Not your expected QBR story

Well, looky here:

85.1: The Total QBR for Georgia QB Jake Fromm in 2018, behind only Kyler Murray and Tua Tagovailoa.

Of course, that doesn’t include G-Day, so it’s really not definitive.


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8 responses to “Not your expected QBR story

  1. Fromm is the most underrated and undervalued QB in the country. Could he put up Murray-like passing numbers? If he played in a system like OU’s against Big 12-2 defenses, absolutely.


    • Macallanover

      Probably, he really is good at moving fast and playing wide open on offense when given the chance. He is so well prepared and able to get into the right play that he would be effective most anywhere. UGA is a great place for him though as the RBs and OL are so effective it’s hard to not put up pretty good numbers.

      Folks always wonder if he could carry the team alone if pressed, I don’t know. He certainly doesn’t have to much, and I am not sure he could do what Stafford has had to do without a running game. His worst games: Barn 2017, LSU, Texas, and 4th quarter of SECCG came when the OL could not block the other guys. Who can do much as a QB with so much quick penetration and pressure, especially without a screen game at all? The 2nd half of the MNC game was not on Fromm, he was neutered by personnel alignments and trying to run the clock out when the game wasn’t put away. Great fit for what UGA does, not sure who you would want at the helm besides Fromm, probably Lawrence is the only guy that might get more votes. I know I wouldn’t force him into the portal regardless of who was available for 2019. 🙂


  2. Greg

    No way Tua sustains what he did a year ago imo. He had to have broke some sort of record. Best rating in the past 10 years, could be all-time.


  3. Cojones

    QBR! QBR! QBR!

    It’s what we have to toast and eat with fig preserves for breakfast.

    Fromme has never been touted as great by any of us fans and I think it’s because we have seen him as adequate as a field general while always considering him as a 4* recruit where we are waiting to see bad shit happen (but it doesn’t). Hell, he went past that measure his freshman year, but it hasn’t seemed to have caught up with us how he was a 5* playing on the field; he’s laid back and confident that he will always achieve more on the field; he’s inlaid silver britches. We have yet to see him reach peak talent and he will fly by the seat of his pass with good receivers out there to snag those that aren’t dead center this year, i.e., he becomes a king in the pass department. Because he doesn’t throw a rope-strength pass in many games makes us forget his teammates’ remarks of hearing the ball “whistle” when it went by them upfield during practice.

    Hopefully, this is Jake appreciation year and that he doesn’t have to put up with our maudlin lack of recognition of what makes a great QB. We already have conceded the QBR yardstick laughingly in his favor, but it seems that we are in the conservative mud while he rides by the serf fandom on his UGA steed of battle that responds to his vision. We always seem to underestimate his potential for greatness while he is achieving for our alma mater and then he just goes fishing.

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  4. J-Dawg

    QBR can kiss my ass!!!! Jake Fromm wins games! In case anyone doesn’t know it he “does” have an arm and can throw it deep with accuracy. This young man is the right person in the right job at the right place. He bleeds Red & Black. I hope and pray he stays for his senior season. He has “IT”, and that’s plenty for me.