Nothing like playing both sides of the street

Mike Bianchi has some advice for Dan Mullen and it doesn’t involve how to troll Kirby Smart.


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12 responses to “Nothing like playing both sides of the street

  1. Spike

    Mike should quit his day job, and both coach football and be a psychiatrist, since he knows so much.


  2. Perhaps…just spitballin’ here… he is as good off the field as he is on it…?


  3. DC Weez

    How can you take anyone seriously when he describes last year’s Gator season as “fabulous?” They lost at home to Kentucky, got pounded at home by Mizzou, and lost by a wide margin to UGA. If that is fabulous, I wish them another fabulous season,

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    • Ricky McDurden

      I suppose “fabulous” means something different in a state that has seen UCF rise to the top of its football leader board. By that metric, maybe beating Michigan’s second string in a meaningless bowl game really is “fabulous”


  4. Macallanlover

    Article is correct about how tone deaf Mullet seems to be in each of these situations, but that doesn’t excuse Bianchi for writing an article that doesn’t question why this clutz is acting like a 16 year old kid in the attempt to troll one of his biggest rivals, and the biggest threat.

    Not beating UGA will get him fired. Childish comments insure UGA will be focused when they play. UGA has better athletes. Talented athletes playing all out will usually prevail in a contest. So add that up and it seems Mullet is dumb enough to prefer jeopardizing his future earnings. Bianchi thinking this kind of cute behavior for a highly paid coach makes you wonder how bright he really is.

    The FU program is a laughing stock. As a UGA fan I enjoy that, and as a UGA fan I am happy these silly taunts insures we don’t overlook the Ga/Fla game. On the field, and off, they are hurting themselves and giving us a boost. Thanks guys.


  5. RangerRuss

    “The job of a sports columnist is to observe the battle from the mountaintop and then ride down and bayonet the wounded.”
    What the fuck, over? Bianchi is a complete idiot. Nothing he writes can be taken seriously.


  6. Cojones

    Mullen’s blind squirrel remark belongs here with Bianchi. Playing both sides indeed!

    Sure, after Finebaum didn’t even hesitate to report further of remarks Mullen made about UGA when Finebaum visited, Bianchi hits the “me too” button. Not only did Bianchi screw up by jumping on the touting tail of Mullen’s earlier remarks about UGA, but also he was caught up in the recognition of the stupidity of it’s timing.

    Self-flagellation is overcome by self-immolation that will burn that tandem’s sports houses to the ground and will take them both piggy-backed into a kennel’s worth of Dawg shit heaped generously on them now and sparingly as needed after every FU fiasco this season.

    At least neither have “guaranteed” anything yet.


  7. RangerRuss

    On a friend’s advice I just reread Bianchi’s article using a Noho Hank from Barry accent. Friend was correct. Bianchi is more entertaining as comedy.


    • Doug

      Love that show, and love Noho Hank. “You’re the most evil guy I know! Do I not tell you that enough?”


  8. No more bianci bullshit Senator or i’ll cancel my prescription…