Still Chantastic

The next time somebody tries to tell you that the ACC is on the rebound, just point him or her to this header.

In related news, Tech fan haz a sad.


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  1. Dolly Llama


  2. Dolly Llama

    What I can’t believe is that they made young Mr. Mega-Nerd Commencement Speaker into an actual, official TV promo, and that they’d play it one of the very few times they’re on a truly national stage. Even the dumbass geeks at Stingtalk (or most of them, anyway) hate that shit and realize just how bad it makes them look.

    • Chopdawg

      When I saw that commercial I thought it was something the ESPN guys were playing as a joke, then I realized it was the Techsters’ promo.

    • It depends on the target. If they are targeting football recruits with it, it’s awful. If they are targeting engineering nerds, it’s damn near perfect to the point of inspired. You have to build your brand around who you are. Not who you would like to pretend to be.

      But like I said…if it was meant to get a DLineman to commit. Then it’s epic fail. For that, they need to run a promo of Clark Atlanta’s campus. 🙂

    • Just Chuck (The Other One)

      As many folks will remember, that speech was plagarized from the kid’s high school teacher. Suggests that Tech isn’t exactly a bastion of academic integrity.

    • Debby Balcer

      +1. I have a daughter and son in law who graduaed from Tech and they don’t want that as the face of Tech.

      • Dolly Llama

        I can believe it. I can’t believe anybody would think it a good idea, honestly, not for any school. It boggles my mind that the Tech administration — not the students, mind you, but the administration — sees that as being PR gold, good enough to build a national-audience TV commercial around.

  3. TennesseeDawg

    I was led to believe the Techsters were supposed to be smart. Every year they act like they are completely shocked their team sucks. We’ve known that for decades.

  4. Irishdawg

    “Math smarts” and “real life smarts” are two totally separate things.

    I just moved to Smyrna, and while I really like my neighborhood, it has a disappointingly large number of Tech grads. They didn’t mention that on the realtors website

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Hah….lucky you, nobody in your new neighborhood will speak to you.

      Don’t be disappointed, you might need help with some electrical problem.

      • uglydawg

        Irish..that may be grounds for a lawsuit…full disclosure and all of that…and Scorpio…even if they do speak to him it probably won’t be in English.

    • Normaltown Mike

      As a native of Marietta, the turn-around of Smyrna into an attractive destination for thousands of yuppies has been stunning to say the least.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        As another Marietta native, I get what you are saying….I thought they built I-75 so I did not have to go through Smyrna to get to the Royal Peacock.
        Who knew?

    • Bulldog Joe

      So THAT’s where their moms live!

    • I was once neighbors with a uT fan. Giant “T” flag on game days and he had the wanna be Tennessee mascot complete with a Tennessee sweater. I have enjoyed all my neighbors but that was the only one that threatened to sue me. Once when my sons were in middle school and made a Georgia G flag and ran it up is flag pole and once when our Jack Russell/ Bandit chased his coon dog through the neighborhood.

  5. Dolly Llama

    At the risk of jinxing us, I believe the two worst special teams programs in college football are in Georgia, and we’re not quite the very worst.

  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    I do not have room to fear Tech yet.

  7. Has anyone noticed the Barners talking about the biggest Iron bowl ever? We need to go ruin their season on Saturday with an ’06 type of performance on the Plains. Then, beat UK on Senior Night, and then start up where we left last year in Athens on Thanksgiving weekend and beat Tech senseless in Atlanta.

    • Lorenzo Dawgriguez

      The dudes on ESPN last night were going over the Auburn UGA game but didn’t mention UGA much, just how awesome the Barn is. That led to Iron Bowl talk…… one is giving us much hope. Just the way we want it, setting up nice for us. I am going to be upset if Marshall has his way with us. It is time for CTG to earn some of that $850K or whatever.

      • All of the pundits forget the better QB will be in white, the better RB will be in white, the better set of receivers will be in white and the better offensive line will be in white. The defenses are about the same. The only question is whether the Auburn offense can get enough push to give the zone read option a chance to work. If we play well and stay away from the killer mistake (special teams), I really like our chances.

      • Ol' ball sack's caddy

        One of the things that scares me to death is conversation here and there that Marshall can’t throw the ball…has anybody looked at this guy’s numbers in high school? Scarey, very scarey.

        • Scorpio Jones, III


        • Marshall has not demonstrated a consistency of throwing the ball. Bobo wanted him as a QB but Marshall wanted to play corner. The big thing is he doesn’t have the quality of WRs that Clemson or Missouri have.

        • Dawg in Beaumont

          Marshall threw more Interceptions than Touchdowns in Junior College. The kid can throw, but I like our chances way better if we control the line and force them to pass to beat us.

          • The Lone Stranger

            So you’re saying this is the game in which those pup DBs strike back!? I can live with that, no doubt … and I trust Lil’ Shaq will be working his own bad self under plenty of Warplaintigersmen’s skin. I have good feelings about that CB for this tilt and out 2-3 years.

      • Will (the other one)

        Defense needs to beat Marshall like he stole something…

  8. W Cobb Dawg

    It’s Ted Roof’s fault!

  9. Russ

    I thought the tech nerd spot was perfect for them (didn’t know he plagiarized it – links?). I am looking forward to what our DL will do against them though I also see a couple of long wheel routes to that midget in the backfield. Still we win be three TDs.

    Oh and I love the fact we’re being overlooked for this weekend.

  10. Spike

    Thos yellow rat caps tell you all you need to know about that place..

  11. Irwin R Fletcher

    Just the fact that the fan on the left in the gif has two shades of mustard yellow gear…ugh.

    They need to officially switch the colors to mustard yellow and navy (and white or whatever). That would at least explain all the variations of the color scheme…’this is our dijon and navy swarm outfit….while this is our French’s Yellow Mustard and Navy Choo Choo train sweatshirt…thursday nights we will be wearing our grey poupon and white alternates’

    • Dog in Fla

      In addition to the horror of mismatched gear, why is she not putting peanut shells on his head?

        • Cosmic Dawg

          that was supposed to be a plus one but as it happens it was just a new reason to hate the text feature on my android

          • Normaltown Mike

            I figured M+q1 was some trendy space rock group from Belgium I’d never heard of.

          • The Lone Stranger

            Or the effects of that “killer” peyote. I’ve always appreciated your style Sir Cosmic, only now I’ll take a more nuanced view! Rand Paul would hardly abide; yes, yes?

            • Dog in Fla

              There’s a clear and present danger that Cosmic may have attended Tech. If he knows the long secret M+q1 formula (which may be for Dr. Pepper) but now tries to disclaim it, there’s an even chance that Cosmic also has all these wiki amirite formulae committed to memory which even without attribution is precisely why he has so much energy


            • Cosmic Dawg

              Ha! You are all as funny as usual, but as a libertarian-leaning type, I do not think Rand cares what I’m smoking. But if he continues his neo-con slide I will certainly like him less….

  12. uglydawg

    …why not leave the “mus” out of mustard?

  13. The Lone Stranger

    Da-yamn, I am feeling right surly about the Music Scene about now! Hearing John Hammond doing Tom Waits in blues time and postulating what killed contemporary musical creativity. I’ll blame it on either Saddam or Obama. Just go on and “Sic ‘Em” Saturday you hungry Dawgs!

  14. Hogbody Spradlin

    Ahhh. Very satisfying night. Thank you Caleb ’75 yard’ King.