Thursday morning buffet

Simple, hot and tasty, so grab a plate.



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11 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. Did Paul Petrino have a major falling-out with his brother or something? Why on earth would he leave the security of a job at an up-and-coming Arkansas program where the HC is a blood relative to go join an Illinois program where there’s a better than 50-50 chance the entire staff will be looking for work a year from now?

    Bobby must be paying him minimum wage and forcing him to sleep on a cot in the athletic department building. That’s the only thing I can figure.


    • Paul

      Yeah, that too, but mainly I was tired of putting up with Bobby and Petino, he’s our paisano with a silent ‘r’, always sending me out at the family get-together to the Quik Pak to get a box of Tampons and some Marlboro Lights and then, when I get back, Bobby sending me back out again to the Stop ‘n Go to get some celery, another box of Tampons and some Salem Lights. Ron’s not going to do that. He just wants me and Koening to tag along with him and roust whatever frat boys in Champaign don’t a home to go to at Christmas from their frat houses just to annoy them.


  2. rbubp

    Senator, I think the prof could have been considerably clearer in making this point, but in reading between the lines, I think what he is trying to say is that much of the money generated by football and basketball (tv and ticket sales) would be shuttled elsewhere if the pros leagues had legit minor league systems that did not force the players to participate in college.

    But I’m not sure he’s right about that, because college basketball is a declining product in terms of quality as players go straight to the NBA or jump after one year, and people still watch. (Or do they? Is the 96-team tournament a response to a flattened market because the quality of play is considerably worse than it used to be?)


    • Also consider the route that players like that rookie for the Minnesota Timberwolves took. He decided to spurn college to go play in Europe for a year to hone his skills while satisfying the ridiculous one-year rule (which is byfar one of the dumbest rules in the history of sport).


  3. rbubp

    Re: El Paso…not getting a bad rap. People I know that live there speak of it as its own special brand of hell.


    • georgiadawg85

      I don’t know why. I’ve been to El Paso, I think it’s a pretty cool town, if you don’t mind the minority-dominated population. You can’t be anymore in Mexico unless you cross the border. But they’ve got some outstanding food. Granted there isn’t anything special in the way of attractions… that is unless you’re into outdoors stuff (which I am) in which case the hiking and climbing in the area is fantastic.


  4. Russ

    I know it’s a crappy bowl and the season was dissappointing, but if we don’t sell our tickets, no one will ever invite…oh wait, you’re talking about Oklahoma. I thought Georgia was the only fickle fanbase out there. Nevermind.


  5. Dog in Fla

    “Remember, there are no guilty people in Gainesville, Florida, just misunderstood ones.”

    For example, “Newton was arrested in November 2008 after campus police said he stole a laptop worth $1,700, used it to log into the school’s network and then threw it out his dormitory window when officers arrived to investigate the alleged theft.

    Cecil Newton said the incident was a huge misunderstanding. He said his son bought the laptop from another student and merely panicked when police started questioning him about it.

    “Everything was misconstrued from the get-go…”

    That scenario is in direct violation of Rule #1(a)-(c) in the Lost or Stolen Property section of the Gator Incoming Player’s Orientation Guide which provides that in Alachua County, or anywhere else for that matter, whenever anyone in a non-football uniform reads your Miranda rights to you, remember to say, (a) you always paid cash money for whatever the object is that’s missing from someone but you may or may not happen to have, (b) you forgot to get a receipt or, if you did get a receipt, it was lost, destroyed or misplaced, and (c) whenever in danger of getting apprehended, if you throw away whatever it is that you don’t have, be sure to throw it far enough away so the law cannot find it.

    If you fail to comply, this is what could happen to you unless, of course, you just so happen to be a starter (yes, we know about Carlos but his was not a crime against property)…


  6. Dog in Fla

    “curtail their plans to chase whores in Juarez, Mexico.”

    Are there any left to chase? I thought they were all dead…


  7. Phocion

    So let me get this straight…Mack Brown makes millions of dollars in salary. UT Football makes many more millions of dollars in revenue and profit. UT Football takes some of that profit and gives it to the school…and this professor is complaining that UT Football isn’t giving enough money and that they should give more by reducing the salary of the CEO, so to speak, of that money generating entity.

    Let’s just hope that this profesor doesn’t teach economics.


    • Macallanlover

      Or run the business school.

      Perhaps this prof took the o-bama economics class, kill off, or weaken, the productive people and let the dependent ones figure out how to survive when the Golden Goose dies.