Off to see the eagle

Hard game to call today.  The Georgia team that beat South Carolina and LSU wins today.  The Georgia team that took in on the chin in Nashville would get a whipping.  Honestly, today’s team lies somewhere in the middle of those two extremes, but it’s not easy to say exactly where.

They’re getting bodies back, which is good.  Murray should have the most weapons he’s had to work with since the Tennessee game.  And I think there’s enough there to give Auburn’s defense fits.

But you still have to be concerned about where Georgia’s defense is, other than rushing the quarterback and defending the middle of the field in the run game.  I think we know what Malzahn will try to exploit.  The linebacking corps simply has to play its best game of the season today.  Can they?  I have no clue.

And let’s just think happy thoughts about special teams play, okay?  Also, Aaron Murray’s never thrown an interception against Auburn.  That would be a nice streak to keep intact today.

I’m about to head out the door for the Plains, where I’ve never seen the Dawgs lose.  Yes, I’m crossing my fingers that’s another streak that’s kept intact today.

Consider this your game day thread.


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391 responses to “Off to see the eagle

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    Godspeed, Boss….keep yer hat on…that damn Eagle is unselective with his droppings.

  2. DawgPhan

    Smoke is rolling and the beer is properly chilled. Bring home a W all you hairy dawgs on the road and I will pull like hell from ATL. Go Dawgs!

    • Nate Dawg

      I got Rome covered –
      Go Dawgs!

      • Olddawg 55

        I’m forty-five miles up the road from Auburn and can almost hear the crowd. Do us proud you hairy Dawgs and play like the champions we know in our hearts that you are. Come on O line and show your muscle and Big D, show us the legacy that Erk left to all Georgia defenses. Just play to your natural potential and we know you’ll bring home a win. Go Dawgs, GATA!!!

  3. Martin Van Nostrand

    Have fun! Watch the hoses.

  4. Debby Balcer


  5. Dolly Llama

    For no reason at all, I expect Gurley, Murray and company to take care of business on offense. Maybe a high-scoring dual boatrace like we played against Michigan State back in the 07(?) Gator Bowl, Andre Rison’s last collegiate game.

    • Dolly Llama

      ’07 hell. Try ’89. Sheesh. Only missed that by 18. I’m officially old.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Yeah, I do as well. Murray plays the percentages and TGII rumbles over these mothers like a combine. Defense bows like a Stradivarius, but hangs in just enough to eke this one out. No clue on the score.

  6. Rp

    Todays game could define the season. Potential 10-3 season with wins over SC, LSU, TN, FL, and AU is pretty good considering the injuries. 9-4 or worse is bad, period.

  7. SouthGaDawg

    If we can tackle in the open field and play straight-up, nothing fancy, no mistakes special teams, I like our chances. Don’t put any stock in their fans looking ahead. Malzahn isn’t. His team will be ready.

  8. Keese

    The Dawgs can match up well in this game. If special teams do their job I like our chances

  9. Athens Dog

    Penn wagers is the ump. We are doomed.

    • Rp

      The line just moved to AUB -17.

    • Turd Ferguson

      Is that right? If so, then I *will* go so far as to predict a loss today. I think Georgia needs everything to go their way in order to win, and Penn Wagers is just the guy to make sure that doesn’t happen.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        IMO the Penn Wagers crew is one of the crooked crews of game officials (his isn’t the only one) that the SEC sends when Slive wants a game outcome fixed. We are in for real problems.

  10. John Denver is full of shit...

    Dawgs will have to beat the fans, players, and refs today. “F” Penn Wagers and the Auburn Tigers with a rusty hammer.

  11. Turd Ferguson

    “The Georgia team that beat South Carolina and LSU wins today.”

    You say that as if it’s obvious. Beating LSU required a 4th-quarter come-from-behind 75-yard TD drive. It also required our defense getting an unlikely stop (unlikely given the way they’d performed for first 58 minutes of the game). All on our home field, no less.

    This is an away game, against a better offense, with a mobile QB. Not saying we lose today. Just saying that, even *if* we played as well as we did against LSU, I think it’s a toss-up.

    • The Lone Stranger

      And I dare say now against yet another shady officiating group. I’ve never seen calls like this throughout the course of a season. This is ludicrous. Actually kinda glad I will mosey on to work.

  12. Scorpio Jones, III

    “We want to make them throw the ball.” Have any of the folks saying this seen Nick Marshall’s high school stats, or saw him actually play in high school? I suspect not.

    We can beat them, but the defense will have to play like no Georgia defense has played in a long, long time.

    It is time for the kids to grow up.

  13. Scorpio Jones, III

    There are stories about Marshall’s shoulder. Probably sandbaggery, but maybe…??????

  14. Scorpio Jones, III

    We can win, but it will take big smiles from the Bitches, Old Lady Luck and God. (Not necessarily in that order.)

  15. BWD

    Moore should be benched for that missed tackle.

  16. dudetheplayer

    The defense is improving!


  17. Ellis

    This just sucks so far. Bobo and Grantham on full display today.

  18. Quote of the day:
    “That was a great punt and good coverage… that ought to lift their spirits.”
    G. Danielson

  19. Turd Ferguson

    Auburn will continue to score at will. And if our OL doesn’t get its act together, we will struggle to score at all. Could be a long, long day, folks.

  20. Normaltown Mike

    Wonder if a special team coach would be aware of that jumpin rule.

  21. Scorpio Jones, III

    I thought Auburn’s defense was not very good.

  22. Mayor of Dawgtown

    How come the Auburn kicker can kick it through the end zone on kickoffs but our kicker can’t get it to the end zone? Wind? That can’t be it. They were both kicking in the same direction. And we did the pooch kickoff going the other way.

  23. Dolly Llama

    Man, I never have been much of a “Penn Wagers is against us” guy, but damn if I’m not a believer now.

  24. dudetheplayer

    Grantham iS A FUCKING DISASTER. I can’t believe how bad this asshole is.

  25. Turd Ferguson

    Tell me there’s not a conspiracy among SEC officiating crews to screw Georgia. That was fucking ridiculous.

  26. The halftime interview with Richt should be one for the ages.

  27. dudetheplayer

    Fuck this game, Fuck the SEC. Fuck the NCAA. FUCK Penn Wagers. We are not playing a legitimate football game. This is fucking horseshit and I am sick and fuck and tired of witnessing this garbage every fucking week. Get out of here.

  28. 74 Dawg

    Penn Wagers should never officiate another UGA game.

    • dudetheplayer

      How many times have we said this? Nothing will change. We will continue to get fucked and do nothing about it.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Penn Wagers is doing what he has been told to do by Slive. Auburn has to win this game for the SEC to get 2 teams into BCS bowls.

  29. Nashville West

    Why didn’t they call time when AU reached the 20? The D was on its heels. Don’t CMR and Grantham realize that they don’t carry time outs over to the second half?

  30. Nashville West

    PUNT???? Time for CMR to retire along with the whole staff.

  31. Why was it exactly that we had Nick Marshall playing defense?

  32. Carolina Gamecock

    Your angry tears taste like Merlot. Thanks for helping get us to the SEC CG.

    • Turd Ferguson

      1. Your season will end by getting your asses handed to you by Clemson.

      2. And Missouri will represent the East in the SEC CG.

      But I appreciate the effort.


    • Can’t lick our ‘Cocks.

      • Carolina Gamecock

        You Dwags can lick your own.

        • dudetheplayer

          What sort of pathetic asshole comes to a rival team’s blog that has historically owned your shit program, just to troll and talk shit? Get the fuck out of here and get ready for Florida, you fucking clown.

          • Carolina Gamecock

            HA HA HA! Mizzou doesn’t have to go 0-2, they only have to lose to either Ole Miss or Texas A&M.

            3 out of the last 4, Dwags!

            • dudetheplayer

              47-17-2, Cock boy. Move on.

              • Carolina Gamecock

                This isn’t ancient history, it’s NOW. And NOW, Carolina is better than the Dwags.

                • Will (the other one)

                  You couldn’t even stay within a touchdown of us this season dumbass, even with our dumpster fire of a D, so perhaps you need to look up the definition of “now.”
                  In a real dictionary, not the crayon-scriblings in the outhouse SCar calls a library.

                  • Carolina Gamecock

                    How many losses are the Dwags going to have? 4? Right NOW, a 2-loss Carolina team is BETTER than a 4-loss Georgia team.

                    That’s basic math, apparently not taught at that peanut farm over in Athens.

                    • ugafidelis

                      Let’s see… Basic math… Then yes a “2” loss USC team is better than a “4” loss UGA team. The only problem with that is that one of your losses came at our hands! We beat you earlier in the season, and if we played again tonight we’d beat you again. Come on man! Wait for another season that you beat us to come on here and talk smack. Not after we beat you! You talk about NOW, NOW. Well NOW, we beat you. NOW you have to live with knowing that you backed into anything that you get because we lost. NOW you’ll go no further than beating everybody but a 4 loss team will take you. Tough luck. Sleep tight.

  33. Dolly Llama

    Yeah, today’s not our day in a lot of ways. They are blowing through us like shit through a goose. Thanks, Grantham. And it’s not like the offense is doing a good job. Special teams? About like they’ve been most of the year, I guess.

  34. Ol Dawg

    The defense is just horrible. Wiggins just whiffed again, then Marshall gets out of a four-player sack to gain a first-down. Wagers and his horse shit aside, our D is being outclassed and out coached.

  35. Turd Ferguson

    Where’s the “our defense has really turned the corner” crowd today?

  36. dudetheplayer

    Has this offensive line ever played a road game?

    • MurphDawg

      I just want to know why Bobo refuses to put someone in to help the tackles with the rush so Murray has time to throw.

      • Ellis

        Because it would cause him to have to deviate from his game plan. He sucks! He is too predictable and is incapable of making adjustments.

  37. DawgBiscuit

    Screw Penn Wagers and screw the SEC office for doing nothing about him.

  38. Paul

    We’ll I think we’re back to Grantham is out of here. Our defense is just pathetic. There really is no denying it. They are clueless. Now Murray is making his signature Murray turnovers.

  39. Andrew

    Jinx. Double jinx.

  40. Nate Dawg

    Tackle tackle tackle tackle tackle tackle tackle tackle tackle tackle tackle tackle tackle tackle tackle tackle tackle tackle tackle tackle tackle tackle tackle tackle

  41. Ol Dawg

    This is our meltdown game — OL, Special Teams, Crappy D, they’re in the forefront.

  42. Dawgpa

    Can’t blame Murray! Tackles are giving him no time to throw.

  43. DiggityDawg

    The defense has given up. Let’s see if Grantham does. Only reason to stay tuned.

  44. Nashville West

    Defense just left the stadium. If I were Murray I’d pull a hammy and wait for the draft, this sucker is over.

  45. Boss Dawg

    This team is a soft and lackluster piece of work….I can’t wait for this Murray era to end!!!

  46. Nashville West

    Malzahn is going to own Grantham and CMR until they retire.

  47. dudetheplayer

    Our perpetual situation of having 5 guards playing on the offensive line at the same time is very, very poor strategy.

    • DiggityDawg

      We better put 6 or 7 of them on the line, or Murray might leave the field on a stretcher. Gotta be some adjustment we can make to the rush from the right side.

      • Dolly Llama

        He’s going to leave on a stretcher if the God damn refs don’t curtail that hitting him after the throw bullshit. How many times have they nailed his ass after the throw so far?

        • Dawgoned

          Saddest thing is having to watch Richt complain about the late hits to … Penn Wagers. I’ve never been in the conspiracy crowd, but I think the evidence now points clearly to this guy having a problem with UGA. McGarrity better be raising hell with the league office.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          The late hit no-calls are as big a problem as anything else the crooked SEC refs are doing in this game.

  48. dudetheplayer

    Well, Marshall Morgan is still the man.

  49. Tom

    The difference in these two teams is passion and want to. Tigers got it, Dawgs don’t.

  50. Nashville West

    Can’t believe that the refs didn’t screw out of the last 2 seconds and the field goal try.

  51. This team is horrible in every facet of the game. Fuck Penn Wagers but if we weren’t such a bunch of pussies he wouldn’t have leave by the SEC to fuck us.

  52. TennesseeDawg

    Harry Potter is out coaching Helen Hunt and it’s not even close

  53. Athens Dog

    The bias is really unbelievable.

    • The Lone Stranger

      It’s only unbelievable if you only turned on this single game having not witnessed the yearly jerkovers doled out to UGa. It has become abominable.

  54. Anon

    All of you Richt enablers (senator being the biggest) can thank me later for being on the forefront of pointing how bad Richt is. I’d don’t need the assurances but feels good sometimes to hear it.

  55. AusDawg85

    I can’t believe the OL doesn’t have more pride and man up! Letting Murray get killed by these punks again is just crap. Hit’em in the damn mouth!

  56. Nashville West

    BTW- Not that it matters but Gary and Vern still suck…

  57. ASEF

    Auburn isn’t this good. 250 yards rushing in a half? Inexcusable, period.

  58. Nashville West

    Vern just counted past 3, I didn’t think he was that smart.

  59. dudetheplayer

    Nice QB draw play call, Bobo. Good drive.

  60. Dolly Llama

    OK, now we’re talking. Defense, care to get your heads out of your asses now? I want you to, you know, feel involved in this thing.

  61. dudetheplayer

    Grantham is Kevin Ramsey with a better resume. He is a joke.

    • Carolina Gamecock

      WWJD: We Want Jim Donnan! LOL

    • We fired Willie bc of all the 30 and 40 point games. Grantham has more of both in far fewer games. Yet half the people still love him. Surprised I haven’t seen their excuses posted yet today. Honestly, if we can hold them to 37, its less than what we usually give up to ranked teams.

      • The Lone Stranger

        It’s “funny”that I just read this and that was the Majic Number to pull this thing out! O – if not for the shambling D-Backs making up their own rules back there today.

  62. Nashville West

    Grantham doesn’t seem to be able to anticipate how the other team will adjust at halftime. He assumes that they will keep on doing what they did in the first half. We’re the only ones that stupid…

    • Carolina Gamecock

      Grantham is VERY good at yelling, grabbing players, and making choking gestures.

      • Carolina Limpdick

        I bet you can yell and all that, too. Will you teach the rest of our fans those things. I can get all of them together in my bathroom tomorrow for you to show us.

  63. Turd Ferguson

    Our defense is awesome. Especially Damian Swann.

  64. Well. At least we let em score fast. I truly don’t see how Grantham can be back near year. Ironic of course that Swann was having one of his better games and he’s the one that gets beat on the long ball. Fucking pathetic display.

    • Carolina Gamecock

      Muschamp will be available soon. Then you Dwags can have two coordinators representing giant branches off the Ray Goff corching tree: Bobo and Muschamp.

      • And spurrier will retire and your pathetic team will truly NEVER sniff the SECCG. Lol. Only Cocks are stupid enough to talk crap about a team that ran over their asses. Think Spurrier still has his timeouts from that last UGA drive?

        • Carolina Gamecock

          Hate to break it to you, but Carolina has already been in the SEC CG. Oh, and Spurrier says you can have those timeouts. Y’all need SOMETHING for that 4-loss dumpster fire of a football team.

          But hey, you’ll get to Atlanta yourselves…Chik-Fil-A Bowl looks good on y’all.

        • Carolina Gamecock

          Keep dreaming about Spurrier retiring. He won’t call it quits until he passes Bear Bryant for the all-time SEC wins record. By then Carolina will have total dominance over the Dwags.

      • ugafidelis

        Uhhh… Yes. And we beat you then and we’ll keep beating you.

  65. dudetheplayer

    What in holy hell has happened to Barber? Has Morgan’s bad juju from last season rubbed off on him?

  66. mg4life0331

    Whelp we suck. Im turning this shit off and going upstairs to watch netflix. Call me a half ass fan. Im only matching the intensity of our oline.

    What a waste of talent.

  67. Dolly Llama

    Colin Barbour is showing solidarity with the rest of the team by sucking donkey balls.

  68. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Georgia switched to the short passing game successfully on the first drive of the second half. Now Auburn has figured out that the refs won’t call pass interference so they will mug the UGA receivers the rest of the game.

  69. Malzahn is a sleazy used car salesman that would still be coaching HS ball in pigs knuckle, ark if he hadn’t made the package deal with his HS QB that ended up being a bust. He should fit in well at auburn.

  70. Paul

    Georgia defense just plain sucks. No other way to say it. Grantham has to go. Offensive line coach also needs to be fired.

    • You really can’t judge the defense based on points, first downs, and never making an opponent punt. I tried that and got flamed. Apparently, your eyes are just fooling you. You have to wait for the stat people to cull out some figures to interpret all of the progress and shining moments later in the week. Check back Thursday. And its also not fair to judge them against quality opponents like Clemson, LSU, SC, Missou, TENN or. Auburn, so I bet we are playing pretty good defense. You just don’t know it.

    • Carolina Gamecock

      You need to do whatever you can to get Muschamp to come home as DC. Let’s bring back the early 1990s…Bobo as OC, Muschamp as DC, and…well, Ray Goff is tanned, rested, and ready to return.

  71. dudetheplayer

    Fucking Douglas running the sweep on third down??????? WHAT????

    • Dolly Llama

      Almost as pretty as that fourth-down pass to Rumph. And if Richt’s hip has been hurting him on the sidelines, getting leveled right there probably won’t help things much.

    • Will (the other one)

      Sweep there isn’t that bad if you’re planning to go on 4th, but with the slowest RB?
      Can’t wait for the “didn’t realize Douglas was in the game” quote post-game…

  72. Nashville West

    Setting new lows for offensive incompetence…

    • Dawgaholic

      Refs are awful, Grantham is probably worse. Fire Grantham now. Reassess SEC membership later.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I say we make Slive an ultimatum–fire the refs in the SEC who have demonstrated bias against us with repeated bad calls or we take our football and go to the ACC or the Big 12.

  73. dudetheplayer

    283 yards rushing by Auburn through 3 quarters. That’s the only stat I give a damn about right now. We have to stop with the excuses, admit things are beyond bad, and make changes. That’s it.

  74. Biggus Rickus

    Defense sucks, obviously. Maybe Murray should stop throwing back shoulder to guys who aren’t going to be looking for it. Just a thought.

    • Dolly Llama

      The receivers have looked almost as lost as the secondary at times in this game. Almost. The secondary would be hard to truly match in terms of lost-ness, though.

    • Carolinadawg

      That play was on Rumph…he didn’t know what he was supposed to do. And ultimately, it’s the coaches fault for putting him in that position on a critical play, rather than a more experienced receiver.

      • Biggus Rickus

        Sure, Rumph screwed up. I’m just saying, maybe adjust to the fact that half your receivers are gone. Know beforehand that you don’t throw back shoulder to Rumph.

      • Biggus Rickus

        Also, I’m nitpicking. The offense’s ultimate problem is that the offensive line got whipped for much of the game. I have no idea why they’re so inconsistent.

  75. Carolinadawg

    Heres what drives me crazy about Richt and his staff. Late third quarter, down by 17, Dawgs driving, third down…and who gets the carry at this critical point in the game? TG2? No way, let’s let Brendan Douglas carry it for no gain. Nxet on fourth down, do we throw it to the experienced Lynch, Conley or Bennett? Hah, let’s throw it to Rumph, playing in his second game. He doesn’t even know the play. Great coaching! Just brilliant.

  76. Scorpio Jones, III

    Our defensive staff is confusing our defense.

  77. Turd Ferguson

    ESPN has been drooling over the upcoming Iron Bowl all week. Did anyone honestly think that the SEC would allow Georgia to take of the luster away from that game? Please.

  78. dudetheplayer

    Marhall is one elusive fucker. And Jenkins has rivaled Swann for biggest disappointment this season.

  79. Second game this year I’m turning off before it’s over. As far as I know that’s a record for me. I’d rather talk to my gf than watch this total failure. And here I was worried about Penn Wagers when it always comes down to the D. Hey Grantham, I don’t think your towel is fooling anyone, cept maybe your players.

  80. gastr1

    This has just been a big-ass letdown of a year, much of it due to circumstances outside anyone’s control. The players reflect that…they’re done. Just wondering if we can beat Georgia Frigging Tech now.

    I’d like to think next year we’ll have a real shot at something, but I wonder about this defense.

  81. Scorpio Jones, III

    “I’d like to think next year we’ll have a real shot at something, but I wonder about this defense.”

    Which begs the question….do we change DC’s after the season?

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Starting yet another learning curve?

      • MurphDawg

        Given that we are playing our 10th game of the season and many of our defensive players still look confused prior to the snap it may not be much of a drop off if we get someone who can actually coach.

  82. Tom

    Duke 45-Miami 30

  83. Scorpio Jones, III

    Should be an interesting Arn Bowl.

  84. dudetheplayer

    Toddy Gurley is football superstar #1. Love that man.

  85. dudetheplayer

    Well, our defense is terrible, and we never play fundamentally sound, but I give our guys a helluva lot of credit for never, ever giving up. Definitely a lot of heart on this team.

  86. Scorpio Jones, III

    Auburn’s defense looks tired.

  87. Nashville West

    I don’t believe what I just saw

  88. Dolly Llama

    Wish our defense could lay out Auburn’s players in the backfield as well as their own guys do it. Damn!

  89. I remember fondly the pre-Grantham, pre-Willie days when 24 points could get you a victory. But that was before teams threw 50 plus times and came up with these imaginative passing attacks. I mean there is no way ERK or VanGorder could have stopped such an offense like Auburn.

  90. Scorpio Jones, III

    Oh dear sweet Jesus.

  91. dudetheplayer

    Do you believe in (semi) miracles?!

  92. Biggus Rickus

    This team wants to kill me.

  93. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I can’t believe it! A no-call from Wagers on the possible grounding from Murray!

  94. Tom

    FG or go for it?

  95. I was sure Penn was going to fuck us again.

  96. Dolly Llama

    Oh my stars and garters …

  97. Biggus Rickus

    He was probably down, but they’re right that there was not conclusive evidence on the replay.

  98. allthegoodnameswereused

    Regardless of the outcome you nonfans can kiss my ass

  99. Scorpio Jones, III

    We were down 20 with 12 minutes to go,

  100. Dolly Llama

    This ain’t over.

  101. Scorpio Jones, III

    Are we man enough?????????

  102. Here we go Georgia …. Here we go….!!!!!

  103. Scorpio Jones, III

    Mamma, have you got my nitro?

  104. Dawgoned

    4th and 18; just knock the damn ball down.

  105. TennesseeDawg

    Mother F*cker

  106. “Ole lady luck just looked down and laughed out loud”

  107. Scorpio Jones, III

    Hit Matthews in the chest, bounced…just fucking bad luck.

    • MurphDawg

      Unfortunately, no. Harvey-Clemons reached in and tipped it up

      • Carolina Gamecock


        • TennesseeDawg

          Doesn’t matter, beat Gamecocks

        • Cosmic Dawg

          Um…you’re losing to Florida as I type this, shouldn’t you be watching your game? And how weird to show up crowing on the blog of a team that beat your stinking team this year. Show some pride, man.

          I guess when you finally have a prayer of “backing into” your division pennant because of your “easy schedule”, well…you take what you can get, don’t you?

          • Carolina Gamecock

            Following the UGaly blueprint from last season. We’ll take it. You can bask in the ambiance of your “history” and “class”.

            I am showing some pride in our 2013 SEC East Championship.

            Own your 4-loss dumpster fire of a football program.

        • JG Shellnutt

          Carolina Gamecock, you are a weasel and a pussy. I would like to invite you over to my house right now for a discussion.

          • Carolina Gamecock

            Which double-wide do you live in? Or do you have a tarpaper shack? Whatever. We can discuss your loss and our glorious victory. 2013 SEC East Champions.

            • Carolina Limpdick

              Mommie, some guy who says he is a South Carolina fan is sayin’ bad things about trailers like the one we live in. Do people in Georgia actually have houses? Really! Can I WE move to Georgia and actually get a HOUSE!!! PLEASE!!!

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          You sir are a typical South Carolina fan, no history, no class and a scum sucking pig.

  108. MurphDawg

    Unreal. He doesn’t reach in and Mathews has an interception and game over. We just can’t freakin’ catch a break.

  109. Carolina Gamecock

    Ladies, Gentlemen, and Dwags…the Carolina Gamecocks are YOUR 2013 SEC Eastern Division Champions.

  110. PatinDC

    Just damn.

  111. Scorpio Jones, III

    Zeier….”Its a game we never should have been in, and a game we never should have lost”

    • Carolina Gamecock

      Well, he would say that, wouldn’t he? He certainly was in his share of those kind of games.

      • Biggus Rickus

        Yeah. Had a winning record against South Carolina though.

        • Carolina Gamecock

          Cool story bro.

          • TennesseeDawg

            When was the last time the chickens won a conference championship? 1969?

            • Carolina Gamecock

              Ancient history. If my school was looking at a potential five losses and another Chik-Fil-A Bowl appearance, I’d be obsessed with the past, too.

              This season should be all-too-familiar to you…this was Dooley’s usual M.O….go 8-4 or 7-5 and end up in the Peach-Fil-A Bowl.

              • TennesseeDawg

                Yeah it’s ancient history because your pathetic chickens haven’t won anything since then

                • Carolina Limpdick

                  Don’t you say anything mean about my team… live in that state where those mean old Vols beat my precious, precious Gamecocks. I’m not even speaking to you again!!! Hmmmph!!

          • Cosmic Dawg

            Typing an idiot comment does not save you from the facts,


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        You sir are a typical South Carolina fan, no history, no class and a scum sucking pig.

  112. Carolina Gamecock


    • Biggus Rickus

      Go fuck yourself.

      • Carolina Gamecock

        Your tears taste delicious.

        • Biggus Rickus

          Your team lost to Georgia 41-30, dipshit.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Incredible as this may sound I will actually be rooting for Florida tonight. Never before and likely never again. Come on Gators!!!

          • Carolina Gamecock

            True, and also IRRELEVANT. Remember when Carolina beat the Dwags like a drum three years straight, and UGAly still won the SEC East? Tables are now turned. Bottom rail on the top, top rail on the bottom.

            A 4-loss dumpster fire is NOT better than a 2-loss Top 10 team. Sorry to break that fact to you, but I find low-information football fans need these basic facts pointed out to them.

            • Biggus Rickus

              I’m sure you guys know all about counting chickens, but there’s still the Florida game tonight, and Missouri still has to lose at least once. Even if South Carolina gets to Atlanta, I’m sure we can all expect the same kind of competitive game we saw in 2010.

              • Carolina Gamecock

                Don’t worry, the Dwags will get to Atlanta, too…they’ll probably end up in the Peach-Fil-A Bowl. That is, if y’all can give Georgia Tech a competitive game.

                • Biggus Rickus

                  This is unreal. What kind of “fan” talks shit on an opposing team’s blog while his team is playing a game of some import? And losing by the way. The mighty Gator offense has scored 14 points with a Wal-Mart night stockman at QB. I can’t believe I’m rooting for Florida. Congrats. You’ve accomplished the seemingly impossible.

                • ugafidelis

                  Hey dumbass. I’ve tried to be polite, but IF you go to Atlana; You lose that game and you end up in the bowl. Not the Rose bowl.

                • Carolina Limpdick

                  I’m only thankful that we still have a chance to win the East. If not, I don’t know what I’d do. It’s the only thing we have in South Carolina to look forward to–no NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball…nothin.’ If my team doesn’t win the SEC East I’ll…I’ll…CRY!!!!

        • Noonan

          Keep looking at your ACC championship trophy. It’s the only one you will ever have.

          • Carolina Gamecock

            Obsessed with ancient history. Well, if my school was a four-loss dumpster fire of a football program, I’d fall back on the past for sustenance too.

            • Hogbody Spradlin

              Carolina Gamecock, your sister and your mother are in Tijuana performing oral sex on equine animals and enjoying it. And you’re sitting in your lonesome residence performing on yourself. Enjoy.

            • Hogbody Spradlin

              Oh, and warm personal regards.

            • JG Shellnutt

              That’s not ancient history…it’s right now. SC has never won anything, AND WON’T THIS YEAR EITHER! You should probably be watching your game , not anonymously trying to make others angry .
              Everyone else, I can give you every reassurance that this pussy’s mouth would not be running like this in person. He would be quiet and scared of the ass-whuppin he knows he deserves.

              • Carolina Gamecock

                WOW a gen-u-ine Internet Redneck Jawja Badass! Look like YOU got the ass-whupping…and the Gamecocks did the ass-whupping on Florida!

                Scoreboard, my low-information redneck peon.

            • Are you honestly above the age of 13 or are you just “special”?

            • Scorpio Jones, III

              You sir are a typical South Carolina fan, no history, no class and a scum sucking pig.

    • Dolly Llama

      Don’t you have a game on, douche? And, oh wait, aren’t you losing at the moment?

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      You sir are a typical South Carolina fan, no history, no class and a scum sucking pig.

  113. Brandon

    F**k Todd Grantham with a shovel. Auburn has not lost when scoring more than 30 since 1996. 566 yards.

  114. dudetheplayer

    I am a fucking shell. I am ruined. I will never get over this loss.

  115. IAmAGurleyMan

    Grantham should be fired immediately.

    Matthews and JHC should have knocking it down, not trying to intercept it. That is on Grantham for not telling them that.

    Fire him immediately!

  116. Biggus Rickus

    I hate this defense so much. I don’t care if it was flukey. Don’t tip the fucking ball out of your teammates god damned hands.

    • Noonan

      It wasn’t flukey. Our DB tipped the ball to the barner who had zero opportunity to make the catch otherwise. It was a poor throw and we turned it into the game- losing play. Just poor fundamentals on defense, which is what I have come to expect.

  117. Turd Ferguson

    I would say, “Grantham’s done,” but he’s not. He’ll get a pass because of what a fluke play it was. So we’re in for at least one more year of this, folks. Get used to it.

    • IAmAGurleyMan

      How many of the other 500+ yards were flukey. Irrespective of the last play, this was another Todd Grantham shit show.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      Actually, I think he’s done.

      • Turd Ferguson

        I’m in the “I’ll believe it when I see it” camp. Willie stuck around for at least a season or two too long. I have no reason to think that Grantham won’t do the same.

        • IAmAGurleyMan

          Willie was CMR’s friend. CTG is not. Moreover, I suspect Richt is not apt to make that mistake yet again. Richt knows what an opportunity he had with Murray coming back and to see the D blow that up in his face will certain resonate.

    • ugafidelis

      They just made one more play than we did.

  118. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Murray, Gurley and the O had won UGA one of the greatest come from behind victories in the history of Georgia football and 2 Georgia DBs, fighting each other for the INT and to be the HERO, tip the ball to an Auburn receiver that was out of the play for a TD to lose us the game. Why does this not surprise me?

    • Dolly Llama

      You know, it’s weird, but I wasn’t surprised or shocked, either. It’s weird. When the pass got tipped, I think all I said to my wife was “Yep. That’s about right.” If this is the “experience” we have returning last year — especially if the coaching doesn’t change — hell, why should that make me optimistic about a damn thing?

  119. TennesseeDawg

    This game pretty much sums up Georgia football this season

    • Carolina Gamecock


      • Dolly Llama


        • Dolly Llama

          The Gators just scored another TD on you there, you dumbass fuckstick. Just figured you might want to know.

        • Carolina Gamecock

          You mean the scoreboard that shows Carolina defeating Florida? Yes I see it! Thanks for reminding me…and let me remind you that the Dwags have FOUR losses this season. Y’all think you might give Georgia Tech a good game?

          • Carolina Limpdick

            See, we can count to 4 in South Carolina. One, two, four…no…One, three, four…no, that’s not it…one, two, three…….eh….one, two, three, four!! I GOT IT!!!

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        You sir are a typical South Carolina fan, no history, no class and a scum sucking pig.

        • Carolina Gamecock

          You are VERY good at cutting and pasting message board replies! And thank you for remembering to call your betters “sir”.

          • Carolina Limpdick

            MOMMIE!!! Can I stay up awhile longer and write more on the computer? I’m pretending to be a real grownup!!! Like Sis, who’s 18. What? I DID my homework!! besides, it’s Saturday and I don’t have school tomorrow!! Thank you Mommie!!!

  120. Paul

    Murray brings us back to win the game and the defense can’t stand it so they have to give it away. There is no reason to fight your own man for the ball. No reason to tip a ball up instead of down. Complete lack of situational awareness. The game is won if you do NOTHING. But no. Oh well hopefully it will help to get Grantham fired.

    • WF dawg

      This is exactly right.

    • Dolly Llama

      Unfortunately, I think Turd Ferguson nails it above. I predict one more lost season under CTG. I know the old expression about “You won’t believe shit stinks until you get your nose rubbed in it,” but my God, our noses have been rubbed in our defensive shit so often this year it’s a wonder someone hasn’t suffocated. When will they believe it stinks and do something about it? What will it take?

  121. G Marmalarde

    Shouldnt one of the safeties have been behind the receiver?

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Correct. The Auburn receiver actually beat the coverage. The CB is supposed to be underneath the receiver and the safety on his other side. The receiver is never supposed to get beyond the coverage. The pass was under thrown. If it had been an accurate throw the Auburn receiver would have caught it for a TD.

      • ugafidelis

        Every receiver beats our coverage.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Sorry, my bad. I saw a replay and my explanation above of what happened is wrong. 2 Safeties-no CBs. And the pass was overthrown, the Auburn player was not past our coverage–he just got the ball batted to him as he was running by after JHC batted it. The ball would have hit the ground if neither of out Safeties touched it: game over–a UGA win.

  122. G Marmalarde

    It’s getting to a point where I really can’t give a shit anymore

  123. TennesseeDawg

    South Carolina football: All the arrogance of Alabama with the trophy case of Vanderbilt

    • Carolina Gamecock

      And a top-10 team. Recognize your betters, low-information Dwag.

      • Dolly Llama

        Not if you keep on losing to Florida.

        • Carolina Gamecock

          Carolina defeated Florida. Thanks for the news update, “Dewey Defeats Truman.”

          • Carolina Limpdick

            Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, Jesus!! I thought for the longest time tonight my South Carolina team was going to lose to Florida, but now we are still alive and still can back into winning the SEC East–if only Missouri will cooperate by losing 1 more game!! I’m beside myself with GLEE!

      • TennesseeDawg

        Georgia would be the betters since they won the head to head match-up then

      • Cosmic Dawg

        “Recognize your betters…”

        I’m sorry, did we not beat you this year? Can you explain how losing to us makes you “better”?

        • JG Shellnutt

          I admit I’ve been commenting too. Maybe if we ignore him, though, he’ll just go away.
          We beat them this year and they’re currently losing to a team that we also beat.
          And again, this pussy has a big mouth when he can hide behind electronic anonymity. I GUARANTEE you he would have nothing to say in person…except “please don’t beat my ass.”

        • Carolina Gamecock

          Okay, let me state this simply so a low-information DWAG can understand. UGA: 4 losses, unranked in the top 25.
          Carolina: 2 losses, ranked in the top 10.

          The coaches and football writers have collectively decided CAROLINA is a better football team than GEORGIA, regardless of your redneck desires.

          • ugafidelis

            So you lost to an unranked team… Wow. Good job.

          • Carolina Limpdick

            Please God, let Missouri lose just one more game. We’ve waited soooo long and it seems like we will never win a championship (sobbing). Even though those mean old Georgia Bulldogs beat my team please God let us back into winning the East.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        You sir are a typical South Carolina fan, no history, no class and a scum sucking pig.

        • Carolina Gamecock

          Again with the cut-and-paste! Maybe soon you will learn to form ORIGINAL thought…and thanks again for addressing your betters as “sir”.

          • Carolina Limpdick

            OOOH!!! I’m sooo happy!!! My team still has a chance to win the East! Even though we lost to Georgia!!! We can still back into the East win if the real leader will only lose one more game!! I can’t wait–I’ve never been so EXCITED!!!!

  124. Turd Ferguson

    Aaron Murray’s great. Our defense sucks. And we are seriously the unluckiest team in college football. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Just glad I went to grad school at a university with a top-10 basketball program. November/December losses are so much easier to handle when I know I’ll see a team of mine win soon enough.

    Sayonara, 2013 season. Good riddance.

    • And goodbye to one of our best QB’s ever. He deserved a better defense every year he played for Georgia. So sad Richt didn’t make the right hire.

      • Normaltown Mike

        That’s what makes this the saddest loss I’ ve ever seen.

        5th Sr makes an epic run to score a TD and seal a huge upset win…..and then the flukiest of fluke plays happens. It was a once a decade type play & one I’ve never seen in a big rivalry game.

        . It sucks.

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Yeah it does, the only thing worse would be being a South Carolina fan, no matter the score, no matter the record, no matter the ranking.

          Did you see the way we came back, never quit?

          The Kharmic Bitches sure broke my heart tonight.

          • Carolina Gamecock

            Get used to it. Your football program is on the decline. Carolina’s football program is ascending.

            • Ellis

              Well, congrats for finishing second in the east to Missouri. I hope you enjoy the Outback Bowl, again.

            • Carolina Limpdick

              Oooooh!!! Loook at Meee!!! My team MIGHT win the SEC East!!! Even though we’re still #2 now, if the leader loses a game we might back into it!!! I’m WETTING MY PANTS WITH JOY!!!!

  125. Scorpio Jones, III

    Elvis is dead and I ain’t feelin so good myself…(ht Lewis.)