Saturday morning buffet

Today, the chafing dishes are chock full of nothing but SECCG goodness.

  • Matt Hinton’s deep dive into the game is definitely worth a read, albeit a somewhat depressing one if you’re a Dawg fan.  He went into it looking for another close game like the national championship, but came out in the end with this:  Alabama wins, 36–24.
  • Marcus Spears thinks Georgia can run the ball, which would be big, but wants you to know he’s not saying that to blow smoke up our asses: “Look, I’m not trying to build this up. I think Alabama is the better team, but with that being said, when scheme, coaching, and all that comes into play, you’re looking at two staffs who really have it figured out.”
  • This preview spends a good deal of time elaborating why Alabama outclasses Georgia, but winds up predicting a narrow 36-30 win for the Tide.
  • FOTB Mr. McCart had a flash and sees a Georgia win.
  • Macondawg ain’t waxing too optimistic in this Q&A at Roll ‘Bama Roll.
  • On the flip side, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the reciprocal Q&A is brimming with confidence.  (Though I’m now admittedly curious about the state of Quinnen Williams’ health.  Also, FWIW, Saban said Terrell Lewis won’t play today.)
  • Last but not least, if you’re looking for a long read on the game from a Georgia perspective, here you go.


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6 responses to “Saturday morning buffet

  1. UGA '97

    Best picker vs vegas sb nation guy thinks Bama favored by 3.2 pts using his S&P+.


  2. Greg

    Excellent Q & A from Macondawg, he does a great job of breaking some things down…only a couple of things I disagree with:

    “What is the matchup that most favors Georgia heading into Atlanta?”

    Believe it or not, I favor our OL…even with the injuries. If we can stay balanced and win here….we win. Which is the second thing I disagree with, I am going with a shootout:

    51 – 48, Dawgs!!

    Nonetheless, one of the best articles I’ve read. Good job Macondawg!


  3. I’m glad I subscribed to the free trial of youtube tv because the Dish ain’t working right now!


  4. Russ

    Congratulations to Sackerlina for playing on Championship Saturday. Do they hang a banner for this?

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    • There is a brilliant double entendre involving the Cocks and Zips but I don’t feel up to it with Bama on the brain. But they ain’t ending ’18 with a canon shot, that’s for certain.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Can we open the roof of the dome when Tua has the ball, and let the rain pour down on him?