Your Daily Gator emerges victorious.

Sure, I could give you 500 words on Florida’s epic win last night over a team that doesn’t have a functioning offensive tackle, but instead, I’m gonna outsource the job to one Steven Orr Spurrier, who’s forgotten more football than I’ll ever know.

That came after Franks’ inexplicable late interception, but there were plenty of other moments worthy of that take.

Oh, and if you wanna get meta for a sec, here’s commentary on Spurrier’s commentary.

With bonus commentary on the commentary…


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32 responses to “Your Daily Gator emerges victorious.

  1. PDawg30577

    Well, short of Florida losing it outright — and they did their damndest to do that — I thought that was the best game we could have possibly hoped for.

    The message board I lurk on is an absolute joy this morning. There’s a strong consensus that Feliepe Franks is a punk who should STFU and knock off his bullshit. If you’re going to act like Baker Mayfield, you’d better play like him.

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  2. D as in Dawg

    Here is what we know. UM has a long way to go. FU would have lost if the Senator was playing OT for UM. Dan Mullen is a goof ball and soooo overrated. Franks should not be a quarterback… anywhere… at any level. Damn, the Masters of the Sports Universe can hype some complete BS.


    • sniffer

      Goof ball is a nice way to say it. He smiles, smirks or laughs at his players when they fuck up but will go all Muschamp on a referee. Base on his comments with Maria Taylor and his sideline comportment, he knows this is going to be a long, lost season.


    • Cojones

      Before the game, he joked and was upbeat about this being a joyful game and he had told his team to relax and have fun like he was having. His acting job was so over the top that no one on the panel was laughing or in the mood to be carefree with him. Everyone looked uptight, which was strange, let him babble on and pretty much looked like they had to recover in order to ask meaningful question, of which there were none. It was the strangest pregame interview I’ve ever seen; as if no one had planned it.


    • Olddawg55

      Speaking of QBs, Williams wasn’t told he wasn’t in high school anymore. I cringed each time he got the ball..Pathetic! Was #60, left OT, actually billed as an offensive lineman?? And, #74, Campbell, the right OT, suffering from the jitters? They only called about half of his early starts…which didn’t help him at all. Final analysis: looking forward to TWLOCP…we have to win that one!!

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      • UnderDog68

        Both of Miami’s offensive tackles are true freshmen. Tall task for them to contain Zuniga by themselves….Much less recognize the blitzes Grantham calls. By the way….Miami did convert on quite a few third and Granthams.


  3. Any Gator who wakes up this morning with the thought that the gap is closing is whistling past the graveyard. Franks is still a turnover machine. That offensive line isn’t as big of a mess as Miami’s, but they still suck. 3rd & Grantham is still in full force.

    I wonder by how many points has the Cocktail Party line increased after last night.

    You guys who got it at -4.5 have to have gone to bed last night with a big smile on your face.

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    • Have to give it to Herbstreit … he said yesterday morning that the offensive tackles would have trouble and that the U’s center was starting his first game. Of course, everyone knows how the Florida edge rush won the game, but on Miami’s last play, the problem started with a poor snap.


  4. J-Dawg

    DJ Dallas, the RB from Brunswick is for real. Wish the Dawgs hadn’t missed on him. He’s a bruiser. Perine is “functional”, and that’s it. I can’t wait for the cocktail party. No way UF can work out all those bugs by the time we get them. No way they stop our running backs. Jake will give Franks a clinic on how to be an SEC QB. Go Dawgs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    There were a lot of coaching opportunities in that game.


    • I wonder what the hell was Dopey Dan thinking when he made that call to throw the ball. If it were an RPO where Franks decided to throw, I would have told him you are officially benched for the next game. You run the ball 3 times there and try to get a first down. Otherwise, punt and play defense.

      That call was coaching malpractice.


  6. The Truth

    If Kirby and his staff can’t find a way to get us ready to beat down that shitshow from Hogtown with the players we have, they need to be job hunting on Nov 3.


    • As long as we don’t pull a 2014 by going down there just thinking we can roll out the helmets and win or decide that Nathan Priestley is our best bet to win like 2015, Kirby will have them ready. He knows how big the game is to our Florida recruiting. He appears to have a true disdain for Dopey/Sideshow Dan.


      • Anonymous

        We would have won the 2014 game if Kirby was the coach then. The primary issue was that the edge players (I’m looking at you, Leonard Floyd) kept abandoning their responsibility (setting the edge and force the run back inside) in an attempt to back-door the play. This is what Kirby calls “Rat Trapping”. Floyd would have found himself on the bench in the 2nd quarter. Well, I should rephrase my original statement. We might not have wont the game with Kirby as coach, but Treon Harris sure as shit would have had to throw the ball more than six times for Florida win it.

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        • McTyre

          You’re spot on with your rat trap characterization of our OLB play that day. Regarding shortcomings at our DC position, wasn’t that defensive genius Pruitt at the helm that day?


  7. dawgtired

    I think last night’s game put to rest any concern those had of UF threatening UGA for the East crown.

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  8. JROD

    A Florida fan’s mastery of understatement…

    “It was a roll of the dice to be the focal point of the college football world this week, and it was not a success.”

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  9. Brandon

    I’m really, really sorry that Spencer Hall has hung them up. This week’s “Hatin’ Ass Spurrier” would have been epic.


  10. practicaldawg

    UF has serious issues. It’s not just Franks. They managed 50 yards on the ground. That’s why Mullen was throwing it late in the game. They couldn’t run against an unranked ACC team. It’s not going to get easier in the SEC.


    • Miami has a quality front 7 on defense. Their secondary seems to be not very interested in tackling (see Toney’s TD).

      I don’t care how many yards on the ground you have. At the point in the game Franks threw the pick, a turnover is the only thing that could give Miami a chance. You run the ball, force Miami to use their timeouts on defense, and either get a first down to run out the clock or punt to make Miami go 70+ yards. If the guy who made the pick doesn’t taunt Franks as he laid on the ground, Miami starts on the Florida 25 instead of the 40.

      Dopey made a dumb decision, and it almost cost FU the game.


  11. dawgman3000

    Well, my take away is that Miami has a pretty good qb, very poised, maybe a little too poised considering the deficiency of his o-line. How UF was considered a top 10 team is baffling to say the least.


  12. Macallanlover

    If there was ever an example of why preseason polls should be eliminated (they aren’t), or why voters of those polls should have to have a brain swipe for all things last season before voting, FU provided it. #8 in the nation my ass! I don’t think many here believed it anyway, but what an embarrassment for CFB’s showcase game leading into the 150 year anniversary. It may not have been the worst played game played, and coached, I have ever seen but it is in the Top 5.

    And if I am a TN, Mizzou, SC, or Vandy team waking up this morning, I have more optimism for the season. Not that everyone of those will beat FU, they have to feel better about their chances. It isn’t like the gayturds will get that much better, their depth was already a concern; what we saw last night was a healthy team, one that wasn’t playing true freshmen. The coaching staff was one that returned, and had been been working with those players for a year and a half. Mullet and Grantham were brilliant, amirite? For you UGA fans who see everything UGA/FU through your 1990’s minds, throw away those 500 pound low def TVs and join the 21st century. We will be fine in JAX again, and the West teams will sweep them also.

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  13. Opelikadawg

    Three things::
    I love Mark Right but he apparently didn’t think offensive line recruiting was a priority at Miami either.
    Wouldn’t it have been to watch the Evil Genius try to coach Franks? That would have been comedy gold.
    Stay classy Stephen Garcia.


  14. Kanu

    The funniest thing about this game is that Florida still thinks they are good. They are terrible. They are this year’s preseason top 10 team that will finish as a 7-5 / 8-4 team. Can’t fathom how they are perceived as so good. Some talented 1s but zero depth. Will be exposed big time. Looking forward to beating that ass on 11/2.


    • 92 grad

      I do think our boys are gonna beat that ass on 2NOV but, our team isn’t going to look all that great at vandy this weekend. The first couple games are always kind of nerve racking. Remember UNC? I don’t even remember last year’s opener but I’m sure we were all wound up about something.


  15. stoopnagle

    That looked like the first game of the season. I’ll hold off on poking fun of the gators until after we play our first game and I’ll reserve all judgement until we’re at least a few games into the season. I think that was the best case scenario for the Gators: they got to go up against a P5 rival, won close, looked bad enough that the coaches have a chance to get their attention and coach em up. Now, if they can do that, more power to ’em. They’ve got two weeks until a live scrimmage, then another week before they go to UK. We’ll see how they do.

    In the meantime, we can all turn our attention to more important matters: #beatvandy

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