If you can beat them, join them.

Holy Mother of Crap, this is some development.

Attorney Tom Mars, who emerged in recent years as a powerful force in college athletics, will become an investigator with the NCAA’s new Complex Case Unit, multiple sources told Yahoo Sports.

The Complex Case Unit, which is scheduled to come into being next month, was a recommended reform by the Condoleezza Rice-led Commission on College Basketball last year. The group is expected to be comprised of a combination of external investigators and members of the NCAA enforcement staff that is tasked to handle the more complicated and large-scale investigations of potential NCAA rules violations. The CCU’s first cases could well be related to the investigation of corruption in college basketball, which started with a federal probe and has since transitioned into an NCAA undertaking.

If Mars is as formidable at this as he was at procuring transfer waivers, I can think of some schools that ought to be seriously nervous.



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13 responses to “If you can beat them, join them.

  1. zachdawg

    Do we need to be worried??


    • From the Mark Fox era? You can sleep soundly.

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      • Granthams replacement

        A rare smart move by the NCAA to buy out the competition


      • zachdawg

        Was talking more about the Kirby Empire…and maybe the Cream dynasty too, seeing as our recruiting has been lights out in basketball like never before. But moreso about football…that’s what I care most about.

        I see jokes & references to bagmen, both on this blog and with my buddies…but I have zero insight into it.

        I also know that if anything did remotely stink and the NCAA investigated us, McGarity would probably work overtime to help THEM out…please see AJ Green & Todd Gurley for reference…

        If there is anything shady going on, I just wanna win a Natty before it comes out…


        • Biggus Rickus

          Immediately, this would only affect the programs hit in the FBI investigation. Down the road, who knows? NCAA enforcement of anything has largely been neutered. Unless something like the basketball scandal comes out about football, the status quo will remain…well, the status quo.


    • South FL Dawg

      For sale to the highest bidder. TV looking better and better all the time.


  2. zachdawg

    Also, first!!! For 10+ years I’ve wanted to be the first comment and now I am…. Life goals complete
    TnT 💣💥💣💥💣💥💣 DYNOMIIIIITE!!!!!!!


  3. Harold Miller

    Auburn should be at a pucker factor 11 with this development.

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  4. Argondawg

    Wait is the NCAA getting back in the enforcement business. I remember the 80 where if your team was mentioned in the same sentence with NCAA there was a very high pucker factor. Not so much anymore


  5. I doubt much will change significantly nor fast.

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  6. What makes this guy worthy of a special unit “oh, he’s from Mars”…well so was my favorite candy bar and they never got investigated…ccu my ass, more like Cash & Carry Undercover

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