Name that caption, give me a second here, Corch, edition

Penny for your thoughts, Mark.

Help a head coach out, fellas.


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32 responses to “Name that caption, give me a second here, Corch, edition

  1. Ugaking

    I’m gonna drop this smug weasel! No . . . wait! I’m shoving him in a tuba during script Ohio when it’s time to dot the “i”. I’ll dot his eye, smarmy worm!

  2. Dawgfan Will

    Get off my lawn!

  3. @gatriguy

    Hey you smug douche, my boys are going to whip your ass on the LOS and send an SEC team to the BCS championship game.

  4. Timphd

    So that’s what an ass hat looks like!

  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    We’re gonna wear Ohio State OUT!!! (And you are a prick.)

  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    Do I look like Nick Saban to you Urby?

  7. Derek

    Why isnt Michigan state in the bcs discussion? Because its not 1966, that’s why.

  8. ScoutDawg

    Gator makes my heart young…

  9. mwo

    Moderator: That was quite a compliment to MSU Coach Meyer, Coach D.Antoni, do you have anything nice to say to Coach Meyer?

  10. mwo

    Does it smell like Massengill in here to you?

  11. Mark Dantonio

    “He’s going to point. I just know it. Wonder where he’s going to point. Will it be at the trophy? At Delany? I don’t know. Wait… Here it comes… UGH! HE’S POINTING AT ME! HE’S POINTING AT ME!”

  12. AusDawg85

    The urinals in my Florida offices looked like this too.

  13. Always Someone Else's Fault

    I had a real heart attack, and I didn’t walk out on my team.

  14. Cojones

    Phopto shows the final two contestants debating for The Gov of Texas Debate Trophy.

  15. Hogbody Spradlin

    I can’t think of a caption, but those 2 guys ain’t exactly Bear and Johnny Vaught smiling for the cameras.

  16. Nashville West

    I can’t believe it! This guy is even a bigger douche in person than I thought he was from TV.

  17. Hogbody Spradlin

    Does Corch look uncomfortable making nice for the cameras? Good. And tough shit.

  18. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Not wanting to steal the thread but since we’re talking coaches….It was just announced that the University of Washington has hired Chris Petersen as its new HC replacing Steve Sarkisian who bolted for USC. Looks to me like U Dub got the better end of that trade.

    • Agreed. USC Just bought a ticket to mediocrity through the good ol’ boy system.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      Why would you leave Boise State for University of Washington? I think Boise’s an equally high profile gig (because of his efforts, of course), and couldn’t Peterson have possibly gotten a HC job in one of the major conferences if he’d let it be know he was leaving?!?

      I think I’d take Peterson over Butch Jones or Dan Mullen…many of us said we’d like Peterson here if CMR quit and Bobo was gone…

      • @gatriguy

        Peterson ws never going to come East and there was no way in hell he was ever coming South. He’s a west coast guy with a special needs child that was going to stay in the NW for a multitude of reasons (one being where his child gets treatment). Seattle is awesome. U-Dub hit this one out the park . Looks like a perfit fit for both sides from here.

    • AusDawg85

      So we can’t fire Mark Richt now?

  19. rampdawg

    Damn Urban, someone told me you looked Frank Burns, but geez! Where the fuck is your chin? You ferret faced lying pussy.

  20. Beer Money

    They both look like Sam The Eagle.

  21. Where’s your sweater vest?

  22. Gene Simmons

    Hey Corch, don’t take this ass whipping personally.

  23. hunkerdowndawg

    “Who let Bashar Assad in this building?”

  24. DawgPark81

    Oooooh, I really hatechoass rat now!