If Bobo haz a crayon, what’s everybody else holding?

Not trying to be overly snarky here, but is there any other coach on the staff that would say something like this about the defense or special teams?

“There was definitely a lull there, the Missouri and Vanderbilt games, but you’ve got to give those guys credit,” Bobo said. “There was an adjustment period there that we had to go through. The Missouri game we pretty much stayed aggressive but we kind of turned the ball over a little bit, some timing issues. We tried to slow it down a little bit in the Vanderbilt game and didn’t have the results that way either and had to go back to the drawing board and the guys responded and answered and came back and played well the rest of the year.”

I was critical of Bobo a few years back after the loss at Auburn in 2010 for not game planning/play calling in the context of what Georgia needed to do to win:

… Bobo’s responsibility isn’t simply to make sure his offense scores a bunch of points.  It’s to make sure that it scores more points than the other team does.  And there lies the rub about his success as a coordinator.  Context is a bitch when your team goes 6-6.

Context in this case is supplied in this Ben Dukes post about Georgia’s defense.  Blame it on a coordinator whose NFL experience left him ill-prepared for the college spread attack, or blame it on personnel shortcomings which arose as a natural result of a scheme change, but the fact is that Georgia’s defense had a hard time all season with offenses that ran the ball out of spread/option schemes.  If you’re Bobo, maybe you can tell yourself mid-year that your defense will get better as it climbs the learning curve, but by the time the last two games of the year rolled around, it should have been obvious that wasn’t going to happen.  Georgia’s defense needed every bit of help it could get from their offensive mates.

Gee, that last sentence has an echo, doesn’t it?  The thing is, I believe the lesson’s being learned.  Bobo not only had a similar challenge this season, but he had to face it with one hand tied behind his back at times.  (Think about Murray’s surrounding cast in the Missouri and Vanderbilt games and realize the amount of adjusting and scrubbing the playbook that Bobo had to attempt to fashion something that his quarterback could trust and run with all the green players surrounding him.)  As he acknowledges, there was a lull, but the offense did catch a needed second wind after that.

It wasn’t always pretty – injuries and an inconsistent offensive line made sure of that – but I do have the sense that Bobo is calling plays based on his surroundings much more than he used to.  Sure, you’d like to think that the defense and special teams can hold up their end of the bargain, but you can’t count on it.  Bobo’s coming around on that.  And that’s making for a more effective offense.



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31 responses to “If Bobo haz a crayon, what’s everybody else holding?

  1. Russ

    Pay the man. Let him visit Statesboro and then pay him well. Hell, take it out of Grantham’s salary if the budget is tight. Spread a little love to Ball and McClendon, too.


  2. Todd

    The only time Bobo bothers me is when the foot coms off the gas and you can tell when Georgia goes conservative. Then again, I think that comes from the head man. Bobo did a hell of a job this year.

    Why did we see Gurley only get one toss sweep in Clemson?


    • The other Doug

      Why did Gurley get 4 carries in the 1st half and 12 carries total against Clemson?


      • Because he was hurt for most of the first half after the long run – the only problem I had in the Clemson game was running between the tackles with Marshall when Gurley had already shown they were vulnerable outside


  3. Yeah, he should be making just under CMRs compensation.


  4. AusDawg85

    Still think the best scenario is CMB take a head coaching gig to get broader experience and then be a far better candidate to “call home” when Richt retires…which I would just guess would be closer to age 60 than 70. Richt and a new OC can run this style of offense…it’s the recruiting that would be put at risk with the change, but still manageable.

    As an after-thought and not suggestion for OC, what’s David Greene doing these days?


  5. uglydawg

    He’s probably on the cusp of being greatly sought after….wake up and pay him!
    A lot of what he was able to accomplish must be partially attributed to what is a remarkable young man in Aaron Murray. It may be a long, long time before we see that kind of leadership coupled with execution again…So the defense needs to step it up a notch or two.


  6. Irwin R. Fletcher

    I think talking about the adjustments he made for Mizzou and Vandy doesn’t give enough credit to the coaching he did in the 4th Q of the Tennessee game. Of the three units, the only one that answered the bell when the adversity came was the offense..using a shoestring cast of guys with many seeing their first significant amount of playing time…going to the short slants and even the QB draw…just great stuff.


  7. Mg4life0331

    I never minded the tongue in cheek “Richt has lost control of blah blah” meme, but the I haz a crayon crap from Sports and Grits just annoyed the hell out of me. Im glad thedawgbone doesn’t link em anymore and Im glad Bobo is got it going on now.

    I aint gonna say we got a great offensive line, cause we don’t. However, we are light years better than 4 years ago. I dont see how an offensive coordinatior is supposed to call plays when you cant block anything.


  8. What Bobo said in the quote is exactly right, and quite refreshing I might add, since we hear very little from coaches about shortcomings (of players and coaches alike). That, offensively, is what happened.

    There WAS a lull, and the lull was totally understandable. It’s very difficult to completely shift the gears of an offense, to retool it and remake it, in the middle of the season. And it showed in the offensive production.

    But what Bobo didn’t say, and as a coordinator can’t be expected to say, was that was not the reason we lost the Mizzou and Vandy games. The offense struggled, as expected, but it was nevertheless enough production to win those games (and the other two we lost, for that matter).

    We lost those games because we made so many sloppy mistakes that we ended up giving the games away. Mizzou and Vandy didn’t give us very much back, and we left with the short end of the stick. Simple as that.

    So we should have won both games (and the other two as well) and would have if we would have been fundamentally sound and limited mistakes. But of course we are not, and have not been, a team that can do that. We don’t know how.

    Bobo’s candor is refreshing, and as I’ve been saying for two years now, he has finally come into his own as a coordinator. Not because of playcalling or having great runners. That helps, but because he’s doing all the other facets of the job so much better.

    It took a while. But it is a good thing to see. Four years ago I said we are paying the price for this guy learning on the job, so let’s just hope he doesn’t finally arrive one day, and then leave.

    So, I think we should pay him whatever the market bears. It was a tough road, but he’s earned it.


    • adam

      The offense only scored 2 TDs against Vandy. I don’t think having Conley and Wooten at WR and Green and Douglas at TB + the other 8 starters is really that impossible to work with. Overall I think Bobo has improved dramatically. Some of that is that Murray and Gurley are transcendent players, but he has improved a lot. But he sure looks a lot smarter when Gurley is in the game.

      I think Bobo had a pretty good year. I can’t explain why we only ran the pistol in one game this year and why Bobo gets scared of the new wrinkles he puts in. Or the really effective plays we use once or twice a year.

      Anyway, I do think he’s improved a lot and we should try to keep him. But I think he did a poor job coaching against Vandy and the offense let us down badly there. 4 turnovers against Mizzou ultimately cost us that game as well. I think if we fix the OL, then both of those games would go better.


      • I would have to say MB did a good job this year with the hand he was dealt after the UT disaster. -4 TO margin gets us beat against Mizzou, and 2 disastrous ST plays and 2 FGs in the red zone got us beat in Nashville.


        • adam

          That and total offensive failure in the second half. 1 TD in the second half wins the game.

          I have historically been very vocal about my frustrations with Bobo. I do think he has improved significantly. I wish we hadn’t had to endure some of his learning years, but whatever. He’s gotten a lot better. But he still has some stuff to work on, mainly the tendency of the offense to disappear or fall apart for long stretches (happened against Clemson, Mizzou, Tennessee – I think UT was understandable though, Vandy, Florida, Auburn, and Tech and even the first half against North Texas was iffy). But he calls a stellar 1-2 minute drill. We should just run that all the time. He has a knack for that for sure.

          I would be ok with him leaving except that I’m not sure who we would hire to replace him. I have a short list, but I worry about our AD not being willing to commit the funds to get someone who would be better.


    • With respect to your post and well, since I have taken a personal interest in the “Bobo has a crayon meme”. A somewhat long and protracted defense of CMB. Often misunderstood and certainly drawing the ire of not just a few Eeyore Dawgs and those with Eeyore Dawg Blogs. ;- )
      I just had to bring this up.
      “My problem with Bobo is not so much now as it is the fact that we decided to give him on the job training at an SEC program. Also, if Bobo was that good other programs would be sniffing around but they are not.”
      “I don’t believe I would have told that.” LG (DGD)


  9. Ellis

    He can’t leave town fast enough. Playcalling in Gator Bowl today was simply aweful if not totally expected. What a waste of talent on the field. I will personally lobby for some other team to take this liability off our hands.


    • I reserve the right to go back and watch the film. But IMHO, I thought the playcalling was fine. There were a lot of problems today that made playcalling difficult .. the conditions, Gurley’s condition, Mason, just a lot of stuff Bobo had to dodge and go around.

      On the other hand, Bobo & Co. knew all this at least a week ago.

      Nevertheless, I thought he called a pretty good game. But if I watch and find something different, I’ll come back here and say so.