“The way it happened kind of reminded me of the Final Destination movies.”

Malcolm Mitchell tells Chip Towers he’s at as much of a loss to explain the rash of injuries the team has suffered this season as anybody else.

Q: So if I’m counting right, that’s seven knee injuries for the Bulldogs this season. Any thoughts that the team’s practice and training methods could be making guys more susceptible?

A: “I have no idea. That question comes up from everyone. For me, I just think it’s a freak accident that happens to somebody on every team. I just happened to be the person it happened to. Keith got hit. He’s been having knee problems all the way through. Justin, freak accident, just running and turning. I watched his and I don’t even see how that happened, and his was a lot more serious than mine was. He had other stuff done. Aaron’s happened when he was just running. You watch the play and you’re like, ‘where did it happen?’ Final destination, man.

“Our training program is the best it’s been since I’ve been here. Maybe it’s other things; maybe it’s not. I mean, everybody doesn’t do the same thing in the weight room or in conditioning. So you can’t blame it on that set-up. Everybody does something specifically for their position. Aaron works with Sherman (Armstrong). I don’t work with Sherman, Jay doesn’t work with Sherman or the person that I work out with. You can’t connect the dots to the weight room. And we’ve been doing basically the same practice routines since I’ve been here. So it has nothing to do with the way we practice or the way we’re lifting. Maybe there’s something we need to add? Or maybe it’s just freak accidents.”

It’s been a “shit happens” season.  Glad to see he plans on coming back next year.  Hopefully regression to the mean will be good news for the 2014 team.


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15 responses to ““The way it happened kind of reminded me of the Final Destination movies.”

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    Next year is after Tech…right?


  2. Cojones

    It sounds like the players and coaches have taken the injuries to their prevent hearts and have tried connecting those dots. They haven’t exactly relegated it to “snakebit”. Good for them all. It’s good to remember this analysis attempt when the conspiracy theorists later try to take a shot at individuals.


  3. AusDawg85

    Man, stuff like that really ruins a “Fire the S&C staff” and “it’s mark Richt’s fault for being too soft” rant. Clearly, all roads lead back to blaming Bobo!


  4. The other Doug

    The only thing I can think of is cleats.


  5. It very well may have nothing to do with our S&C. But when you promote a videographer to head of the S&C program, who has no training or degrees in the science of it, then its always going to be suspect.


  6. G Marmalarde

    Doing a little research , imbalance between quadriceps and hamstring muscle strength can predispose ACL tear, if quads are stronger than hams. So you have to wonder if it could be related to conditioning or lifting .


  7. G Marmalarde

    Too many squats not enough deadlift or something.