Thursday morning buffet

Pick up your plate and go get in line:

  • No doubt much to the disappointment of the Mountain West Conference, the big four bowls have re-upped with the BCS through 2013.  That’s when the next real fight will occur, anyway, since that’s about the time the current Rose Bowl contract with ABC is set to expire.
  • First Junior steals Meyer’s recruits, now he’s stealing Meyer’s signature move.  The Laner is Urban Meyer’s soul catcher.
  • Doc Saturday says the college football fullback ain’t dead yet.  (Bonus:  Brannan Southerland pic!)
  • It sounds like the Georgia staff is trying to be proactive about dodging the injury bug this year.
  • SEC profiles in scheduling courage:  Ole Miss schedules two 1-AA cupcakes for 2009 and it’s revealed that Auburn is paying Arkansas State a whopping million dollars for the privilege of beating the crap out of it on the Plains in next year’s season opener.  Salut!
  • Greatest dog trick ever.
  • I love the guys at Third Saturday in Blogtober (still one of the five best blog names I know of), but, c’mon, why does Junior get the benefit of the doubt here?  Let’s put it this way:  only one of the three parties to the “gas pumping” story has a public track record of misleading statements, and it’s not either of the two who’ve never recruited anyone out of Pahokee, Florida.


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7 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. Aligator

    Can’t wait to kick Douchbags teeth in!


  2. Oneviewdawg

    “More than 40 percent of Georgia’s 2008 signing class – nine of 21 players – have undergone surgery or missed significant practice time because of injury. Of those, seven redshirted last year and another is seeking a medical redshirt.”

    This line from a story on the Bone got my attention, anybody have any non-Scotch-fueled ideas about what’s going on with injuries, surely it is not just us.


  3. Atlchris

    Senator, you sure Auburn’s gonna beat Arky State? I’m not as convinced yet… 😉


  4. bulldoginexile

    I’ll be impressed with the dog when he can pour a Maker’s double strong and walk a coke by it, all while chatting up the cute girl at the bar.

    High standards, I know.


  5. 81Dog

    Orson Charles is going to Knoxville and knock their NC trophy from 1998 into splinters of glass. Let’s see if Lame can restore the trophy to mint condition with one steely glare.