Michigan State – Sex Abuse Scandal – that went on for decades
    Penn State – Sex Abuse of little boys that went on for over a decade
    Ohio State – Sex Abuse Scandal – that went on for decades – now being investigated and will be litigated
    Maryland – Slush fund to pay for players sex abuse, Asst. A.D. accused of misconduct – Player dies on the field – Verbal and to some degree physical abuse of players – lack of proper training for trainers
    Rutgers – 5 or 6 players ‘this year’ that have been charged or are under investigation for assaulting and robbing fellow students on campus.
    Ohio State – head coach hires a coach with a history of abuse to his wife and ignores or buries it in 2015.

    And that’s just off the top of my head…

    Ah yes, the Big 10 – After all that holier than now stuff from their fan bases – I would think they would be embarrassed enough to shut up and admit they have a BIG problem.


  4. TXBaller

    Man, what is it with these asshole AD’s running wild…or simply just thumbing their noses at authority and “moral” character. Anderson and Gene Smith are shit!