Shucks, it’s an honor just to be included with those folks.

So who would you pick and why?


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41 responses to “Shucks, it’s an honor just to be included with those folks.

  1. Dog in Fla

    Bobo because deserve does have something to do wiith it. And he’s earned it the old-fashioned way.


  2. zdawg15

    Bobo for doing more with less but maybe I’m being partial.


  3. fetch

    I gotta say Bobo because of all the personnel loses. UGA lost piece after piece of it’s offensive machine, and Bobo kept plugging in new cogs and working around the loses. Sure we lost a few games immediately following the major loses, but don’t underestimate the value of those players or the effect on the rest of the teams psyche.


  4. uglydawg

    Bobo. He’s done a great, great job. When Georgia has the ball with more than 45 or 50 seconds left, you know you’ve still got an excellent chance to score….PLUS his hand in the development of Aaron Murray..who is not getting the credit and honors he deserves.


    • Macallanlover

      Your comment about how good UGA is moving the football with 1-2 minutes to go in the half, or at end of the game, is something I share. I don’t know if anyone tracks that type of information, since all drives do not result in scores (2012 SECCG). I watch a lot games every Saturday, and I mean a lot, but I am not emotionally involved to stay for every play, every week, so I don’t know if anyone is better than UGA at this. My guess is we are near the top nationally. Between Greene, Stafford, and Murray that is about 10 of the 13 years CMR has been our coach and I have always felt we would put points on the board if we can get the ball with 2 minutes left. Even Mason in his first two chances did this against Kentucky and GT.


      • Cojones

        Add to that the ability to (most times) retaliate quickly when the D is scored upon. Bobo’s ability to strike quickly with assurance of a score of some type has reduced the anxiety of UGA-catchup football. He is the best around and the greatest return alum Dawg we have ever had.

        All hail Bobo!


  5. zutadawg

    “cemented his status as one of the top offensive minds in college football.” Who would’ve ever thunk it? That says all I needed to hear. BoBo is the MAN.


  6. Otto

    I’m still not on the Bobo bandwagon, the offense is very depenant on a top shelf RB and UGA stuggles more than it should when they are out.

    LSU’s OC is underrated with the turnaround for Mett. Of the 5 Auburn’s OC. can’t argue with the points and yardage.


    • Sanford222view

      Georgia scored over 33 points every game but 3. In those three games Gurley and Marshall played about one half combined. Name me some other offenses who would flourish without its top two RB’s in addition to having 3 of its top 4 WR’s out.


      • The problem, IMHO, in those games was the mental game. Not being sharp mentally, which prevented us from overcoming the loss of talent. There was enough talent there to win those games, and Bobo did a good enough job, regardless of whether or not he went too conservative.

        There was enough offense, if we don’t beat ourselves with mental mistakes. The question is, does that go to Bobo? It’s hard to say no, because the offense is his unit. But I really don’t think so.

        I suspect it’s an overall problem, a team problem, since ST’s and defense are also involved. And that comes down to Richt. Why we can’t be a consistently solid team is THE major question, and filters down to everything, including this topic.

        For me, Bobo gets my vote. He’s really come into his own the last 2 or 3 years, and has gotten better each of those years (not that it wasn’t about time). And I don’t buy that it’s all because of quality running backs.

        He’s improved across the board, IMO.


    • Will (the other one)

      My problem with the Auburn OC is the same I have with the An Ohio State OC (or if they had included Baylor’s OC): it’s not really their offense. It’d be like nominating Callaway for an OC award in 2002.


  7. “Still, the Bulldogs finished 8-4, rallied to beat Georgia Tech, 41-34, in the season finale without Murray (after being behind 17-0 early- and the Jackets had a top 20-ranked defense this season) and finished No. 17 nationally in total offense, averaging 489.8 points per game.” How did we ever lose a game scoring 489.8 points a game.


  8. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Bobo deserves it but due to classic “dawgrading” will lose to Lashlee.


  9. Bulldawg165

    Tough call between Bobo and Auburn’s OC. Bobo did a tremendous job working around the significant injuries, but on the other hand Auburn’s OC put up big numbers with players who were in their first year of his (or Malzahn’s) system. Pretty remarkable feats for both of them if you ask me


  10. Debby Balcer

    Bobo should win.


  11. HVL Dawg

    Mrs. Bobo should be shopping for a new minivan and making plans to remodel her house again.


  12. 69Dawg

    Wait what is Bobo really being considered??? Obviously this is not going to cost Butts-Mere any dollars. His reward is that he is allowed to coach for UGA or at least that’s how a lot of our “Fans” feel. I’m sure Bobo would appreciate a raise more than the award.


  13. uglydawg

    He’s going to be high on a lot of school’s lists for either OC or even Head Coach. I want him at UGA for a long, long time…Pay the man!


    • Ben

      I’d be very surprised if he left for anything other than a head coaching gig. I remember thinking in 97 that he’d be one of our coaches one day. Just last night, I was thinking about him as head coach and Murray as OC. And I have no worry that either of them will doubt the need of having a shutdown defense. After all, it’s been the porous nature of our defense of late that’s causing that legacy to suffer.


  14. Russ

    Well since we averaged 489.7 points per game, I’d say it has to be Bobo.
    Seriously, with the weapons he lost on offense and to still have the year he had, I’d pick Bobo but then I’m a little biased.


  15. Class A

    Wouldn’t bother me if Bobo left for a mid-level HC opportunity and returned in about 5 years as our new HC.


  16. sniffer

    489.8 points per game? How’d we lose, again?


  17. AusDawg85

    I’ll blame Bobo if he doesn’t win.


  18. All in for Bobo. Highest scoring team in the history of UGA football with about 2/3rds of his weapons missing most of the season.