TFW you want to mix football and politics

For some reason, the state of Louisiana held its gubernatorial election yesterday — a football Saturday.  Its Democratic governor won reelection and chalked up at least part of his success to this:

It just means more.  Remember that when Coach O runs for governor in a few years.



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10 responses to “TFW you want to mix football and politics

  1. Tronan

    All the Corndog’s Men

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  2. bulldogbry

    speaking of, did anyone hear from Tubs yesterday?


  3. Brandon

    Bread and Circuses. It’s an old story.


  4. Normaltown Mike

    Coach O would be an awesome “Guv’nah fo duh fine people of Luusey-ann”


  5. Classic City Canine

    You voted for a guy because of how you feel about your football team? And you wonder why Louisiana is perhaps the worst run state in the Union….


    • You’re completely missing the point. People tend to be more likely to vote for incumbents when they feel better about life. Not everyone is a raging partisan, so when your team is winning and you don’t feel strongly about either candidate, it’s not silly to think that someone might be more likely to just accept current leadership. The difference in the race was only 2%, so it only took one person in 100 to voting for the incumbent rather than the challenger to change the outcome.


  6. As corrupt and incompetent as LA is, they are still better run and less of a national embarrassment than Mississippi.

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